District of Connecticut, ss.
BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the fifteenth day of

March, in the forty-eighth year of the independence of (L. S.) the United States of America, CALVIN CHAPIN, of the said district, hath deposited in this

office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit:

Village Hymns, for Social Worship. Selected and original. Designed as a Supplement to Dr. Watts' Psalms and Hymns. By Asahel Nettleton. And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon

in conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, Apract for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors-of such copies; during the times therein


Čleck of the District of Connecticut. A true copy of record; exauined and sealed by me,

CHARLES A. INGERSOLL, Clerk of the District of Connecticut.

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With great satisfaction and pleasure have I often heard the friends of the Redeemer express their unqualified attachment to the sacred poetry of Dr. Watts. Most cordially do I unite with them in the hope, that no Selection of Hymns which has ever yet appeared may be suffered to take the place of his inimisable producaiose,

Deficiencies, however, he unquestionably has.. Numerous have been the attempts to supplý thém ;' but, hitherto, the judicious have been constrained to regret, that these attempts haýe, succeeded only in part. Whether the book hero pablished

will add something to thar supply, is-suuntitled to the decision of the religious community.

The compiler does not overlook the valuable labors of those who have preceded him in this department; while he concurs in the opinion, very generally adopted by his brethren in the ministry, that the various benevolent operations, and especially the prevalence of reviyals, which are so characteristic of the present day, demand a N Selection of Hymns.


In the year 1820, the General Association of Connecticut appointed a committee to devise measures for the prosperity of religion within their limits. I well remember, that at a meeting of this committee, the first item proposed was a New Selection of Hymns. - Four years have nearly elapsed, and nothing has been done pursuant to their appointment.

When, in the providence of God, I had the happiness of spending a short season, as a laborer for Christ, within the limits of the Albany Pres

bytery, the call for such a work in that region ; • and; as. I. learned from the most respectable

Soutrtes, verj extěžšixěly it the West and South, was not less imperious and pressing, than in districtsowkere I had soben indre particularly conversant. un personal experience, and discoveries of this destription, orightated the resolution to un. dertake the work. The cãmpilation here presented is the result. The task has occupied my attention much of the time for nearly two years. Especially has it cheered and comforted me, during the long continued retirement to which a severe sickness subjected me.

The book, whatever may be its defects, is now most affectionately presented

- To Zion's friends and mine." Tanticipated difficulties, but am fully persuaded,

that whoever undertakes a work of this kind will have to encounter many unforeseen embarrassments in the execution.

I had hoped to find, in the style of genuine poetry, a greater number of hymns adapted to the various exigencies of a revival. Laborious research has, however, led me to conclude, that not many such compositions are in existence.

This volume contains a number of original hymns, which I esteem a valuable accession.—To their authors, whose signatures are prefixed, or at their own request omitted, I tender my sincere thanks.

I have obtained permission to insert a few of the originals from the Partford Selection. These, though already familiar tų many will get he consulted with feelings of new interest, wneu associated with the names of Sir NG anú Ştzwand.

The reader will fåd, inserted in this voluine, a few of the psalms and hymns to which it is designed as a supplement. But he is desired to recollect, that Dwight's edition of Watts is in extensive circulation. In his edition, some of Watts's psalms and hymns were omitted; and those which I have inserted are principally of this character.

I have consulted all the authors and Collections of Hymns to which I could gain access. I have availed myself of their labors; and have spent

much time in attempts to remodel many of the materials thus collected. In all cases, excepting the hymns of established reputation, wherever abridgments or alterations were deemed conducive to the design of this volume, they have been made without hesitation.

There is a numerous class of hymns which have been sung with much pleasure and profit in seasons of revival, and yet are entirely destitute of poetic merit. Some of my brethren, acquainted with this fact, will probably be disappointed when they find, that so many have been omitted. Others, unac

quainted. with their beneficial effects at such seasons, would etorude the whole of this class.

i am satisfied from observation, as well as from the natirs itsele af such hymns, that they must be ephemeral: They should be confined to seasonis of revivado ante event here, they ought to be intretliced. with discretion ; for on this, their principal utility must depend. A book, consisting chiefly of hymns for revivals, however important in its place, would be utterly unfit for the ordinary purposes of devotion-as prescriptions, salutary in sickness, are laid aside on the restoration of health.

With respect to the hymns of a lower grade, I fully unite in the opinion of a much respected correspondent: “That the safest course is to

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