WHEELER'S COMPOUND ELIXIR OF PHOSPHATES AND CALISAYA. A Nerve Food and Natritse Tonic for the treatment of Consumption, Bronchitis, Scrofula, and all forms of Nervous Debility. This elegant preparation combines in an agreeable Aromatic Cordial acceptable to the most irritable conditions of the stomach, Bone. alcium Phosphate Ca2 2P04, Sodium Phosphate Na2 HPO4, Ferruus Phospbate Fe32P04, Trihydrogen Phosphate H3 P04, and the active principles of caligaya and wild cherry.

The special indication of this combination of phosphates in spinal affections, caries, necrosis, ununited fractures, marasmus, poorly developed children, retarded dentition, alcohol, opium, tobacco habits, gestation and lactation to promote development, etc, and as a PHYSIOLOGICAL RESTORATIVE in sexual debility and all used-up conditions of the nervous system, should receive the careful attention of good therapeutists.

NOTABLE PROPERTIES. As reliable in dyspepsia as quinine in ague. Secures the largest percentage of benefit in consumption and all wasting diseases, by determining the perfect digestion and assimilation of food. When using it Cod Liver Oil may be taken without repugnance. It renders success possible in treating chronic diseases of women and children, who take it with pleasure for prolonged periods, a factor essential to maintain the good will of the patient. Being a tissue constructive, it is the best general utility composed for tonic restorative purposes we have, no mischievous effects resulting from exhibiting it in any possible morbid condition of the system

Phosphates being a NATURAL FOOD PRODUCT no substitute will do their work.

Dose.-For adults, one tablespoonful three times a day, after eating; from seven to twelve years of age, one dessertspoonful; from two to seven, ono teaspoonful; for infants, from five to twenty drops according to age. Prepared at the Chemical Laboratory of T. B. WHEELER, M.D., Montreal, P. Q. To prevent substitution, put up in pound bottles only, and sold

by all druggists at One Dollar.
Road the pamphlet on this sabject sant you.

"For over twenty years we have enjoyed the visitations of this journal, and have never yet had occasion to speak of it in other than words of warm commendation. Drs. Bell and Corbally have made it a service to all men and all nations. It is at once the boldest, most just and least sensational, and yet most advanced sanitary periodical of which we have knowledge. There are other excellent magazines, devoted to the science, certainly, but none that gets to the meat of things better than this; none that deals with this foremost of sciences (since it relates to good health, the greatest good on earth) so simply and so satisfactorily for the layman.”— “Record Union,” Sacramento, Cal., Dec. 19, '99.

"It is impossible to estimate the benefit to be derived from statedly reading a wide-awake health journal. Men study to store their minds with useful knowledge. The young study to discipline their minds for the stupendous toil of later life. By study the mind's capacity is improved. In like manner the spiritual nature is susceptible of expansion by experience. The man of little faith grows to a man of great faith by the exercise of faith. "Now the just shall live by faith' and grow stronger and stronger in the exercise of faith in God. By a similar law the body is capable of attaining great strength. The command, ‘Know thyself,' is not fulfilled unless the man is developed mentally, spiritually and physically.

“To the enlightenment of man as to the conditions necessary to physical soundness—especially as to sanitation—The SANITARIAN is devoted. Its able editor and his coadjutors are making it a peerless magazine. In its field it is a leader. It molds, educates, fashions public sentiment. Who reads it regularly must have a broadened vision of the subjects in its range. A. N. Beli, A. M., M. D., 337 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; $4.00 per year; thirtyfive cents per copy.”—The Free Methodist.

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GENERAL AGENTS. Dr All Subscriptions and Orders for The Sanitarian by other News Agents, and all Foreign Subscriptions, should be sent through the American News Co. or its Branches,

$4.00 A YEAR ... 35 CENTS A COPY. MPALL OTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS, CORRESPONDENCE, EXCHANGES and BOOKS FOR REVIEW should be addressed to A. N. BELL, M.D., 337 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

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Only a few years ago the health giving qualities of the pine region of North Carolina were unknown except among the few settlers in this section. To-day hundreds of people are living and well who owe their health and life to this remarkable section. The late Professor Kerr, State Geologist, first called the attention of the medical profession to this portion of the State, but at that time no hotels or places of resort were established for the invalids to get the benefit of the high altitude, dry air, oxygen and ozone generated by the pine trees.

SOUTHERN PINES AND PINEBLUFF. In the heart of the long-leaf pine-woods region, 600 to 800 feet above sea level, on the main line of the GREAT SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY, only seventeen hours' ride from New York:

A Committee of Medical Experts visited the South in 1894 to investigate the different Health Resorts, and they reported as follows:

"For persons whose health requires a mild winter climate, Southern Pines, because of the dry. ness of its soil, its elevation above sea level, the invigorating quality of its atmosphere cessibility, presents natural advantages that highly commend it to the favorable attention of the medical profession."

PINEBLUFF is on the same line of road, seven miles South of Southern Pines, and comprehends the same healthful conditions, with the additional advantage of a clear stream of pure water running through it, which has been utilized in making a large lake, giving pleasure and sport to the residents and visitors. Both places aie provided with commodious hotels and boarding houses at reasonable rates. There are besides, a number of furnished cottages for rent at from $30 to $350 for the season. Moreover, THE PINEBLUFF RESORT COMPANY have arranged to build a number of comfortable little cottages to rent, suited to two or four persons, or to a mother and child, and nurse; or man and wife, or to one person with valet or nurse.

The cottages will be furnished with spring beds, mattress, stove, cooking utensils, and chairs if the renter wishes. It km is desirable, with a view to better furnishing, that the

WINDOW cottages be rented for three years, but they will be rented for one year. Rents payable in advance. More attention is given to the

AMUSEMENT OF VISITORS at Pinebluff than at any other j winter resort 'in the South.

8E0 Bring your bicycle and enjoy the splendid roads and by-paths through the pine woods. For informaon in detail write to

JOHN T. PATRICK, Pinebluff, N. .

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