Barbers' International Union - W. E.

Klapetzky, Frank X. Noschang, James C. Shanessy, George K. Smith, 255

votes. Bill Posters' and Billers' National Alli

ance-A. P. Tighe, 14 votes. Blacksmiths, International Brotherhood

of-J. W. Kline, John J. Mockler, Geo.

Kuykendall, 100 votes. Boilermakers and Iron Ship Builders of America, Brotherhood of-Joseph A.

Franklin, George F. Dunn, 152 votes. Bookbinders International Brotherhood

of-Robert Glockling, 79 votes. Boot and Shoe Workers' Union-Chas. L.

Baine, Emmet T. Walls, Nellie O'Boy, James F. Kane, Alvin C. Howes, 320

votes. Brewery Workers' International Union

Louis Kemper, A. J. Kugler, Frank Koralek. John Sullivan, Edmond F.

Ward, 400 votes. Bridge and Structural Iron Workers In

ternational Association of-Frank M. Ryan, John T. Butler, John H. Barry,

100 votes. Broom and Whisk Makers' Union, Inter

national-James McKinzie, & votes. Carpenters and Joiners of America, Brotherhood of-Frank Duffy, William D. Huber, W. A. Sexton, M. I O'Brien, Thos. Flynn, S. Botterill, J. P. O'Reilly, 1,796 votes. Carpenters and Joiners, Amalgamated Society of - A. C. Sanders, William

Fyfe, Herbert Crampton, si votes. Carvers' Association of North America,

Wood-Frank Detlef, 13 votes. Car Workers, International Association

of-P. F. Richardson, 44 votes. Cement Workers, American Brotherhood

of - Martin Goellnitz, Thomas E.

Keough, 73 votes. Cigarmakers' International Union or

America-Samuel Gompers. Thomas F. Tracy, J. Mahlon Barnes, George R.

French, John T. Smith, 409 votes. Clerks' International Association, Re

tail-Max Morris, H. J. Conway, A. B. Loebenberg. D. F. Manning, Herman

Robinson, 500 votes. Coopers' International ('nion of North

America-James A. Cable, Thomas Mc

Manus, 19 votes. Elevator Constructors' International

Union-Frank Feeney, 25 votes. Engineers, International Union of Steam -Matthew Comerford, Robert A. McKee. P. C. Winn, A. M. Huddell, 168 votes. Firemen International Brotherhood or Stationary-C. L. Shamp, Timothy

Healy, J. W. Morton, 173 votes. Fitters and Helpers of America, Interna

national Association of Steam and Hot Water-W. F. ('ostello, J. J. Sullivan,

50 votes. Flour and Cereal MIL Employes. Inter

national Union of-A. E. Kellington, 8

votes. Freight Handlerq' and Warehousemen's

International I'nion of America, Interior-P. J Flannery, Joseph J. Williams. 78 votes.

Garment Workers of America, United-T. A. Rickert, Maier Schwarz,

B. A. Larger, V. Altman, S. L. Landers, 439

votes. Glass Bottle Blowers' Association-D. A.

Hayes, Harry P. Hoag, Arthur Muhle

man, 88 votes. Glove Workers' Union of America, Inter

national-Agnes Nestor, 8 votes. Granite Cutters' International Association -James Duncan, James Cruickshank,

Isaac Coombe, 130 votes. Hatters, United of North America-John

A. Moffitt, Martin Lawlor, James P.

Maher, 85 votes. Hod Carriers' and Building Laborers'

Union of America, International-H. A. Stemburgh, D. D'Alessandro, 112 votes. Horse Shoers of United States and Can

ada, International-Roady Kenehan,

John Morrissey, 61 votes. Hotel and Restaurant Employes' Interna

tional Alliance-T. J. Sullivan, Jere L. Sullivan, William Q. Sullivan, Thomas

S. Farrell, John H. Wallace, 386 votes. Iron Steel and Tin Workers, Amalgamated Association of-P. J. McArdle, John H. Richards, David J. Davis, 100

votes. Jewelry Workers' Union of America

Gustav Ehret, 4 votes. Lathers, International Union of Wood,

Wire and Metal-William J. McSorley, John T. Taggart, 58 votes. Laundry Workers' International Union,

Shirt, Waist and-John J. Manning,

Carrie Parmer, 40 votes. Leather Workers on Horse Goods, United

Brotherhood of-John J. Pfeiffer, 40

votes. Lithographers International Protective

and Beneficial Association-J. L. Hon,

11 votes. Longshoremen's International Associa

tion-Daniel J. Keefe, W. E. Fuller, John L. Bowler, T. V. O'Connor, 315 votes. Machinists, International Association of -James O'Connell, Eugene Sarber, H. W. Churchill. Thomas Van Lear, A. F.

Stark, 621 votes. Marble Workers, International Associa.

tion of-Walter' y. Price, 22 votes. Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of

North America-Edward W. Potter,

Homer D. Call, 63 votes. Metal Pollshers', Buffers'Platers' and

Brass Workers' International Union

A. B. Grout, James J. Dardis, 100 votes. Metal Workers' International Alliance,

Amalgamated Sheet--M. 0. Sullivan, Hugh Frayne, C. D. Wheeler, 161 votes. Mine Workers of America, United-T. L.

Lewis, W. D. Ryan, John P. White, John Mitchell, W. B. Wilson, G. W.

Savage, John H. Walker, 2,525 votes. Moulders' l'nion of North America, In

ternational-Joseph F. Valentine, John P. Frey. R. H. Curran, Patrick F.

Duffy, John Murtaugh, 500 votes. Musirians. American Federation ofOwen Miller, 1. A. Carey, George D. Woodill, Joseph F. Winkler, 375 votes.


Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers,

Brotherhood of-Joseph C. Bahlhorn,
Joseph C. Skemp, Jacob Tazelaar, Emil
Arnold. Chas. J. Eisenring, Chas. A.

Cullen, 648 votes.
Paner Makers of America, United Broth-

erhood of-J. T. Carey, M. J. Burns,

43 votes. Pattern Makers' League of North Amer

ica--James Wilson, J. E. Quinn, 55 votes. Paving Cutters' Union of United States of America and Canada-John Sheret,

20 votes. Photo Engravers' Union, International

Andrew J. Gallagher, 29 votes. Plate Printers Union, International Steel

and Copper-George P. Foster, 12 votes. Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Steam Fitters and

Steam Fitters' Helpers-John R. Alpine, William J. Tracy, Thomas Clark, Wil

liam Shirk, 180 votes. Post Office Clerks, National Federation

of-Edward B. Goltra, 12 votes. Potters. National Brotherhood of Operative-Thomas J. Duffy, George M. Mar

tin, 59 votes. Print Cutters' Association of America

John Paravicini, 4 votes. Printing Pressmen's Union, International -George L. Berry, George Morgan, Thomas Ritchey, James J. Torpey, 172

votes. Quarry Workers' International Union of North America-P, F. McCarthy, Jesse

Miller, 45 votes. Railroad Telegraphers, Order of-H. B.

Perham. L. W. Quick, D. G. Ramsay,

150 votes. Railway Employes of America, Amalga

mated Association of Street and Electric-W. D. Mahon, Magnus Sinclair,

D. S. Fitzgerald. 320 votes. Roofers, Composition. Damp and Waterproof Workers, International Brother

hood of-Alex Doull, 10 votes. Seamen's Union, International-William

H. Frazier. Victor A. Olander, Andrew

Furuseth, Edward Stack, 255 votes. Shingle Weavers' Union of America, In

ternational-J. G. Brown, 17 votes. Shipwrights', Joiners' and Caulkers' In

ternational Union-Hugh Kirk, 16 votes. Slate and Tile Roofers' Union. Interna

tional-- William W. Clark, 6 votes. Stage Employes' International Alliance, Theatrical-Lee M. Hart, Patrick T.

Barry, 62 votes. Stonecutters' Association. Journeymen

Jo. Evans, James F. McHugh, Frank S. Byrnes, 83 votes. Stove Mounters' International Union

John Carey, 14 votes. Switchmen's Union of North America

Frank T. Hawley, Samuel E. Heber

ling. 93 votes. Tailors' Union, Journeymen-John

Lennon, Hugh Robinson, D. G. Biggs,

E, J. Brais, 161 votes. Teamsters, International Brotherhood of

D. J. Tobin, John E. Longstreet, Patrick D. Daley, Harry McCormack,

Thomas Barry, 377 votes. Tlle Layers' and Helpers' Union, Inter

national Ceramic, Mosaic and Encaustic-Charles H. Leps, 19 votes.

Tin Plate Workers, International-George

Powell, 14 votes. Tobacco Workers, International UnionA. McAndrew, E. Lewis Evans, 46

Typographical Union, International-
James M. Lynch, Frank Morrison, Max
S. Hayes, Hugh Stevenson, T. W. Mc-

Cullough, 440 votes.
Upholsterers' International Union

of North America-James H. Hatch, 28

votes. Wood Workers' International Union, Amalgamated-D. D. Mulcahy, Richard

Braunschweig, 40 votes. Arkansas State Federation of Labor

J. F. Gray, 1 vote. California State Federation of Labor

J. B. Dale, 1 vote. Colorado State Federation of Labor

Frank J. Pulver, 1 vote. Georgia Federation of Labor-Jerome

Jones, 1 vote. Illinois State Federation of Labor-Wil

liam Loos, 1 vote. Iowa State Federation of Labor-Henry

H. Boettger, 1 vote. Kansas State Federation of Labor

Charles Rocker, 1 vote. Maryland State Federation Labor

F. H. Williams, 1 vote. Massachusetts State Branch-Frank Mc

Carthy, 1 vote. Michigan Federation of Labor-Edward

H. Ellis, 1 vote. Minnesota State Federation of Labor

George B. Howley, 1 vote. Missouri State Federation of Labor

Harry S. Sharpe, 1 vote. Montana State Federation of Labor

Alex. Fairgrieve, 1 vote. New Jersey State Federation of Labor

Cornelius Ford, 1 vote. New York, Workingmen's Federation of

the State of-Frank Keough, 1 vote. Oregon State Federation of Labor-C. 0.

Young, 1 vote. Pennsylvania Federation of Labor-Pat

rick Lynch, 1 vote. Utah State Federation of Labor--Austin

Davis, 1 vote. Virginia Federation of Labor-J. L. Al

len, 1 vote. Washington State Federation of Labor

T. V. Copeland, 1 vote. West Virginia State Federation of La

bor-W. F. Welch, 1 vote. Wisconsin State Federation of Labor

Charles Jeske, 1 vote. Albany, N, Y., Central Labor Union

James Roach, 1 vote. Atlanta, Ga., Federation of Trades-R. E.

Rollins, 1 vote. Birmingham, Ala., Trades Council-John

Dowling, 1 vote. Boston, Mass., Central Labor Union-P.

Maloney, 1 vote. Bridgeton, N. J., Central Trades Coun

cil-James J. Dunn, 1 vote. Buffalo, N. Y., Trades and Labor Coun

cil-John C. Johnston, 1 vote.

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Brockton, Mass., Central Labor Union

Frank W. Gifford, 1 vote. Chattanooga, Tenn., Labor Union-James

A. Hood, 1 vote. Cincinnati, Ohio, Central Labor Council

Frank L. Rist, 1 vote. Chicago, Ill., Federation of Labor-John

Mangan, 1 vote. Chicago Heights Trades and Labor As

sembly--Julius T. Johnston, 1 vote. Clinton, Iowa, Tri-City Labor Congress

Geo. C. Campbell, 1 vote. Colorado Springs, Colo., Federated Trades

Council-Harry P. Robinson, 1 vote. Dayton, Ohio, United Trades and Labor

Council-Elias Breidenbach, 1 vote. Denver, Colo., Trades and Labor Assem

bly-William Tobin, 1 vote. East St. Louis, Ill., Central Labor

Union-J. E. Strait, 1 vote. Fort Collins, Colo., Labor Assembly-C.

E. Moore, 1 vote. Fort Worth, Texas, Trades Assembly

C. W. Woodman, 1 vote. Galesburg. Ill., Trades and Labor Assem

bly--Alex. Peterson, 1 vote. Helena, Mont., Trades and Labor Assem

bly-Howard O. Smith, 1 vote. Jefferson County, Ohio, Trades and Labor

Assembly--Norval White, 1 vote. Joplin, Mo., Trades Assembly-Chas. W.

Fear, 1 vote. Lawrence, Mass., Central Labor Union

Robert S. Maloney, 1 vote. Lincoln, Neb., Central Labor ['nion

T, C. Kelsey, 1 vote. Logansport, Ind., Trades Assembly-0. P.

Smith, 1 vote. Louisville, Ky., Federation of Labor

Chas. Peetz, 1 vote. Milwaukee, Wis., Trades Council-John

J. Handley, 1 vote. New Castle. Pa., Trades and Labor As

sembly-Thomas C. Humphrey, 1 vote. New York City Central Federated Union

--Arnold B. MacStay, 1 vote. Newark, N. J., Essex Trades Council

Adam E. Zusi, 1 vote. Newark, Ohio, Trades and Labor Coun

cil-Thomas Kane, 1 vote. Ogden, Utah, Trades and Labor Assem

bly-w. M. Piggott, 1 vote. Omaha, Neb., Central Labor Union-w.

A. Chrisman, 1 vote. Philadelphia, Pa., Central Labor Union

Anna McKee, 1 vote. Pittsburg, Pa., Trades Council-Eugene

Merz, 1 vote. Pueblo, Colo., Trades Assembly-Ed. An

derson, 1 vote. Rochester, N. Y., Central Trades and

Labor Council-John S. Whalen, 1 vote. San Francisco, Cal., Labor Council

David McLennan, 1 vote. Savannah, Ga., Trades and Labor Assem

bly-Robert G. Fechnor, 1 vote. Scranton, Pa., Central Labor Union

Joseph Gibbons, 1 vote. Schenectady. N. Y., Trades Assembly

E. W. Leonard, 1 vote.

Sedalia, Mo., Federation of Labor-E. T.

Behrens, 1 vote. South Omaha, Neb., Central Labor

Union-James Kotera, 1 vote. St. Joseph, Mo., Central Labor Council

A. C. Hamlet, 1 vote. St. Louis, Mo., Central Trades and Labor

Union-John A. Murray, 1 vote. Sheridan County, Wyoming, Trades and

Labor Council-Peter Carroll, 1 vote. Springfield, Ill., Federation of Labor

John R. Holmes, 1 vote. Walden, N. Y., Central Labor Union

M. L. Nutt, 1 vote. Zanesville, Ohio, Central Trades and

Labor Council John A. Voll. 1 vote. Federal Labor Union No. 7087–Gus A.

Gass. 2 votes. Federal Labor V'nion No. 7426–R. E.

Woodmansee, 1 vote. Federal Labor Union No. 11478-E. Snyder,

1 vote. Federal Labor V'nion No. 11366-Robert

G. Wright, 1 vote. Federal Labor Union No. 12102–Joseph

Schroeder, 2 votes. Federal Labor Union No. 12018-Tilliam

L. Hall, 1 vote. Federal Labor C'nion No. 126794 William

Fizer, 1 vote. Federal Labor l'nion No. 11923-James

Whittaker, 1 vote. Grain Handlers' Association No. 11407–

Ernest Bohm, 1 vote. House Shorers and Movers No. 7417

Francis Creamer, 2 votes. Laborers' Protective Union No. 11002

James W. Wall. 1 vote. Newspaper and Mail Deliverers' l'nion

No. 9463—John R. Dunne, 9 votes. Railroad Helpers' and Laborers' Union

No. 12487-G. L. Frazier, 1 vote. Rock Drillers' and Tool Sharpeners' Union No. 11808– Thomas J. Curtis, 4

votes. Stone Handlers' and Derrickmen's Union

No. 12657-Archibald McDonnell, 1 vote. British Trades Union Congress-H. Skin

ner, John Wadsworth, 2 votes. Trades and Labor Congress of Canada

P. M. Draper, 1 vote. National Women's Trade Union League

-Mrs. Raymond Robins, without vote. Department of Church and Labor, Presbyterian Church-Chas. Stelzle, without

vote. Women's International Union Label

League-Miss Annie Fitzgerald, without vote. The following organizations are

indebted for per capita tax, and under the Constitution their delegates are not entitled to seats until same is liquidated: Carriage and Wagon Workers-John H.

Brinkman. Foundry Employes' International Broth

erhood-George Bechtold. Textile Workers, United-John Golden

and Samuel Ross. Oklahoma State Federation of Labor

Will R. Walter.

South Carolina State Federation of Labor

-William J. Smith. Beaumont, Texas, Central Trades and

Labor Assembly-A. L. Garret. Enid. Okla., Trades Council-H. A.

Breitenstein. Goldfield. Nevada, Trades and Labor

Council-E. F. Chavey. Livingston, Mont.. Central Trades and

Labor Council-Chas. Witt. Washington, D. C., Central Labor Union

-C. T. Smith. Pasadena, Cal., Central Labor Union

Chas. E. Hart. San Juan. P. R., Central Labor Union

Santiago Iglesias. Billings. Mont. Trades and Labor As

sembly-Hugh McDonald. Lake County, Ind.. Trades and Labor

Council-Emmet Flood. Double Drum Hoister Runners No. 11275–

Robt. J. Riddell. Tobacco Strippers No. 10422—Melvia Richter,

We are in receipt of protests from three local unions of Electrical Workers, against the credentials of F. J. McNulty, Peter Collins, Stephen J. Fay, F. J. Sweek and M. S. Culver, the protests based on charges preferred against the International officers. Evidence is furnished in the form of minutes of a so-called special convention called for the purpose of investigating the conduct of said officers. The protest does not bear the seal of the Electrical Workers' International Brotherhood, and in view of the fact that the credentials furnished by the aforesaid gentlemen conform in every particular to the laws of the American Federation of Labor, we therefore recommend that the aforesaid gentlemen be seated, as representing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' of America, with 321 votes.

We have received credentials from the Operative Plasterers' International Association for John Donlin, Peter G. Cook, James O'Connor and John G. Twyford, as delegates to this convention. They are not entitled to seats, however, in view of the fact that charter has not yet been granted to this Association.

We have credentials for T. W. Rowe, from the Ohio State Federation of Labor; J. F. Tobin, from the Muncie, Indiana, Trades Council; W. W. Davies, of the Belmont County, Ohio, Central Trades and Labor Council, and Frederick Shane, from the Toledo, Ohio, Central Labor Union. These gentlemen are members of the American Flint Glass Worksers' Association, and we recommend that they be not seated as delegates, our rec

ommendation based on section 5 of article 4 of the Constitution of the A. F. of L., as follows: No organization or person that

has seceded, or has been suspended, or expelled by the American Federation of Labor, or by any national or international organization, connected with this Federation, shalı, while under such penalty, be allowed representation or recognition in this Federation, or in any Central body or national or international union connected with the American Federation of Labor, under the penalty of the suspension of the body violating this section.

Respectfully submitted,
PATRICK F. DUFFY, Secretary,

Credential Committee. Vice-President Duncan moved the adoption of the report of the committee. The motion was seconded by Vice-President Mitchell.

Delegate Reid, of the Electrical Workers, discussed briefly the question of the contesting delegations from that organization.

Vice-President Duncan withdrew his motion that the report of the committee be adopted, and moved that the part of the report of the committee dealing with uncontested delegates be adopted, and the subject-matter of the balance of the report be taken up by the Convention. (Seconded.)

Delegate Rowe, of the Ohio State Federation of Labor, moved as an amendment that the report of the committee be adopted; that the delegates recommended by the committee be seated, and that delegates whose seats were contested be given a voice when their respective cases were considered. (Seconded.)

The question was discussed briefly by Delegates Reid, Kemper and McNulty.

The amendment offered by Delegate Rowe was adopted, and the original motion, as amended, was adopted.

President Gumpers--The chair will appoint, subject to the approval of the Convention, Frank J. Pulver, of the International Typographical Union, No. 49, of Denver, to act as assistant to the Secretary; as Sergeant-at-Arms, S. G. Fosdick, of the Hotel and Restaurant Employers' International Alliance, and as Assistant and Messenger, Oliver Guiney, of the Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Iron Ship Builders. Appointments concurred in.

The question of the contesting delegations of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers was discussed by Delegate Reed and Vice-President O'Connell.

Vice-President O'Connell moved that a special committee of five be appointed by the President to hear both sides of the controversy and report back to the convention. (Seconded.)

President Gompers-Some time ago, when Vice-President O'Connell, Secretary Morrison and myself were meeting in Washington as a sub-committee of the Executive Council, Mr. Reed and two of his colleagues were present and undertook to lay before us the the cause of the controversy between himself and the gentlemen he represented and the officers of the Electrical Workers. We had not time then to listen to the statement, but at our suggestion there was some agreement reached that the representatives of the Brotherhood as represented by Mr. Reed and the representatives of the Brotherhood, as represented by Mr. McNulty, should meet at Denver,

and that either the Convention or the Executive Council or the President would meet with the representatives of both contending sides and endeavor to reach amicable adjustment of the controversy existing.

The chair in making this statement

would suggest that the mover of the motion enlarge it so that the committee may also undertake to help adjust the controversy.

Vice-President O'Connell-I accept the suggestion.

The question was discussed by Delegate Collins, Delegate Reed and Delegate McNulty.

The motion offered by Vice-President O'Connell was carried by unanimous vote.

Delegate Parmer, of the Laundry Workers, stated that there were seven hundred laundry workers in Denver, but only seventy-five of that number were in the local of the Laundry Workers. She requested that all delegates while in Denver patronize only those laundries where union help was employed.

Secretary Morrison-As the hour for adjournment has arrived, and as the balance of the report of the Committee on Credentials will probably cause considerable discussion, I move that further discussion on the

report be

made a special order of business after the reading of

the reports of the President, Treasurer and Secretary and the appointment of committees.

The motion was seconded and carried, and the convention was adjourned 2 p. m.



FIRST DAY-Monday Afternoon Session

J.), Davis, Welch, Roach, Garrett, Hood, Strait, Breitenstein, Peterson, Chavey, Smith (H. O.), Witt, got Chrisman, Hart (C. E.), Leonard, Carroll, Murray, Nutt, Smith (C. T.), Fizer, Bohm, Creamer, Curtis, McDonnell (A.).

The Convention was called to order at 2 p. m. Monday, November 9, First VicePresident Duncan in the chair.

ABSENTEES: Kerker, Kline, Butler, Barry (John H.), McKenzie, Huber, Sexton, O'Brien, Flynn, O'Reilly, Sanders, Richardson, Goellnitz, Barnes, Thomas, Winn, Shamp, Morton, Costello, Williams, Cruickshank, Maher, Wallace, Price, Potter, Grout, O'Sullivan, Wilson (W. B.). Wilson (James), Quinn, Martin, Paravicini, Quick, Clark, Byrnes, Hawley, Tobin (D. J.), Barry (Thomas), Leps, Powell, Hatch, Walter, Smith (W.

Vice-President Duncan presided during the time that President Gompers, Secretary Morrison and Treasurer Lennon read their reports, and announced that the reports would be referred to the proper committees when appointed.

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