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The Projećtion of the Sphere Ortho-
graphick, and Stereographick : As al-|
so, Trigonometry Plain and Spherical ;
with plain and intelligible Reasons for ||
the various and most useful Methods,
both in Projećtion and Calculation;
with the Application of the whole to


Aftronomy, Dialling, and Geography.


I. O N D O N : " - }.
Printed by H. P. for J. SENEx, at the Globe:

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*Tnay be thought Surpri§ song, if not accounted to great Presumption, to S. Dedicate so small a Treatise to so * honourable and useful a Corporation. But my Hopes that this plain, tho concise Tiece of Trigonometry, well applied, may at least contribute to the qualifyin the Studious for some of #: PublickMathematical Services, to A 2. which


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