Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases

H.C. Lea's Son, 1884 - 518 sider

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Side 502 - A person is not excused from criminal liability as an idiot, imbecile, lunatic, or insane person, except upon proof that, at the time of committing the alleged criminal act, he was laboring under such a defect of reason as: 1. Not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or, 2. Not to know that the act was wrong.
Side 503 - If the commission find the defendant insane, the trial or judgment must be suspended, until he becomes sane ; and the court, if it deem his discharge dangerous to the public peace or safety, must order that he be, in the meantime, committed by the sheriff to a state lunatic asylum, and that upon his becoming sane, he be re-delivered by the superintendent of the asylum to the sheriff.
Side 435 - Whenever it appears by affidavit, to the satisfaction of a magistrate of the county, that any person within the county is so far disordered in his mind as to endanger health, person or property...
Side 529 - ... must suspend the execution of the judgment until he receives a warrant from the governor or from the judge of the court by which the judgment was rendered directing the execution of the judgment.
Side 485 - If the facts stated shall be found true, an order shall be entered of record, stating that the person found to be insane is a fit subject for treatment in the asylum. The order shall require the medical witness to make out a detailed history of the case, and also that the clerk of the court make application to the superintendent of the asylum for the patient's admission. If the patient is dangerous to be at large, that fact shall be set forth. The superintendent, on receiving the application and...
Side 496 - ... who has been two years in the asylum, upon the superintendent's certificate that he is harmless, and will probably continue so, and not likely to be improved by further treatment in the asylum ; or when the asylum is full, upon a like certificate that he is manifestly incurable, and can probably be rendered comfortable at the poor-house...
Side 547 - Welfare, who may order such person to be confined in Saint Elizabeths Hospital, and, if he be not indigent, he and his estate shall be charged with expenses of his support in the hospital.
Side 495 - When an insane person, in indigent circumstances, shall have been sent to the asylum by his friends, who have paid his bills therein for six months, if the superintendent shall certify that he is a fit patient, and likely to be benefited by remaining in the institution, the supervisors of the county of his residence are authorized and required, upon an application under oath in his behalf, to raise a sum of money sufficient to defray the expenses of his remaining there...
Side 535 - If, after conviction and before sentence of any person, the court see reasonable ground to doubt his sanity, it may impanel a jury to inquire into the fact as to his sanity, and sentence him or commit him to jail or to the hospital for the insane, according as the jury may find him to be sane or insane.
Side 230 - Action from impulse in all these directions may take place from a loss of controlling power in the higher regions of the brain, or from an over-development of energy in certain portions of the brain, which the normal power of inhibition cannot control. The driver may be so weak that he cannot control well-broken horses, or the horses may be so hard-mouthed that no driver can pull them up.

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