The Royal Military Calendar, Or Army Service and Commission Book: Containing the Services and Progress of Promotion of the Generals, Lieutenant-generals, Major-generals, Colonels, Lieutenant-colonels, and Majors of the Army, According to Seniority: with Details of the Principal Military Events of the Last Century, Volum 3

John Philippart
A.J. Valpy, sold by T. Egerton, 1820

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Side 233 - Proctor, had compelled the enemy to retreat, and take shelter under the guns of his fort : that officer commenced operations by sending strong detachments across the river, with a view of cutting off the enemy's communication with his reserve.
Side 239 - George and the enemy, upon the river Canard, which uniformly terminated in his being repulsed with loss. I judged it proper to detach a force down the river Thames, capable of acting in conjunction with the garrison of Amherstburg offensively, but Captain Chambers, whom 1 had appointed to direct this detachment, experienced difficulties that frustrated my intentions.
Side 241 - ... morning three miles in our rear, I decided on an immediate attack. Accordingly the troops advanced to within one mile of the fort, and having...
Side 286 - Commons has resolved again to give you the tribute of its thanks ; and I do therefore now, in the name and by the command of the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled, deliver to you their unanimous thanks for your great exertions upon the 21st of June last near Vittoria, when the French army was completely defeated by the allied forces...
Side 241 - Amherstburg, trying to procure a supply of arms and ammunition, which for years had been withheld, agreeably to the instructions received from sir James Craig, and since repeated by your excellency.
Side 240 - ... of Captain Dixon, of the Royal Engineers, that no injury was sustained from its effect. The force at my disposal being collected in the course of the 15th, in the neighbourhood of Sandwich, the embarkation took place a little after day-light on the following...
Side 237 - Amherstburg, had succeeded in cutting off lheir supplies on the opposite side of the river, and in intercepting their dispatches, which described in very strong terms their apprehensions and despondency. The losses they had sustained in their different actions, upon the Canard River, as well as those for protecting their supplies, together with the mode of warfare pursued by the Indians, had greatly discouraged and dispirited them, and had convinced General Hull how hopeless any attempt would be...
Side 20 - House to you, and I do accordingly thank you, in the name of the Commons of the United Kingdom, for your zeal, intrepidity, and exertion displayed in the various operations which were necessary for conducting the siege, and effecting the surrender of the navy and arsenal of Copenhagen.
Side 35 - I received notice that the enemy had appeared in force on the plain, and was advancing towards the heights of Barrosa.
Side 384 - We immediately moved forward to the neighbourhood of the town; and the 18th hussars, under the immediate command of Colonel Vivian, had an opportunity of making a most gallant attack upon a superior body of the enemy's cavalry, which they drove through the village of Croix d'Orade...

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