Light on the Dark River; Or, Memorials of Mrs. Henrietta A. L. Hamlin, Missionary in Turkey

Read Books, 2008 - 324 sider
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With Him before whose awful power Thy spirit bent its trembling knee, Who in the silent greeting flower And forest leaf looked out on thee, We leave thee with a trust aerene, Which Tie, nor Change, nor Death a n more, While, with thy childlike Gth, we lean On Hi whose deareat name ie Love.soever their merits and attractions, all of them have been honored by the Head of the church with an important instrumentality in arousing the too long dormant energies of Zion, and giving them a direction which promises to fill the earth ere long with righteousness and peace. May they be multiplied yet more and more, till their impress shall be made indelible on every heart, and constrain the raising of every hand to c L r own Jesus Lord of all l R. S. STCZRS. BBAINTBE J E U, NE 2 3, 1853.

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