In preparing this Book of Readings it has been my endeavor to include only such material as would be suitable for the use of secondary students. For this reason documents have been almost entirely avoided. The purpose of the book is to place within the reach of teacher and student selections which will serve as the basis for class-room discussions of important questions in government and so to arouse on the part of the student of civil government a greater interest in the independent reading and study of current civic and political topics. Standard political and scientific journals have been drawn upon largely and it is to this class of literature especially that the attention of the young student should be directed, for it affords abundant and attractive material for the popular study of the more pressing governmental problems of the day. Most of the selections have been cut freely so as to avoid technical and unessential details and reduce them to a convenient length. In the arrangement of the selections I have followed, in the main, the plan of Forman's Advanced Civics. But, although the book is intended primarily as a supplement to that text, the selections are each preceded by an introductory remark so that they can be read separately and, I trust, used profitably with other texts. I desire to make public acknowledgment of my indebtedness

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