The Monthly Magazine, Volum 15

R. Phillips, 1803

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Side 382 - Behold, thou hast made my days as it were a span long : and mine age is even as nothing in respect of thee ; and verily every man living is altogether vanity.
Side 465 - It is to be remarked, that all this passed loud enough to be overheard by two hundred people who were present ; and I am persuaded that there was not a single person who did not feel the extreme impropriety of his conduct, and the total want of dignity, as well as of decency, on the occasion.
Side 369 - BO, and recover treble the value, one moiety to go to the informer and the other to the poor...
Side 461 - Berlin with respect to the invitation that has been made to it, in consequence of the treaty, to become a guaranteeing Power; the abolition of the Spanish Priories in defiance of the treaty to which the King of Spain was a party; the declaration of the Portuguese Government of their intention to sequestrate the property of the Portuguese Priory, as forming a part of the Spanish Langue, unless the property of the Spanish Priories...
Side 466 - Europe as far as might be in his power, was willing to have waived the pretensions he might have a right to advance of this nature; and as the other articles of the Definitive Treaty have been in a course of execution on his part, so he would have been ready to have carried into...
Side 527 - States, for the fpace of three years from this time, to depofit their merchandizes and effeds in the port of New Orleans, and to export them from thence without paying any other duty than a fair price for the hire of the ftores ; and his Majefty promifes, either to continue this permiflion, if he .finds during...
Side 2 - The next morning, I breakfasted with the Doctor, when he said he had never before been so sensible of the power of a good conscience...
Side 272 - Commons, that, as very considerable military preparations were carrying on in the ports of France and Holland, he had judged it expedient to adopt additional measures of precaution for the security of his dominions.
Side 337 - ... my door, when I came home from the coronation. It was torn by the wind at the same time that the signal was given to the Tower that he was crowned.
Side 466 - ... the nature of the compact itself, the other party has a right, according to the law of nations, to interfere for the purpose of obtaining satisfaction or compensation for any essential difference which such acts may have subsequently made in their relative situation ; that if there ever was a case to which this principle might be applied with peculiar propriety, it was that of the late treaty of peace ; for the negotiation was...

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