40 Four Missionary Sermons, 8vo 2s 6d 2 Turner's Anglo-Saxons, 3 vol. 8vo 11 33

41 Fouron's Missionary Sermon, 8vo !s 3 Adolphus's History of George III. 3 vol.

42 Peters's two Sermons, preached at Domi 8vo. il ils 6d

nica, 8vo 35

4 Adams's History of Great Britain, 12mo 4s

43 Lathrop's Christ's Warning, 12mo 6d 5 Ilome's History of the Rebellion of 1745,

44 Bishop of Chester's Thanksgiving Ser-

410 il is

mon, 4:0 ls 6d

6 Coote's History of the Union with Ire-

45 Bishop of Exeter's Do. 410 ls

Jand, 8vo 10s 6d

46 Pauleson's Do. with Notes, Svo

7 Caulfield's Reply to Sir R. Musgrave, 8vo

47 Thirwall's Do. 4to Is Od

48 Sir Ad. Gordon's Do. 8vo ls

8. Rose's Naval History of the late War, 8vo

49 II. Williams's Do. 8vo Is od


50 Belsham's Do. 8vo is

9 E. White's History of the Naval Power

51 W. Wood's Do. 810ls

of England, 8vo 78 6r1

52 R. Hall's Do. 8vo ls

10 Schomberg's Naval Chronology, 5 vol.

53 J. Toulmin's Do. 8vo is

Svo 2) 28

54 Bichieno's Do. 8r0 ls

11 Ranken's History of France, vol. ii. 8vo.

55 Evans's Do. Svo ls

6s 6d

56 Scott's Sermon, preached at the Close of 12 Moleville's Annals of the French Revo-

a Series of Lectures, &c. 8vo gd

lution, vol. v. to ix. 8vo 21

57 Bishop of Llandaf's London Hospital 13 Soulavie's Historical Memoirs of Louis

Serinon, 4to Is Od

XVI. 6 vol 8vo 21 8s

58 Howley's

Consecration Sermon, 410 1s 6d 14 Wilson's History of the Egyptian Expe-

59 Bishop of Killaloe's Sermon before Dub. dition, 4t0 il ils 6d

Tin University, 8vo 1s”

15 Reynier's State of Egypt, 8vo 7s 6d

60 Corrie's Apology, Svo 1s

16 Debrett's Collection of State Papers, vol.

61 Le Grice's Thoughts on the Harvest,

xi. 8vo 155

Svo 18

17 Maurice's Modern History of Hindostan,

62 Booker's Sermon on the Cow-pox,4to 1s6d 4to vol 1st, 21 2s

63 Barry's Serinon on Bull-baiting, 410 1s6d 18 Asiatic Annual Register, for 1801, 8vo 13s

64 Richmond's Sermon on Do. 12ino 4d 19 Rainsford's St. Domingo, 8vo 2s 6d

63 Belshan's Sermon at opening the New 20 Secrei Nemoirs of the Court of St. Peters-

Meeting, Biruningham, 8vo 1s

burg, vol. iii. 8vo 75

66 Ryland's and Hinton's Ordination Ser- 21 Histoire de la Destruction des Repub-

mons, 8vo ls

liques Democratiques de Swisse, par

67 Poulter's Charity Sermen, 8vo 19

Zschokke, 8vo 5s

68 Middleton's St. Paul 10 Arian, 8vo, ls 22 Henderson's Short View of the Admini-

69 Fenelon's Characters of true Christianity, strations of America, 8vo 2s 6d

12110 4s 60

23 Mavor's History of Greece, 2 vol. 12mo

90 Narrative of the Stranding of a Margate

8s and 10s

lor, 1210 13

24 Mavor's History of Rome, 2 vol. 12mo 8s

71 Periodical Accounts of the Baptist Mis and 10s

sionary Society, vol. i. 210 75

25 Essai sur l'Art de rendre les Revolutions

72 Brewster's Secular Essay, 8vo 7s 6d,

utiles, 2 vol. 8vo 19

73 Unity, the Bond of Peace, 8vo 75 26 Gentz on the state of Europe, 8vo 89

74 Necessity of the Abolition of Pluralities, 27 L'Empire Germanique reduit en Depart-

&c. Svo 7s 6d,

ments, 8vo 3s

75 Hook's Anguis in Herba, 8vo 2s 60 28 Coutinho on the Commerce of Portugal,

76 Howell's Observations on Sturges, &vo 2s.

8vo 5s

77 Poulter's Proposals for a New Arrange- 29 Sir F. M. Eden's Letters on the Peace,

ment of the Revenue of the Clergy, 8vo 3s 6d

Svo Is

30 W. Belsham's Remarks on the Definitive

-78 Substance of Sir W.Scott's Speech on the Treaty, 8vo. 28

Clergy Residence Bill, svo 2s 6d 31 Adair's Letter of Fox to the Electors of

79 The Recorder, vol. Ist, 8vo 5s

Westminster, 8vo 3s 6d

80 Hancock s Reasons for withdrawing from 32 Probable Effects of the Peace, 8vo 2s 6d

che Quakers, 8vo 4s

33 A Word to the Alarmists on the Peace,

81 Drew's Essay on the Immateriality of the 8vo. )s

Human Soul, 8vo 79

34 Benson's Observations and Reffections,

82 Genie du Christianisme, par Chateaubri-

8vo is

and, 5 vol. Evo il 5s

85 Robinson's Address to the Inhabitants of

the United Kingdom, 8vo ls


36 Appeal to Experience and Common Sense

History, Politics, and Statistics.

8ro Is

Tytler's Elements of General History,

37 Brief Memoirs of Addington's Adminis

Zvol. 8vo. 123

stration, 8vo 69

Review of Public Affairs, 8vo 2s 6d


$g Plowden's Constitution of the United


Kingdom, 8vo 10s

40 Spirit of Antijacobinism for 1809, 12mo

i Pinkerton's Modern Geography, 2 vol.

4to. 41 4s


41 Gray's, Income Tax scrutinized, 8vo 2s


42 Public Credit in Danger, 8vo 2s

British Topography and Antiquities.

48 Considerations on supporting the Dige

nity of the Crown, &c. 8vo 2s

i Fosbrooke's British Monachism, 2 vol. 8vo


4 Rose on the Civil List, 8vo Is 6d

2 Britton's Beauties of England, vol. i. ii.

45 L'ulity of Country Banks considered,

iii. 91 10s 6d

fro 23

46 Impolicy of returning Bankers to Par-

3 & 4 Lysons's Reliquiæ Romanæ, folio,

61 16s 6d

liament, 8vo ls

47 Serious Reflections on Paper Money, 8vo

5 History of Bath, 12mo

1s 6d

6 Hutton's History of the Roman Wall,

800 75

4 Thornton on the Paper Credit of Great

7 Malcolm's Londinum redivivum, 4to.

Britain, 8vo 78

vol. i. Il ils 6d

49 Houlton on the Lottery, 8vo Is

8 Picture of London, 12mo 5s

30 Atwood's Review of the Statutes of As-

size, 4to 55

9 Coates's History of Reading, 4to 11 11s6d

51 Improvement of the Fisheries, 4to ls 6d

10 Dibdin's Tour, 2 vol. 4to 31 10s
sp Saters on the Corn Markets, 8vo 2s

11 Lipscombe's Journey into South Wales,

Svo As

33 Case of the Cold bath-fields Prison, hy a

Magistrate, 19mo Is

12 Lipscombe': Description of Matlock Bath,

12mo 3s

54 Pbilo-Judæis on the Jewish Poor, 8vo Is
55 Impartial Thoughts on the Bridges over

13 Picture of Monmouthshire, 8vo 55
the Menai and Conway, 8vo 1s 64

14 Hyett's Watering Places in Devon, 12me

35 6d

36 Correct List of the present House of

Commons, 8vos 2s 6d

15 Manby's Fugitive Sketches of Clifton,


57 Thoughts on the late Election, by Bowles,


Guide through South Wales,

Svo 2 od

800 12s

58 Duties of Electors, 8vo 60
5g Considerations on the late Elections for 17 Englefeld's Walk through Southampton,

8vo 5s
Middlesex and Westminster, 8vo
95 60

19 Warner's Northern Tour, 2 vol. 8vo 18s

60 Magna Charta's Letter to the Livery of 19 Campbell's Tour in Scotland, 2 vol. 410

London, 8vo 6d

41 45

61 Letter to the Suffolk Freeholders, 8vo Is


02 Lord Grenville's Speech on the Russian

Ancient Classics.
Convention, 8vo 25 6d
63 Bardett's Speech on his Motion for En-

i Herne's Homer, 8vo 8 vol. 121,81 & 41 105

quiry, &c. 8vo 1s

2 Harwood's Grecian Antiquities, 8vo gs

64 Crisis of the Sugar Colonies, 8vo 4s 6d

3 Bibliographical Dictionary, vol.i.l2mo 5$

65 Reid's Address on the Slave Trade, 8vo 18

4 Dibdin's Introduction to the Grecian and
55 Debates at the India House, December

Roman Classics, 12mo 3: od
16, 1801, 4to 2s 6d

5 Cowper's Homer, 4 vol. 8vọ ll 128
67 Englishman's Letters relative to the Trade

6 Gifford's Juvenal, 4to il ils 6d

to India, 8vo 1s 6d


s letter to the Proprietors of East India

Modern Languages.
Stock, sro 35
59 Dallas's Letter to Sir W. Pulteney, 410 1 Fulton's Pronouncing Dictionary, lound,
45 Od

12mo 4s
70 Debere at the India House, April 8, 1802 2 L. Murray's English Grammar, 8th Edit.
4to 55

bound, 12mo 33 61

71 Frazer's Statistical Survey of the County 3 Scraggs on English Composition, lound,

of Wicklow, Svo

12mo Ss6d

72 Prazer's Gleanings in Ireland, Svo 8s 4 Newman's Spanish Dictionary, 2 vol
78 Names of Parishes, &c. in Westmore. 8vo bo'ind, il 45
land, 12mo is

5 Key to Chambaud's Exercises, bound,

74 Reporis of the Society for bettering the 19mo 33

Condition of the Poor, 3 vol. 6s 6 Jose's Tesoro Espanol, 4 vol. 8vo. il 8

% Dadley's Observations on the Poor Laws,
Bro Is 61


76 Weston's Remarks on the Poor Laws,


1 Miss Hamilton's Letters on Education,
71 Peucket's Dictionaire Commerçante, 5

2 vol. cr. 8vo 15s
rol, 410 51, 5s.

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2 Barrow's Essay on Education, 2 vol. 15 The Histrionade, 8vo 23 68
12mo 8s

16 Thoughts on Happiness, 12mo 3s
3 The Parent's Friend, 2 vol. 8vo 14s 17 Coleman's Broad Grins, 12mo. 58
4 Kett's Elements of General Knowledge, 18 London: A Satyrical and Descriptive
vol. 8vo 16s

Poem, 12mo 2s 6d

6 Edgeworth's Poetry explained, bound, 19 Sorrows of Love, izmo. 4s.

12mo 2s

20 Dermody's Poems, 12mo. 4s 6d

6 Aikin's Arts of Life, 12mo 2s

21 The Poor; by Prati, 4to. 75

7 Woodland Companion, lound, 22 Love: An Allegory, by Lawrence, 12ing

8vo 8s

2s 6d

8 Murray's Lecteur Francois, bound, 12mo 23 Poems, hy S. Watts, 12no 4s

24 Calliope, 12mo 3s 6d bound

9 Lecons de Fenelon, par Levizac, 12mo 4s 25 Poetry, by the Author of Gebir, 12mo

10 Moral Tales from the Italian, 8vo 4s

11 Eight Historical Tales, 12mo 4s 6d 36 Poetical Register for 1801, 8vo

12 Wheatley's Friendly Adviser, ld. 16mo 2s 27 Metrical Miscellany, 8vo. 6s

13 Scolfield's Bible Stories, % vol. 16mo 4s 28 Aikin's Edition of Johnson's Poets (Spen-

14 Miss Gunning's Family Stories, 4 vol. cer) 6 vols. fc. 810. 21 2s.

12mo 8s

29 Mrs. Opie's Poems, 12mo. 6s

15 Helme's Maternal Instructions, 2 vol. 20 Drummond's Poems, 12mo. 79.
12mo bound, 78

31 Contes, &c. de Segur, 8vo 55
16 Wicke's Accountant's Practical Guide, 32 Works of Chatterton, 3 vol. 8vo. Il.
lound, 12mo ?s 6d

Ils 6d

17 Zeigenheit's Epitome of the History of 33 Boyd's Translation of Dante, 3 vol. 8vo.

England, 2 vol. 16mo 4s Od


34 Miss Baillie's Plays, vol. ii. 8vo. 89.


35 Birrell's Henry and Almeria, 8vo 2s 6d


36 Watkins's Fall of Carthage, &vo 2s 6d

37 Lewis's Alphonso, King of Castile, Sue

i Shepperd's Life of Poggio, 410 il 5s Od

2s 6
2 Memoires de le Kain, 8vo. 4s

38 Lamb's John Woodril, 12mo. 25 60

3 Coxe's Memoirs of Lord Walpole, 4to. 39 Holcroft's Tale of Mystery, 8vo 25

31 3s

40 Irwin's Bedouins, 8vo 1s Od

4 Hays's Female Biography, 6 vol. 12mo 41 Coleman's Poor Gentleman, 8vo 25

ilils 6d

42 Smith's Trip to Bengal, 8vo 3s

5 Aikin's General Biographical Dictio- 43 Hoare's Chains of the Heart, 8vo 2$
nary, vol. iii. 4to il vis od

44 Lathom's Wife of a Million, 12mo 2s 68

6 Life of Bonaparte, 8vo. 85

45 Urania, by W. R. Spencer, 8ro 2s

7 Dubroca's Anecdotes, foolscap 8vo 5s 46 Reynolds's, Folly as it Flies, 8vo 2s 6d

8 Thespian Dictionary, 18mo os od 47 Cobb's, House to be Sold, 8vo 2s

9 Public Characters of 1802, 1803, 8vo. 48 Arabian Nights, by Forster, 5 vol 8vo 31

10s 6d

49 Gesner's Works, 3 rol, small 8vo, 185

10 Magee's Sermon on the Death of Lord 50 Essay on Irish Bulls, by Edgworth, cr.

Clare, 8vo is 6d

8vo 55

11 Memoirs of J. Bacon, R. A. 12mo, 2s Od 51 Critical Enquiry into the Moral Writings

12 Sketch of the Character of Lord Kenyon, of Dr. Johnson, sro 4s

8vo Is 6d

52 Claims of Literature, 8vo 7s 6d


53 Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Bacon,

12mo 6s

Belles Lettrcs and Miscellanies.

54 Collectanea, 8vo 5s

i Sibbald's Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, 55 Proverbs, or the Manual of Wisdom,

4 vol. 8vo. Il 4s

12mo 3s

2 Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, vol. i. 56 Mottos, or Imagery of Life, 16mo 1s 6d
ii. 8vo il 15

57 Letter to Fox on his Speech on the

3 The Bardic Museum, folio, il 118 6d

Death of the Duke of Bedford, 8vo Is.

4 Sotheby's Oberon, a Masque, 12m0 78 58 Historical Account of the Savage of
5 Courtier's Poems, fc. 8vo 8s

Aveyron, 3s 6d
6 Poems by Mrs. Hunter, 8vo 5s

58*Recherches Historiques sur l'Origine de
7 Rhyme ard Reason, 12mo. 45

l'Art de l'Imprimeries, 8vo 55.
8 Dyer's Poems, 2 vol. 12mo. 10s 6d 59 Mæurs et Coutumes des Corses, par Fey-
9 Holloway's Peasant's Fate, foolscap, 5s del, 8vo Os
10 Island of Innocence, by P. Pindar, 4t0 60 Gibson's Memoirs of the Bastile, 8vo

3s 6d

Ji Clifford's Egypt, 12mo 5

61 Paris delineated, from the French of

12 Wrangham's Poems, 8vo, 49

Mercier, 2 vol. 8vo 18s

18 The Happy Village, 4to 2s 64

62 Greene's Narrative of his Captivity in

14 A Poetical Sketch, 12mo ls

France, 8vo 78

New lanetary of France, evo 6

Bt Practical Guide during a Journey to

Paris, 12mo 5s

Es Ritson, on Abstinence from Animal
Food, sro 55


Novels and Romancesi

1 Infidel Father, by Mrs. West, 3 vol. 8vo


2 Mrs. Smith's Letters of a Solitary Wan-

derer, vol. iv. v. 8vo 10s

3 Memoirs of a Family in Swisserland,

4 vol. 12mo 14s

4 Tales of Superstition, 12mo 4s

5 Series of Norels, by Madame Genlis,

4 vol. 12no 188

6 Farmer's Boy, by Miss Gunning, 4 vol

pro 163

7 Paternal Present, 8vo 2s 6a

& Isabel, or the Orphan of Valdarno, 3 vol

12.0 135 Od

9 The Heir Apparent, by Miss Gunning,

3 vol. 125

20 Nobility Run Mad, 4 vol 8ro 16s

11 Warkfield Castle, 3 vol. 12mo 13: @d

15 Hatred, or the Vindictive Father, 3 vol.


13 Scenes in Wales, or the Maid of Llan-

golf, 48

it Marina aud Mansfeldt, 8 vol. 12mo 125

15 Noble Wanderers, 2 vol. 12mo 8s

16 Plantagenet, 2 vol. 78

17 Miralba, 2 vol. 12mo. 83



1 Statutes at large, 42 of Gcorge III. 4to.


* 2 East's Reports, K. B. vol. ii. 11 2s 61

3 Robinson's Admiralty Reports, vol. iii.

part ii. 63

4 Williams's Edition of Saunders's Re-

ports, vol. ii. 2 parts, 11 10s

• Digested Index to the Chancery Reports,


6 Bosanquet and Puller's Reports in Court

of Common Pleas, vol. lii. parts i. ii.

ii. 11

· 7 Vesey's Reports in Chancery, vol. vi.

parts in. iv. il 63

& Forrest's Exchequer Reports, part i. 5s

9 Opinions and Mer oirs of Lord Chief

Justice Wilmot; 410 il is

10 Ellis's Proceedidys in Parliament, 7s 6d!

11 Marriott's Formulary, 88

19 Table of Tythes, 2s 6d

13 Powell's Original Precedents in Convey-

ancing, by C. Barton, 4 vol. Bio

91 S.

14 Barton's Elements of Conveyancing,

vol. i ii. 21 45

15 Summary Treatise of Pleading, 8vo 4s 6d

16 Macnally's Rules of Evidence, 2 v. 8ro 18s

15° Woodfall on the Law of Landlord and

Tenant, royal octavo, 16s

Ans. REF. VOL. I.


Military Tactics.
i Landmann's Field Engineer's Vade Me.

cuin, 8vo 7s
2 James's Military Dictionary, 8vo 1l 18

Rural Economy, Agriculture, and Gar.

1 B. Bell's Essays on Agriculture, 8vo gs
9 Sir J. Sinclair's Essays, 8vo. 8$.
*9 Communications to the Board of Agri-

culture, rol. 31. part i. 4to 10s 61
4 Bartley on the Conversion of Pasture

Land into Tillage, 8vo 1s od
6 Rural Recreations, or Modern Farmer's

Calendar, 8vo

6 Forsyth's Treatise on the Management

of Fruit Trees, 8vo 125

7 Knight's Doubts on ditto, 8vo 19

8 Rural Recreations, or the Gardener's In-

structor, 2 vol. Svo il 1s


Dumestic Economy.

1 Willich's Domestic Encyclopedia, 4 vol.

8vo 21 2s

2 Morris's Treatise on Brewing, 8vo 10s 6d

8 Moir's Brewing Made Lasy, 8vo 1s 6d

4 Thrale's Complete Family Brewer,8vo is

5 Flower on Beer and Brewers, 8vo Is

[blocks in formation]

9 Thornton on Cow-pox, 8vo 5s

6 Hist. de la Mesure du Temps, par les

10 Pearson on Du. Svo 58.

Horloges, par k. Berthaud, 4ta
11 Edinonston on Ophthalmia, 8vo 18

21 2s
12 Langslow on Apoplexv, 18 6d

Leybourn's Synopsis of Data for the

13 Desgenette's Histoire Medicale de l'Ar Construction of Triangles, 8vo 2$

mee de l'Egypte, 8vo 78

8 Nautical Tables, by Joseph de Mendoza

14 Hooper's Quincy's Lexicon, 8vo' 16s .

Rios, 4to il ils 6d

15 Herdman on White Swelling, 8vo šs 9 Pyman's Tables for showing the exaet

16 Dunean's Annals, 8vo 85

Bearing, 4to 58
17 Nisbitt's Edinburgh School, 4 vol. 8vo 10 Connaissance des Temps pour l'an xii,
il 8s

(1803) 8vo 78

18 Morreau on Fumigation, 8vo 6s 11 Essay on an Universal System of Arith-

19. Platt on Oxygen, 2s

metic, by J. King, 8vo 2s 6d

20 Regnault on Lichen Icelandicus, 8vo 4s 12 Leybourne's' Mathematical and Philosó-

21 Reece's Family Dispensary, svo 68

phical Repository, 19 parts, 2s 6d each

22 Pye's Chemical Nomenclature, 8vo Is Od

23 Lettsom's Hints, 3 vol. 8vo il 78


24 John Bell's Surgery, 4to vol. i. 41 4s

25 Russel on Diseases of the Knee Joint,

Experimental Philosophy,

8vo Os

i Thomson's Chemistry, 4 vol. 8ro

26 Saurey on the Venercal Disease, 8vo 5s

il 168

27 Wilkinson on Gonorrhæa, 8vo 5s 2 Skrimshire's Chemical Essays, 2 vol. Svo

28 Kentish on Cancer, 8vo is


29 Cuvier's Comparative Anatorsy, 2 vol. 8 Davy's Syllabus of Lectures at the Royal

8vo il 1s

Institution, 8vo 3s 6d

30 Blake on the Teeth, 8vo 158

4 Chenevix on Chemical Nomenclature,

31 Bell on the Brain, 4to 21 2s

12ino Ss

32 Baillie's Morbid Anatoniy, 8vo 7$

33 Hooper's Albipus, 12mo 5s


34 Lion on Spinæ Pedum, 8vo 10s 6d


35 Blaine's Veterinary Art, 2 vol. 8vo il 58

36 White's Do. 12no 6s

i Playfair's Illustrations of the Huttonian

87 Denny on the Discases of Horses, 8vo 4s Theory, 58

38 Coleman on the Horse's Foot, 2 vol. 4to 2 Mawc's Mineralogy of Derbyshire, 6s

vol. i, 12s vol. ii. 31 13s 6d

89 Boardınan's Dictionary of the Veterinary


Art, 53

Natural History.


1 Elements of Natural History, 2 vol. 8vo


General Science,

2 Turton's. Translation of Linnæus's Syse

1 Rees's Cyclopedia, 4to parts i. ii. iii. tema Naturæ, vol. i. to iv. 21 10s

18s each

3 Natural History of Quadrupeds, for

2 Kendal's Pocket Encyclopedia, 6 vols. young persons, 2 vol. 12mo 14s
12ino 18s

4 Churchi's Cabinet of Quadrupeds, part

s Transactions of the Royal Society of i to v. il 4s each

Edinburgh, vol. v part ii. 78

5 Shaw's General Zoology, 3 vol. 61 16 6!

4. 'Transactions

of the Royal Irish Academy, 6 Kerr's Translation of La Cepede's Natural

vol. viii. 410 il 4s ou

History of Oviparous Quadrupeds,
5 Pbilosophical Transactions of the Royal 4 vol. 8vo 21 25

Society of London, 1802, 11 8s 6d .7 Montague's Ornithological Dictionary,

6 Memoirs of the Literary and Philoso-

2 vol. 8vo 16s

phical Society of Manchester, vol. v. 8 Treatise on the Almond Tumbler, 5s

9 Marsham's Entomologica Britannica,


8vo vol, i. 16s

10 Kirby's Monographia apum Anglia,

Mathematics, &c.

2 vol. 8vo il is

i Bossu's History of the Mathematics, sro, 11 Prodromus Lepidopterorum Angliæ, 46

12 Bingley's Animal Biography, 3 vol. 8vo

2 Gregory's Astronomy, 8vo, 15s

3 Aguesi's Analytical Institutions, 2 vol. 13 The Works, in Natural History, of the
4to, 31 29

late Rev. G. White, 2 vol. sro 14s
4 Geometrical Propositions, demonstrated 14 Transactions of the Linnæan Society,

after the manner of the ancients, vol ri. 21 2s

from the Latin of Dr. Stewart 15 Nereis Britannica, by Stackhouse, 61 6s;

5 Tables des Logarithines, par Jer. de la 10. Turner's Synopsis of the briush Fuci,

Lande, edit. Stereotype, 12mo 3s 6d 2 vol. 12mo 8s


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