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"No action, whether foul or fair,
Is ever done, but it leaves somewhere
A record, written by fingers ghostly
In the greater weakness or greater strength
Of the acts which follow it."-Anon., xl, 567.

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A LA CESSPOOLS.—“You must admit, Jim Webster, that you stole those pullets," said the Galveston judge to the culprit. "Jedge,” responded Jim, “I don't really believe I stole dem chickens. In de fust place, Jedge, nobody saw me take 'em. In de next place, dey could not be found on my premises, because I had done hid dem chickens under de floor. I can't help believin', Jedge, dat I is innocent as a lam.” ix, 467. Albany, Health Interests, Balch, xxx, 481. Albany, Some Public Conditions of Sanitary Interest in, Curtis,

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