From the State of

Thomas W. Cumming,
Hiram Walbridge,
William M. Tweed,

John Wheeler,

William A. Walker,

Jared V. Peck,

William Murray,

Theodoric R. Westbrook,

Russell Sage,

Rufus W. Peckham,

George A. Simmons,

Bishop Perkins,

Peter Rowe,




George W. Chase,
Orsamus B. Matteson,

Henry Bennett,
Daniel T. Jones,
Edwin B. Morgan,

Andrew Oliver,
John J. Taylor,

George Hastings,
Davis Carpenter,
Benjamin Pringle,
Thomas T. Flagler,

Solomon G. Haven,

Reuben E. Fenton.
Nathan T. Stratton,
Charles Skelton,
Samuel Lilly,

George Vail,

Alexander C. M. Pennington.
Thomas B. Florence,

Joseph R. Chandler,
John Robbins, jr.,
William H. Witte,
William Everhart,
Samuel A. Bridges,
J. Glancy Jones,
Isaac E. Hiester,
Ner Middleswarth,
Hendrick B. Wright,
Galusha A. Grow,
James Gamble,

William H. Kurtz,

Samuel L. Russell,
John McCulloch,
John L. Dawson,
David Ritchie,
Thomas M. Howe,

Michael C. Trout,

John Dick.

From the State of DELAWARE.










.George Read Riddle. John R. Franklin, Jacob Shower,

Joshua Vansant,

Henry May,

William T. Hamilton,

Augustus R. Sollers.
Thomas H. Bayly,
John S. Millson,
John S. Caskie,
William O. Goode,
Thomas S. Bocock,

William Smith,

Charles J. Faulkner,

John Letcher,

Henry A. Edmundson,
Fayette McMullen.
Thomas Ruffin,
William S. Ashe,
Sion H. Rogers,
John Kerr,
Richard C. Puryear,
Burton Craige,

Thomas L. Clingman.
John McQueen,
James L. Orr,
William W. Boyce.

Alfred H. Colquitt,
David J. Bailey,
Elijah W. Chastain,
Junius Hillyer,
David A. Reese,
Alexander H. Stephens.
Philip Phillips,
Sampson W. Harris,
William R. Smith,
George S. Houston,
Williamson R. W. Cobb,
James F. Dowdell.
William S. Barry,
Otho R. Singleton,
Wiley P. Harris,
William Barksdale.
William Dunbar,
Theodore G. Hunt,
John Perkins, jr.
David T. Disney,
John Scott Harrison,
Lewis D. Campbell,
Alfred P. Edgerton,
Andrew Ellison,

From the State of—


(Aaron Harlan,

Moses B. Corwin,
Frederick W. Green,
John L. Taylor.
Thomas Ritchey,
Edson B. Olds,
William D. Lindsley,

Harvey H. Johnson,

William R. Sapp,

Edward Ball,

Wilson Shannon,

George Bliss,





Edward Wade,
Andrew Stuart.
Linn Boyd,

Ben Edwards Grey,
James S. Chrisman,
Clement S. Hill,
John M. Elliott,
William Preston,
John C. Breckinridge,
Leander M. Cox,

Richard H. Stanton.

Nathaniel G. Taylor,

Samuel A. Smith,

William Cullom,
Charles Ready,
George W. Jones,
Felix K. Zollicoffer,
Emerson Etheridge,
Frederick P. Stanton.
Smith Miller,

William H. English,
Samuel W. Parker,
Thomas A. Hendricks,
John G. Davis,
Daniel Mace,

Norman Eddy,

Andrew J. Harlan.

Ellibu B. Washburne,

John Wentworth,

James Knox,

William A. Richardson,

Richard Yates,

James C. Allen,

William H. Bissell,
Willis Allen.

Thomas H. Benton,


Alfred W. Lamb,

James J. Lindley,

[blocks in formation]

The following new members also appeared, were sworn to support the Constitution of the United States, and took their seats, viz:

From the State of New York-Isaac Teller, in the place of Gilbert Dean, resigned; and Henry C. Goodwin, in the place of Gerrit Smith, resigned.

From the State of Virginia-Charles S. Lewis, in the place of John F. Snodgrass, deceased.

From the State of Kentucky-Francis M. Bristow, in the place of Presley Ewing, deceased.

Henry M. Rice, a delegate from the Territory of Minnesota; Joseph Lane, a delegate from the Territory of Oregon; José Manuel Gallegos, a delegate from the Territory of New Mexico; John M. Bernhisel, a delegate from the Territory of Utah; and Columbia Lancaster, a delegate from the Territory of Washington, also appeared and took their seats.

On motion of Mr. George W. Jones,

Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate that a quorum of the House of Representatives is assembled, and is ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Mr. George W. Jones,

Resolved, That a committee be appointed on the part of the House, to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States, and to inform him that a quorum of the two houses is now in session, and that Congress are ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.

Mr. George W. Jones, Mr. Haven, and Mr. Thomas H. Bayly, were appointed the said committee on the part of the House.

Ordered, That the Clerk inform the Senate thereof.

Mr. Florence submitted the following resolution, viz: Resolved, That the Clerk of this House, immediately after the passage of this resolution, place in a box the name of each member and delegate of the House of Representatives, written on a separate slip of paper; that he then proceed, in the presence of the House, to draw from said box, one at a time, the said slips of paper, and as each is drawn

he shall announce the name of the member or delegate upon it, who shall choose his seat for the present session: Provided, That, before said drawing shall commence, the Speaker shall cause every seat to be vacated, and shall see that every seat continues vacant until it is selected under this order.

Which having been read,

Mr. Frederick P. Stanton moved to amend the same by inserting at the end thereof the following, viz:

"And when the name of Mr. Churchwell is drawn, leave be granted for the selection of a seat for him, his absence being occasioned by sickness."

Pending which,

Mr. Dickinson moved to amend the said amendment by adding thereto the following, viz:

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And that a similar leave be granted in the case of Mr. Edmands, he being also absent on account of sickness."

And the question being put on the amendment to the amendment, it was decided in the negative.

The question then recurring on the amendment,

Mr. Frederick P. Stanton withdrew the same.

The question then recurred on the resolution submitted by Mr. Florence.

And being put, it was decided in the affirmative.

The Clerk thereupon proceeded to execute the said order; which having been executed,

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Dickins, their Secretary:
Mr. Speaker: A quorum of the Senate has assembled; the Hon.
Lewis Cass has been chosen President of the Senate pro tempore for
this day, and the Senate is ready to proceed to business.

And then he withdrew.


A message from the Senate, by Mr. Machen, their chief clerk, viz: Mr. Speaker: The Senate have adopted a resolution for the appointment of a committee, jointly with the committee appointed on the part of the House of Representatives, to wait on the President of the United States and inform him that a quorum of each house has assembled, and that Congress are ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make; and have appointed Mr. Dodge of Iowa, Mr. Dawson, and Mr. Toucey, the said committee on the part of the Senate. And then he withdrew.

The Speaker having announced, as the business first in order, the message of the President of the United States returning, with his objections, the bill of the House (No. 392) entitled "An act making appropriations for the repair, preservation, and completion of certain public works heretofore commenced under the authority of law," which was received on the eve of the adjournment of the last sessionThe same was read; when,

On motion of Mr. Clingman, the further consideration of the said bill, with the objections of the President thereto, was postponed until Wednesday next.

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