Visits to High Tartary, Yârkand, and Kâshgar (formerly Chinese Tartary): And Return Journey Over the Karakoram Pass

J. Murray, 1871 - 486 sider
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Side 498 - Books that you may carry to the fire, and hold readily in your hand, are the most useful after all.
Side 475 - What is this murmur ? Is it the sound of cannon in the distance ? Is Gandgarh bellowing? Is it thunder?' Suddenly some one cried out, ' The river's come.' And I looked and perceived that all the dry channels were already filled, and that the river was racing down furiously in an absolute wall of mud, for it had not at all the colour or appearance of water. They who saw it in time easily escaped.
Side 167 - It is said also that some persons, in their course across the desert, have seen what appeared to them to be a body of armed men advancing towards them, And apprehensive of being attacked and plundered have taken to flight. Losing by this means the right path, and ignorant of the direction they should take to regain it, they have perished miserably of hunger.
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Side 138 - khilat,' loose and shining ; beneath it a ' kamsole,' or inner robe of English printed muslin fastened by a scarf round the waist. On his head, instead of a turban, was a tall cap of dark green velvet turned up with a fur lining. I am always looking out for something Scythian in Toorkistan ; for it is pretty well agreed, I believe, that the Asiatic Scythians at any rate were the progenitors of the modern Tartars, under which very vague title the Toorkees are certainly included. Sir H.
Side 475 - Khan. Part of the force was at that moment in hot pursuit, or the ruin would have been wider. The rest ran, some to large trees which were all soon uprooted and borne away, others to rocks which were speedily buried beneath the waters. Only they escaped who took at .once to the mountain side. About five hundred of these troops were at once swept to destruction.
Side 74 - I will not here inflict on the reader a history of the troubles I underwent in arranging for a start. Ladak is infested with a set of ruffians called Argoons,1 half-bred between Toorkistan fathers and Ladak mothers. Like most half-castes, they possess all the evil qualities of both races without any of their virtues.
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Side 354 - The Queen of England is like the sun, which warms everything it shines upon. I am in the cold, and desire that some of its rays should fall upon me. I am very small — a man of yesterday. In these few years God has given me this great country. It is a great honor for me that you have come.

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