important and heroic action. The Ode to celebrate the exploits os great men, in order to excite a general imitation in others. TraOedy, to inspire us with a detestation os guilt, by painting the satal consequences that sollow it; and with a veneration sor virtue, by representing the rewards and just praises that attend it. Comedy and Satire, to correct whilst they divert us, and wage implacable war with vice and solly. Elegy, to weep over the tombs os such as deserve to be lamented; and Pastoral, to sing the inno-i cence and pleasures os rural lise.

To promote such desirable ends, the study of Poetry has ever met with the sanction and encouragement os men the most eminent sor their wisdom and virtue: and it is much to be scared that those whose imaginations are not enlivened by the charms os Poetiy, must either have their asfections depraved, or be naturally insensible os the exquisite pleasure resulting srom the proper exercise os them.

To allure those who are inattentive to the excellence os virtue, and direct their thoughts to the noblest qualifications, induced the Editor os this small volume to select such poems as have been universally esteemed the sirst ornaments os our language, and admired, not only sor purity os sentiment, but sor beauty and har» mony os numbers.

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