Loaning Money in the District of Columbia: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on the District of Columbia, United States Senate, Sixty-fourth Congress, First Session, on S. 4661, a Bill to Amend the Act Entitled "An Act to Regulate the Business of Loaning Money on Security of Any Kind by Persons, Firms, and Corporations Other Than National Banks, Licensed Bankers, Trust Companies, Savings Banks, Building and Loan Associations, and Real Estate Brokers in the District of Columbia," Approved February 4, 1913 [April 21, 1916]


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Side 3 - Washington, DC The committee met, pursuant to call, at 10.30 o'clock am, in the committee room, Capitol, Senator Charles L.
Side 3 - Act to regulate the business of loaning money on security of any kind by persons, firms, and corporations other than national banks, licensed bankers, trust companies, savings banks, building and loan associations, and real estate brokers in the District of Columbia, approved February 4, 1913, as amended
Side 13 - Commissioners within one week from the date of the filing of the complaint, and no adjournment shall be taken for a period longer than one week. A daily calendar...
Side 12 - Si:ch register shall be open for inspection to the said commisioners, their officers and agents, on every day, except Sundays and legal holidays, between the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon and five o'clock in the afternoon.
Side 11 - ... such business is to be conducted, and such other information as the said commissioners may require. Every license granted shall date from the first of the month in which it is issued and expire on the thirty-first day of the following October, and such license shall be kept conspicuously displayed in the place of business of the licensee.
Side 13 - ... person is guilty of any immoral, fraudulent or illegal conduct in connection with the conduct of said business, it shall be the duty of the...
Side 12 - Act, shall forfeit all interest so contracted for or received; and in addition thereto shall forfeit to the borrower a sum of money, to be deducted from the amount due for principal, equal to one-fourth of the principal sum: And provided further. That any person in the employ of the Government who shall loan money in violation of the provisions of this Act shall forfeit his office or position, and be removed from the same.
Side 13 - Whenever, for any cause, such license is revoked, said superintendent of banks shall not issue another to said licensee until the expiration of at least one year from the date of revocation of such license. Every such applicant shall execute and file a bond to the State of Ohio In the penal sum of...
Side 13 - Columbia, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to make all rules and regulations necessary in their judgment for the conduct of such business and the enforcement of this act in addition hereto and not inconsistent herewith.
Side 12 - ... the amount and date of the loan and of its maturity the nature of the security, if any, for the loan, the name and address of the borrower and of the licensee, and the rate of interest charged.

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