Twenty-First Century Penn

Earlham Press, 2003 - 415 sider
This new edition of Penn's most absorbing works renders in clear modern English the thoughts of this theologically acute, well read, and imaginative 17th-century writer.

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The Sandy Foundation Shaken
Innocency with Her Open Face
The ChristianQuaker and His Divine Testimony Vindicated
A Discourse on the General Rule of Faith and Practice and the Judge of Controversy
Primitive Christianity Revived
The Rise and Progress of the People Called Quakers

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Om forfatteren (2003)

Penn founded Pennsylvania as a "Holy Experiment" under Charles II. He was a well-known proponent of religious freedom and tolerance in England and parts of Europe, specifically as a Quaker. His convictions landed him in jail serveral times. He wrote No Cross, No Crown while imprisoned in the Tower of London. As is the case with most who carry the truth of the gospel so passionately, he spent much time in prison for what he believed.

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