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Why Is New Bread Indigestible?...
Milk Flour in Sweden. Victor E. Nelson ....
Medical Excerpt. T. P. Corbally, A. M., M. D.:
The Physiological Action of Guaco, M. le Docteur Butte; Faits

Nouvaux, M. Hellendall................. ............. 520
Serotherapy and Diphtheria—Conclusions of M. Senester on re-
port of MM. Netter, Bourges and Bergeron...........

The Plague. MM. Laveran and Roux, et al. ......
Toxic Action of Carbonic and Sulphurous Acid on Rats and Fleas.
M. Chantemesse; Ecthol..............

New Light on Phagocytosis and Chemiotaxis........

He'll Be Here Presently..................

Athleticism and the Rhodes Standards.................
Henry Dunant, the Founder of the Red Cross Society....

Progressive Puddukkottai .....

Editor's Table.
The Martinique Volcano and Calamitous Mortality....

The Truth About the Plague in San Francisco—Special Action of

the State Health Authorities...............................
Pure Food and Pure Drugs—More About....................... 535
The Use of Borax and Boric Acid as Food Preservatives ; Postage

Stamp Danger-Lick the Letter; To Investigate the Army
Canteen .................

Pathological Exhibit, American Medical Association..
Mortality and Morbidity Reports and Reviews.........
Spitting on the Sidewalks Forbidden....

Richmond's New Health Officer-Dr. John T. Sprague. ...
Public Baths for Washington....

Recent Sanitary Patents...

Book Reviews.
Hydrography, Part IV., U. S. Geological Survey, New Key to Re-

ports; Report of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department
Agriculture; Metabolism of Matter and Energy in the Human
Body, W. O. Atwater, Ph.D., et al., Bulletin 461, U. S. De-
partment of Agriculture; Principles of Sanitary Science and
the Public Health, with Special Reference to the Causation and
Prevention of Infectious Diseases, W. T. Sedgwick; The Diag-
noses of Surgical Diseases, Albert; Morphinism and Narco-
manias from Other Drugs, T. D. Crothers; Sajous Annual. . 552-556

Contemporary Literature.
The King of Spain, General Woodford, “Outlook” for May; Lon-

gevity Dependent on Personal Habits, Dr. Roger S. Tracy, in
May “Century”; The Franchise in Virginia, from “The Prog-
ress of the World” ; “American Monthly Review of Reviews":
for May; "Captains of Industry,” “Cosmopolitan" for May; “A
Model School," from "Club Women and Club Life,” Helen M.
Winslow, in the “Delineator” for May ; Contented Submission;
The Planting of a Tree, Marion Couthony Smith, in May “St.

................. 556-560
Concerning Proctor's Theatres.......
Sanitary Science—Synoptical Index of THE SANITARIAN, 47 vol-
umes, by the Editor.......

............... 561
Index to Volume xlviii...


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Concerning TTOCLOIS Theatres................................



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Happily the world grows wiser as it grows older, and early as errors serve merely as illustrations of the narrowness which has.. been broadened by time intermixed with brains and knowledge. There has recently appeared a timely and exhaustive work entitled, "Peru: History of Coca, the Divine Piant of the Incas," published by J. H. Vail & Co., New York City, in which Dr. W. Golden Mortimer, of New York, has traced the early errors of ignorance and prejudice which have surrounded Coca. The author has told in a way that is charmingly entertaining to the reader the associations and use of this marvelous plant from the earliest period of its history to the present time, and has fully explained the marked difference between the properties of the whole coca leaf and merely one of its alkaloids, such as cocaine. For, as is shown, coca contains several alkaloids, each differing in physiological action, and potent as may be cocaine as ü remedy, it can in no instance represent the qualities of the whole coca. This is one reason why imitations of our original preparations of coca fail to fulfill what the true coca should do, as is properly represented in Vin Mariani, which was the pioneer of all coca preparations, and has really served to popularize the use of coca and at the same time stimulating respiration and giving the muscular system more strength, rendering breathing fulier, deeper, and slower. Sexually, coca has long been regarded as a tonic by the natives who use it. Scientific reason for this is found in a study of its physiological action through its influence on mind, nerves, muscles, heart and circulation.

The nutrient value of coca, which we have long advocated, is undoubted for support in emergency. This is further shown in the report, previously referred to (p. 506), by seventy-seven physicians, representing more than twenty per cent. of the observers who employed coca in wasting diseases in the absence of all other foods, during periods ranging from three days to several months. The favorite preparations of coca employed, as testified by two hundred and seventy-six physicians, is shown to be: Tincture, 4; infusion, 7; solid extract, 15; leaves, 20; fluid extract, 104; and wine, 229). More than eiglity per cent. of all the reports received advocating the use of wine, and win a majority of instances the wine prepared by Mariani has been particularly referred to as embodying the true qualities of coca" (p. 507). In fact, if coca as fully represented of superior excellence in Vin Mariani, which has stood the test of time, is used understandingly, it will be found the staunchest of allies in the time of need; that this is so has been emphasized by the unsoliciteci written testimony of more than eight thousand physicians during its career of nearly half a century.

"A Weekly Feast to Nourish Hungry Minds.”—N. Y. Evangelist.

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THE LIVING AGE, one of the oldest and most widely-known of

American literary magazines, was founded by E. LITTELL in 1844,

and has been published weekly without interruption for fifty-seven years.

It presents the cream of foreign periodical literature, and reprints without abridgment the most noteworthy essays, travel sketches, fiction, social and political papers, and discussions of literary, artistic and scientific subjects from the leading quarterlies, monthly magazines and reviews, and literary and scientific weekly journals.

To these long-established and distinctive features, it has added an editorial department, devoted to “Books and Authors,” in which are published, weekly, paragraphs of literary news and comment, and careful, honest and discriminating notices of the more important new publications.

THE LIVING AGE Holds a unique position in the periodical world as a weekly eclectic magazine. Intelligent Americans who want presented to them from week to week the most important and timely articles from foreign periodicals find what they want in The Living Age, and can find it nowhere else.

THE LIVING AGE Is a weekly sixty-four page magazine, which prints in the course of a year twice as much matter as most of the monthly magazines, and is able, by reason of its wide field of selection, to publish articles by a larger number of writers of the first rank than any other magazine.

TO INTRODUCE THE MAGAZINE To readers who are not now familiar with it, the publishers of THE LIVING AGE will send it by mail, postpaid, to any name not already. on the subscription lists, for

Three Months, Thirteen Weeks, For One Dollar

These thirteen issues will aggregate about eight hundred and fifty octavo pages of the World's Besi Current Literature. Subscriptions may begin with any desired date.



Canfield. Hygiene of the Sick-Room.

A book for Nurses and others. Being a Brief Consideration of Asepsis, Antisepsis, Disinfection, Bacteriology, Immunity, Heating and Ventilation, and kindred subjects. By WILLIAM B. CANFIELD, M.D., late Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore. 12mo.

Cloth, net, $1.25 Kenwood. Public Health Laboratory Work.

By H. R. KENWOOD, M.B., D.PH.; F.C.S., Assistant Professor of Public Health,
University College, London, etc. 116 Illustrations.

Cloth, net, $2.00 Leffmann and Beam. Food Analysis. Illustrated.

Select Methods in Food Analysis. By HENRY LEFFMANN, M.D., Professor of
Chemistry in the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and in the Wagner
Free Institute of Science; Pathological Chemist, Jefferson Medical College Hospi-
tal, Philadelphia; Vice-President (1901) Society Public Analysts, etc.; and WILL-

IAM BEAM, A.M. With 14 Plates and 53 other Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, net, $2.50
Leffmann. Examination of Water
For Sanitary and Technical Purposes. Fourth Edition, Enlarged. Illustrated. 12mo.

Cloth, net, $1.25 Leffmann. Analysis of Milk and Milk Products.

Arranged to suit the needs of Analytical Chemists, Dairymen, and Milk Inspec

tors. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Illustrated. 12mo. Cloth, net, $1.25 · Notter. The Theory and Practice of Hygiene.

A Complete Treatise by J. LANE NOTTER, M.A., M.D., F.C.S., Fellow and Mem. ber of Council of the Sanitary Institute of Great Britain: Professor of Hygiene, Army Medizal School; Examiner in Hygiene, University of Cambridge, etc.; and W. H. HORRUCKS, M.D., B.Sc. (London), Assistant Professor of Hygiene, Army Med. ical School, Netley. With 15 Lithographic Plates and 138 other Illustrations, and including many Useful Tables. Second Edition, Carefully Revised. Octavo. 1085 pages.

Cloth, net, $7.00 Parkes. Hygiene and Public Health.

A Practical Manual. By LOUIS C. PARKES, M.D., D.PH (London University), Lec-
turer on Public Health at St. George's Hospital; Medical Officer of Health and
Public Analyst, Borough of Chelsea, London, etc.; and HENRY KENWOOD, M.B.,
F.C.S., Assistant Professor of Public Health, University College, London, etc.

Sixth Edition, Enlarged and Revised. 85 Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, net, $3.00
Parkes. The Elements of Health.
An Introduction to the Study of Hygiene. Illustrated.

Cloth, net, $1.25 Starr. The Hygiene of the Nursery.

Including the General Reginien and Feeding of Infants and Children, and the Do- , mestic Management of the Ordinary Emergencies of Early Life, Massage, etc. By LOUIS STARR, M.D., late Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Sixth Edition, Enlarged. 25 Illustrations. 12mo.

Cloth, net, $1.00 Stevenson and Murphy. A Treatise on Hygiene.

By Various Authors. Edited by THOMAS STEVENSON, M.D., F.R.C.P., Lecturer
on Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence at Guy's Hospital, London, and SHIRLEY
F. MURPHY, Medical Officer of Health to the County of London. In three volumes.

Vol. I. With Plates and Wood Engravings. Octavo. Cloth, net, $6.00
Vol. II. With Plates and Wood Engravings. Octavo. Cloth, net, $6.00
Vol. III. Sanitary Law. Octavo.

Cloth, net, $5.00 *** Each volume sold separately. Special Circular upon application. Thresh. Waier and Water Supplies.

By JOHN C. THRESH, D.Sc. (London), M.D., D.PH. (Cambridge), Medical Officer of Health to the Essex County Council; Lecturer on Public Health, King's College, London; Fellow of the Institute of Cteinistry; Member Society Public Analysts, etc. Third Edition, Revised and very much Enlarged. Illustrated. 527 pages. 12mo.

Cloth, net, $2.00 Wilson, Handbook of Hygiene and Sanitary Science.

By GEORGE WILSON, M.A., M.D., F.R.S.E., Medical Officer of Health for Mid-War.

wickshire, England. With Illustrations. Eighth Edition. 12mo. Cloth, net, $3.00 Weyl. Sanitary Relations of the Coal-Tar Colors.

By THEODORE WEYL. Authorized Translation by HENRY LEFFMANN, M.D., PH.D. 12mo.

Cloth, net, $1.25 V Any book will be forwarded, carriage prepaid, upon receipt of price, or orders

may be sent through any bookseller.
DD Special Catalogues of Books on Sanitary Science, Chemistry, Medicine, etc.,

will be sent upon application.
P. BLAKISTON'S SON & Co., Publishers,

1CI2 Walnut Street Philadelphia,


Every kind and grade of Electricity known to Science, that is prac-
tically useful as a remedial agent. Thorough and intelligent adapta-
tion to each individual case. Send for illustrated pamphlet.



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D All correspondence should be addressed to the Editor: Dr. A.
N. Bell,

337 Clinton Street, Brocklyn, N. Y.

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