The Intra-Asian Trade in Japanese Copper by the Dutch East India Company During the Eightenth Century

Brill, 2006 - 225 sider
In this definitive study of the intra-Asian trade in Japanese copper trade by the Dutch East India Company, the author argues that the trade in this commodity reaped high profits. Despite the huge imports of British copper by the English East India Company during the eighteenth century, the Dutch Company successfully continued to sell Japanese copper in South Asia at higher prices.
Compared to the capital-intensive development of British mines in the age of the Industrial Revolution, the copper production in Tokugawa Japan was characterized by a labour-intensive 'revolution' which also made a big impact on the local economy.

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Ryuto Shimada obtained his MA in Economics in 1998 at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and received his doctorate in History at Leiden University in 2005. He specializes in the economic history of Japan and Asia.

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