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Side 12 - We have thoroughly examined these volumes ; but to give a full notice of their varied and valuable contents would occupy a larger space than we can conveniently devote to their discussion ; we therefore, in general terms, commend them to the careful study of every young man who wishes to become a good practical farmer.— Times.
Side 16 - CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY, comprising. In Twenty Plates, Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors, constructed from the best Materials, and embodying the Results of the most Recent Investigations.
Side 16 - GENERAL AND DESCRIPTIVE GEOGRAPHY, exhibiting the Actual and Comparative Extent of all the Countries in the World, with their present Political Divisions. A New and Enlarged Edition.
Side xx - The objects of this Society are — Temporary Assistance to Governesses in distress, afforded privately and delicately, through the Ladies' Committee. Annuity Fund. Elective Annuities to Aged Governesses, secured on invested capital, and thus independent of the prosperity of the Institution. Provident Fund. Provident Annuities purchased by Ladies in any way connected with Education, upon Government Security, agreeably to the Act of Parliament.
Side 312 - Inland bill, draft, or order, for the payment of any sum of money, though not made payable to the bearer, or to order, if the same shall be delivered to the payee, or some person on his or her behalf — the same duty as on a bill of exchange for the like sum payable to bearer or order.
Side 13 - Deep Land-Culture : Being a Detailed Account of the Method of Cultivation which has been successfully practised for several years by the Marquess of Tweeddale at Yester. By HENRY STEPHENS, Esq., FRSE, Author of the
Side 13 - SMITH. Italian Irrigation : A Report on the Agricultural Canals of Piedmont and Lombardy, addressed to the Hon. the Directors of the East India Company ; with an Appendix, containing a Sketch of the Irrigation System of Northern and Central India. By Lieut. -CoL R BAIRD SMITH, FGS, Captain, Bengal Engineers.
Side 14 - There is no map in this noble Atlas upon which we might not be tempted to write largely. Almost every one suggests a volume of reflection, and suggests it by presenting, in a few hours, accurate truths which it would be the labour of a volume to enforce in words, and by imprinting them, at the name time, upon the memory with such distinctness that their outlines are not likely afterwards to be effaced. The
Side 4 - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers ' — a volume of verse which shows that Scotland has yet a poet. Full of the true fire, it now stirs and swells like a trumpet-note — now sinks in cadences sad and wild as the wail of a Highland dirge.
Side 256 - ... calendar months before the time of executing the indenture has deserted such child, or for such space of...

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