On Sept. 1657, he was admitted Rector of Milton-Keynes, otherwise MiddletonKeynes, in the County of Bucks, and took the same Method of corroborating his Title to this Living at the King's Return. Soon after which (25 July 1660,) he was made Chaplain Extraordinary tó Henry, Duke of Gloucester ; and, on 1 Dec. of the same Year, was created Doctor in Divinity, and published afterwards three occasional Sermons in the Years 1684, 1685, and 1691. He died in December 1693 t.

DR. Lewis Atterbury, the Elder, mare ried Elizabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Giffard, of North-Crowly, in the County of Bucks, Esq; by Elizabeth, the Daughter of Edmond Harding, of Afply, in the County of Bedford, Esq; by his said Wife he had two Sons, the Younger of which was Francis Atterbury, D.D. who was successively Archdeacon of Totness, Dean of Carlisle, Chrift-Church Oxford, and Westminster, and Bishop of Rochester : A Person as remarkable for the Endowments


A 3

| Oxford Catalogue, and Athen, Oxon. Yol. II, p. 80s. First Edit.

General Dictionary,

of Nature, and the Acquirements of Learn, ing, as he was unfortunate in the latter Part of his Life, in þeing deprived of his Preferment, and banished out of his native Country. A Pen like his own should write his Life: I shall only acquaint the Reader, that he was born at Milton-Keynes, in Buckinghamshire, the 6th, and baptized the 17th of March Anno Dom. 1662, and died at Paris the 15th of February 173! t

Lewis, the eļder Brother, was born at Caldecot, in the Parish of Newport-Pagnel, in the County of Bucks I, the ad of May Anno Dom. 1656. He was educated at Westminster School, under the celebrated Dr. Richard Busby, between whom and the Father of our Author there was a Friendship and Intimacy. In the 18th Year of his Age he was sent to ChriftChurch, Oxford, and matriculated || in that


Milton Register, and a Letter of Bishop Atterbury. + The Gen. Diet. makes the Bishop die, Feb. 15, 1732, but falsely, unless they compute the Year from the first of Fanuary; for he survived his Brother but a few Months, from Otober 1731, to the February follow: ing.

Newport-Pagnel Regift.
Certificate in my Hands.

University, 10 April 1674 Mr. George Walls (afterwards Dr. Walls * ) was his Tutor. He was (being then A. B.) ordained Deacon at Chrifts-Church, by the pious and learned Dr. John Fell, then Bishop of Oxon, and (as Commendatory Dean) Governor of that Royal College, t on the 21st of Sept. 1679. He commenced A. M. 5 July 1680 I, and, the next Year, received the Order of Priesthood in Buckden Church, from the Hands of Dr. Thomas Barlow, the then Right Rev. Bishop of Lincoln, as appears from the following Certificate, the Original of which is in my Hands, by which the World will see what Hopes that Prelate then entertained of this young Divine

Nov. 2 1682. TH

HESE are to certify those whom

it may concerne, that Mr. Lewis - Atterbury, Maister of Arts, of Christ

Church, in the Universitie of Oxon, was • ordained Priest by the now Bishop of * Lincolne, Sept. 25. 1681. When it did + appear by his good Testimonials, and his


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A 4

* Letter of Bishop Artssbary, and Oxford Catalogue. f Letters of Orders.

Oxford Catalogue

• Examination, that he was a Person (both ' for Life and Learninge) capable and worthy of Orders, and it did further appeare, by a good and pious Sermon he then preach'ed before the said Bishop, that he was ( able to execute the ministeriall Function

with Benefit to any Congregation, to the < Cure of which Providence should call him. "This Truth beeinge well knowne to me, is testifyed under the Hand and Seale of

Thomas, Lincolne.

In the Year 1683, he performed the Office of Chaplain to Sir William Pritchard, Knt. then Lord Mayor of London,

· In the Month of Feb. 1684, + he was instituted Rector of Sywell, in the County of Northampton ; which Living he after wards resigned, upon his accepting of other Preferment,

On the 8th of July 1687, he took, by Accumulation I, the two Degrees of Batchelor and Doctor in the Civil Law,


+ Inftruments,

Oxford Catal.

THE Year after this, he changed his Condition, and, on the 27th of December. 1688 ||; married Penelope, the Daughter of Mr. John Beding field, Brother to Sir Robert Beding field, Knt. Lord Mayor of London, in the Year 1707. They were Sons of John Beding field of Halsworth, in the County of Suffolk Gent. who was the third Son of Thomas Beding field in the said County, Esq;

THĘ Mother of the said Penelope was Widow of John Porter, Esq; and Daughter of Sir Francis Williamson, Knt.

Or this Marriage came two Sons, who died in their Infancy. A Daughter, named after her Mother, born 15 June 1699, who married Mr. George Sweetaple, of St. Andrew's Holborn, Brewer, and died in August 1725, leaving one Daughter, who lived to be Heir to her Grandfather's Fortune, but died about seven Months after him, 3 June 1732, in the lith Year of her Age.


| Certificate,

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