A report of the Board of Treasury, on an application of Wm. Paulding, was read:

TREASURY OFFICE April 10h 1781' The Board of Treasury beg leave to report,

That Col Wm Paulding late a Deputy Commissary under the late Commissary Gen' Joseph Trumbull (deceased) has exhibited to this Board an account against the United States which has been settled by Jonathan Trumbull Commissioner for settling the accounts of the late Commissary Gen' aforesaid who certifies that the sum of two thousand nine hundred and eighty eight pounds seventeen shillings, and seven pence lawful money equal to nine thousand nine hundred and sixty two dollars and Hf of a dollar is due to the said Wm Paulding as far back as Sep! 1777. Whereupon the following order is submitted:

Ordered, That at the instance of the said Wm Paulding the Board of Treasury pass to his credit the sum of £2988 17 7 specie value equal to nine thousand nine hundred and sixty two dollars and ff of a dollar being a balance due to him as late D: Commis' General under the late Commissary Gen' Joseph Trumbull (deceased): the balance aforesaid having been ascertained by Jonathan Trumbull Commissioner for settling the accounts of the late Commissary General

Joseph Trumbull: and that the sum aforesaid bear negatived

an interest of 6 per cent per annum from the first of September, 1777, day - when the account was settled until it shall be more convenient to


the same. Ordered, That the same, together with their reports respecting J. Lloyd, be re-committed.

A representation from Coulaux la Vigne, agent for Penet de Costa Freres & Co., was read:

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Commerce.

On motion of Mr. [Theodorick] Bland, seconded by Mr. [Thomas] Bee:

Resolved, That the cloathier-general, before he enters into office, shall give bond in such sum as the Board of Treasury shall think sufficient, with two or more sufficient sureties, for the due performance of his office, which bond shall be lodged in the treasury office.

* This report is in the Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 136, V, folio 227.

86382° VOL 19-12-26

Congress proceeded to the election of a cloathier general; and, the ballots being taken, Mr. John Moylan was elected, having been previously nominated by Mr. (Thomas) Burke.

Ordered, That Monday next be assigned for electing a Secretary of Marine.

Adjourned to 10 o'clock to Morrow.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1781 A report from the Board of Treasury was read; Whereupon,

TREASURY OFFICE April 165 1781 Upon the motion of Mr Root in Congress seconded by Mr Woolcot, and referred to the Board of Treasury the following information and resolution is submitted:

The sum of 2935 ff dollars in specie value was due to Eleazer Wales of Hartford a late Commissioner of accounts on the 14th of June 1780 the time he resigned his Office, and Whereas it appears that the said Eleazer Wales will loan the money aforesaid due to him with interest from the time the same became due.

Ordered, That the Board of Treasury direct William Imlay, commissioner of the continental loan office for the State of Connecticut, to issue loan office certificates of specie value in favour of Eleazer Wales, late a commissioner of accounts, for two thousand nine hundred and thirty-five dollars and eighty-eight ninetieths, in discharge of his account of salary due the 14 of June, 1780.

The committee || consisting of Mr. Duane, Mr. Sharpe, Mr. Wolcott|| appointed “ to estimate and state the amount of the debts due from the United States, with the necessary estimates for the current year as near as can be done, in order that the same may be laid before the respective legislatures”. brought in a report;

That they have attended to this business; but from the unsettled condition of the publick accounts they

can only give a general view of the publick debts. 1 This report is in the Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 136, V, folio 245. A marginal note says: The principal sum 293546. The sum with interest to this day 3111 dollars.


By returns made to the Board of Treasury up to the 16th February, 1781, it appears that from the opening of the loan offices to the first day of March, 1778, there has been bor

An. Interest (Specie)". rowed, the sum of..

7, 313, 306

bilis on Franco. 438, 79837 From last February, 1778, to dates of last

returns, 53,245,138, valued [by the table of depreciation) at.

4,962, 172

297, 73047
Amount of bills of exchange drawn on com-

missioners and ministers at the Court of
France, for payment of three years in-
terest --

1, 316, 394
Do. drawn on ministers at that and other

courts for supplies, and to answer press-
ing emergencies on account of deficiencies
in the publick treasury-

2, 165, 578
Supplies by them purchased and sent over,

for which payment has not been made,
and of which no exact returns have yet
been obtained, together with expences
of commissioners and ministers abroad,
estimated at

2, 518, 028 6,000,000

360, 000

18, 275, 478 The words in brackets are in the report but not in the Journal.


An. interest [Specle).

Deduct for depreciation on money bor

rowed from 1st Sept. 1777, to 1st March,

Principal sum specie..
Due to the army for pay and subsistance,

up to the last of December, 1780, esti-

883, 914 bis on France. 17, 391, 564 An. Inter- 1,096, 52818


1,000,000 18, 391,564

98, 927

Due to the civil officers of government-
Besides the above, there are large debts

contracted by the quartermaster and
commissary, for part of which they have
settled with the persons who have fur-
nished the supplies, and given them cer-

tificates, bearing interest, viz:
The late quartermaster has returned debts

Unsettled, (excluding those contracted in

North Carolina, South Carolina and Geor

gia) estimated at
The present quartermaster has not made

returns; but as it is well known that he

[blocks in formation]

has not been supplied with money, what-
ever exertions have been made or sup-
plies furnished in that department must
have been on credit. It is to be pre-
sumed that the debts by him contracted
up to 1 Jan. 1781, amount in specie to-

The commissary of purchases has made re-

turns of debts due in his department
amounting to

11, 388, 903
To this is to be added what yet remains of

the old currency unredeemed, suppose--- 160,000,000
To which may be added for navy debts, &c.,

for debts due in the departments of the
Board [of War), of the commissary gen-
eral of military stores and the cloathier
general, estimated at..

10, 702, 377
Total in continental at 75 for 1.-- 230, 000, 000 is 3,066, 6663
To which adding the new money issued in

lieu of the old which is called in and

[Deficiency of civil list debts.

8, 927] Total debts in specie.

24, 057, 157}

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