Yo. of Delecates

No. of

votes for each delegate.


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William D. Huber, ('arpenters' Building,

Indianapolis, Ind. Frank Duly, (arpenters Building, Indian

apolis, Ind. J. P. O'Reilly, 714 Fifth st., X. E. Minne

apolis, Minn. Samuel Botterill, 24 Clinton st., East Orange,

X.J. W. A. Sexton, 4300 E. First st., Los Angeles,

(al. Thomas Flynn, 2080 W. Twelfth st., Chicago,

II. Michael J. O'Brien, 07 Saratoga ave., Roch

ester, N. Y. James Reid, Labor Hall, Homer st., Van

Couver, B.C. Herbert Crampton, 2827 Abbott ('ourt,

Chieugo, N.

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P. F. Richardson, Rooms 1:5- Star Build

ing: Dearborn st., Chicago, III. William A. Brennan, 1551

ave., New York (ity. Henry Redler, Hamgari Hall, S. E. cor.

loth and (arr sts., St. Louis, Mo. Samuel Gompers, Ouray Building, Wash

ington, D. (. Thomas F. Tracy, Ouruy Building, Wash

ington, D.C. J. Mithlon Barnes, 180 Washington st.,

Chicago, Ill. George R. French, 820 Monon Building,

(hicago, Ill. John T. Smith, 1112 Locust st., Kansas City. Mo. H.J. ('on way, 315 Appel Building, Denver,

('olo. D. F. Manning, 423-5 Gst. N. W., Washing

ton, D. C. Herman Robinson, 25 Third ave., New York


[blocks in formation]

Max Zuckerman, 228. E. Seventh st., New

York City. J. A. ('able. Suite A, Board of Trade Build

ing, Kansas City, Kans. Thomas Mo Manus, 1615 Freeman ave., (in

cinnati, Ohio. Frank J. MNulty,Pierick Building. Spring

field, Ill. Stephen J. Fay, 2180 Grenshaw ave., Chi

cago, Ill. F. A. Monaghan, 224 Guerrero st., San FranCisco, (al.

[blocks in formation]

Frank Feeney, 2338 S. Fifteenth st., Phila

delphia, Pa. M. Comerford, 300-310 Temple Bar Annex,

Brooklyn, N. Y. R. A. Mikee, 606 Main st., Peoria, III. P. ('. Winn, 2019 N. Sawyer ave., (hicago,

n. M. Murphy, care of P. J. Horan, 50% W.One Hundred And Seventy-Seventh st., New

York City. Timothy Healy, 178 E. Twenty-Seventh st.

New York, N. Y. J. W. Morton, Room 113,275 La Salle st., Chi

(ago, 01.

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Glass Workers' International Associ

ation, Amalgamated Glove Workers Ution of America, In


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11 Walter West, 1016 Simpson st., New York

City. 8 Miss Agnes Nestor, Room 506, Bush Temple

of Music, Chicago, II. James Duncan, Hancock Building, Quincy,


James Garvey, Milford, Mass. 13 Isaac Coombe, 145 Railroad ave., Brooklyn,

N. Y. 43 John A. Moffitt, 24 Lincoln Place, Orange,

N.J. 42 James P. Maher, 11 Waverly Place, New

York City.
D. D'Alessandro, Box 597, Albany, N. Y.

H. P. Smith, 611 Towle st., Hammond, Ind. 29 David Kirby, 79 E. Canton St., Boston,

Mass. 36 Roady Kenehan, P. (. Box 1331, Denver,

('olo. 36 | John Morrissey, 2974 Drake ave., Chicago,

NI. 74 Jere L. Sullivan, Commercial Tribune

Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Thomas S. Farrell, 1856 E. Sixth st., Cleve-

land, Ohio, 74 John J. Griffin, 70 Adams st., Lynn, Mass. 73 T. J. Sullivan, 86 Franklin ave., Hartford,

Conn. 73 William Q. Sullivan, 17 Gladys st., Roch

ester, N. Y. P.J. McArdle, Room 506, House Building,

Pittsburg, Pa. 30 Fred C. Daniels, Box 118, E. Chicago, Ind. 3 Al. Weisenberger, 13 Red Jacket Parkway, 1

Buffalo, N. Y. 25 William J. MeSorley, 101 Superior Building,

Cleveland, Ohio. 25 Edwin T. Stevenson, 121 Davenport ave.,

New Haven. ('onn.

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John J. Manning, 602 Second ave., Troy, N. Y.

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Lithographers, International Pro

tective and Beneficial Association of the U.S. and Canada Lithographic Press Feeders of U. S.

und Canada, International Protective Association of

Frank Gehring, 23 Carlton ave., Jersey City,

N. J.

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8 W. A.Coakley, 43 Centre st., New York City. Thomas V.O'Connor, 1003 Mutual Life Build

ing, Buffalo, N. Y. 53 John J. Joyce, 1003 Mutual Life Building,

Buffalo, N.Y. 53 James Raymond, 5904 Woodland ave., Cleve

land, Ohio. 53

James E. Dwyer, 1821 Washington Boule

vard, Chicago, III. 97 James O'Connell, 105 McGill Building,

Washington, D. (. 97 Eugene Sarber, 305 Howard Building, St.

Louis, Mo. 97 (.W.Fry, 39 Merchants' Building, Chicago,

ni. 97 J.J. Keppler, New Amsterdam Hotel, New

York City. 96 Thomas Van Lear, 1929 University ave., St.

Paul, Minn. 31 A. B. Lowe, 3900 Olive st., St. Louis, Mo.

T. W. ('assiday, 19 Winter st., W. Summer

ville, Mass. Wm. H. Noyes, 86 Wright ave., Toronto,

Can. 24 Walter V. Price, 105 W. One Hundred and

Thirty-Eighth st., New York City. 32 Homer D. ('all, Box 212. Syracuse, N. Y. 31 August Molter, 127 Louisiuna st., Buffalo,

N. Y. 50 T. M. Daly, Rooms 407, 408, 409, Xeave Build

ing. ('incinnati, Ohio. 50 Thomas Rumsey, 314 (herry st., Toledo,


M. O'Sullivan, 11 Madison ave., Crafton, Pa. 53 Thomas Butler, 205 W. Eightieth st., New

York, N. Y. 53 R. G. M. Ross, Brentwood, Md. 382 T. L. Lewis, 1111 State Life Building, Indian

a polis, Ind. 882 John Mitchell, 10096 Metropolitan Building,

New York City. 382 John H. Walker, Farmers' Nationai Bank,

Building, Springfield, ni.

W. B. Wilson, Blossburg, Pa. 381 W.D). Van Horn, West Terre Haute, Ind. 391 Frank J. Hayes, Farmers' National Bank

Building, Springfeld, M.
G. W. Savage, 75 Ruggery Building, Colum-

bus, Ohio. 100 Joseph F. Valentine, Box 699, Cincinnati,

Ohio. 100) John P. Frey, Box 699, Cincinnati, Ohio. 100 Thomas Humphrey, Trades Assembly Hall,

New Castle, Pa. 100 Chas. W. Wilkerson, 875 Boulevard, Spring

field, Mo. 100 P.J.Jordan, 25 Wilburst., care of Wm. John,

Everett, Mass.


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Jos. N. Weber, 25 St. Nicholas ave., New

York City. Owen Miller, 35:35 Pine st., St. Louis, Mo. Jos. Winkler, 134 E. Van Buren st., Chi

('ago, III. D. A. Carey, 95 Markham st., Toronto. (an. Jacob Tazelaar, 3 E. Seventeenth st., Room

15. New York City. Emil Arnold, 5033 W. Strang st., Jefferson,

Ml. Chas. J. Eisenring, 2134 St. Louis ave., St.

Louis, Mo. C. A. Cullen, 2 Fairmount ave., Worcester,


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10 J. T. Carey, 22 Smith Building, Watertown,

N. Y. 25 James Wilson, 1008-1009 Second National

Bank Building, Cincinnati, Ohio. 25 James L. Gernon, 411 Albemarle Road,

Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Pavers, Rammermen, Flag Layers,

Bridge, and Stone Curb Setters. Paving Cutters' Union of the United

States of America and Canada Photo-Engravers' Union of North

America, International Piano and Organ Workers' Union of

America, International Plate Printers' Union of North America, International Steel and Copper .. Plasterers' International Association

of the United States and Canada, Operative

26 John Sheret, Box 116, Albion, N. Y. 32 Matthew Woll, 611 Bishop st., Chicago, Ill. 40 Charles Dold, 1323 Greenwood Terrace,

Chicago, ni.




[blocks in formation]

1 12 | George P. Foster, Bureau of Engraving and

Printing, Washington, D.C. 49 John Donlin, 817 Loomis st., Chicago, Ill. 48 Edward J. McGivern, 3 Mulvey st., Matta

pan Station, Boston, Mass. 48 Peter G. (ook, 36 Union Road, Roselle

Park, N. J. 46 John R. Alpine, 401-6 Bush Temple of Music,

Chicago, Ill. 46 William J. Tracy, 25-27 N. Thirteenth st.,

Philadelphia, Pa. 46 E. W. Shirk, 2005 W. Twenty-eighth st.,

Cleveland, Ohio.
Thomas B. Clark, 821 E. Thirty-ninth st.,

Chicago, II, 13 Edward B. Goltra, 301 W. Sixty-fourth st.,

Chicago, Ill.
Thomas J. Duffy, Box' 6, East Liverpool,

Ohio. 29

Thomas J. Humphrey, 61 Grand st., Tren

ton, N.J. 4, John Paravicini, 5245 Chester ave., Philadel

phia, Pa. 45 Geo. L. Berry, Lyric Theatre Building,

Rooms 802-807. Cincinnati, Ohio, 45 Norman Sprngue, 2903 Thirteenth st. N. W..

Washington, D. C.
William Hall, Rooms 802-807, Lyric Theatre

Building, Cincinnati, Ohio. 44 | W. A. Vickery, Rooms 802–807, Lyric Theatre

Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.

P. F. McCarthy, Scampini Building, Barre, 22 W.F. B. Feyler, Waldoboro, Maine. 50 H. B. Perham, Star Building, St. Louis, Mo. 50 W. T. Brown, Star Building, Louis, Mo. 50 L. A. Tanquary, Board of Trade Building,

Pueblo, Colo.

Print Cutters’ Association of America, National

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Shingle Weavers' l'nion of America,

International Slate and Tile Roofers! I'nion of

America, International.

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[blocks in formation]

Ernest P. Marsh, Labor Temple, Everett,

Wash. G. M. Huddleston, 601 Fourth st. N. W.

Washington, D. C. Lee M. Hart, State Hotel, Chicago, III. Patrick T. Barry, 11 National st., Boston,

Mass. Jotun Suarez, 622 Walnut st., St. Louis, Mo. James J. Freel, 1839 Eighty-fifth st., Brook

lyn, N.Y. Jo. Evans, 520 Sixth st. N. W., Washington,

D. ('. James F. McHugh, 520 Sixth st. N. W.,

Washington, D. ('. Joseph Gervais, 103 Bienville st., Montreal,

Can. D), W. Ottinger, 166 Concord ave., Detroit.

Mich. 1. A. Harshbarger, care of Frank T. Haw

ley, 320 Brisbane Building, Butalo, N. Y. John B. Lennon, Box 697, Bloomington,

Ill. Hugh Robinson, 3 Kent st., Hamilton, Ont.,

Cun. Thomas Sweeney, 182 Gregory st., Roch

ester, N.Y. Daniel J. Tobin, 222 E. Michigan st., In

dianapolis, Ind. Thomas L. Hughes, 222 E. Michigan st., In

dianapolis, Ind. Jolin E. Longstreet, 29 E. Twelfth st., ('in

cinnati, Ohio. Joseph F. Murphy, 39 Market st., (hicago,

III. Patrick D. Daley, 9 Allston st., Charlestown,

Mass. John Golden, Box 712. Fall River, Mass. James Taunsey, Box 303, Fall River, Mass.

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(harles H. Leps, 25 N. Thirteenth st., Phila

delphia, Pa.



[blocks in formation]

(harles E. Lawyer, Reilly Block, Wheel

ing. W. Va. E. Lewis Evans, Room 50, American Na

tional Bank Building, Louisville, Ky. Anthony McAndrew, Room 50, American

National Bank Building, Louisville, Ky, James M. Lynch, Rooms 611-00, Newton

(lay pool Building, Indianapolis, Ind. Frank Morrison, Ouray Building, Washing

ton, D. ('. Max S. Hayes, 979 Parkwood Drive, Cleve

land, Ohio. Hush Stevenson, 176 McPherson ave.

Toronto, Can. T. W. McCullough, 2028 Maple st., Omaha, Nebr.

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