Reports of Cases Decided in the High Court of Chancery: By the Right Hon. Sir John Leach ... [et Al.] Vice-chancellors of England, 1826-1852. 1826-1827


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Side 677 - M., to be received by my said trustees, securities for money, and all other sum or sums of money that may be due and owing to me at the time of my decease, unto my said sisters,
Side 637 - It is essential to good measurement that the pressure within the apparatus should be the same at the end as at the beginning of the experiment...
Side 167 - ... consistent with the express provisions of this Act, as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as if the same powers, authorities, methods, rules, directions, penalties, clauses, matters, and things were particularly repeated and re-enacted in the body of this Act...
Side 200 - ... children in equal shares, if more than one, and if but one, then to such one child; and as to each daughter's share, whether original or accruing, upon trust to settle the same," for the benefit of herself and her children.
Side 7 - October, 1827, between the defendant of the one part, and the plaintiff of the other part, after reciting that certain copyhold premises were surrendered to the plaintiff for securing the repayment of 800/.
Side 503 - Salisbury, in trust, as soon as conveniently might be after they should come into possession thereof, to sell his said freehold and leasehold estates, and also to sell, call in, and convert into money his said stocks in the public funds, and all other his said personal estate," and to lend the same to certain persons upon the terms therein mentioned.
Side 123 - Month after the Execution thereof by such Trader, in case such Trader reside in London or within Forty Miles thereof, in the London Gazette, and also in Two London daily Newspapers, and in case such Trader does not reside within Forty Miles of London, then in the London Gazette...
Side 270 - British subjects, upon the principle, that when a remedy is sought to be obtained, the party seeking it must take it according to the law of the country in which it is to be enforced.
Side 123 - ... after the execution thereof by such " trader, in case such trader reside in London, or within " forty miles thereof, in the London Gazette...
Side 693 - So it was early held that where a testator devised all his real and personal estate to his wife for life, and after her death to his...

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