retor is not adjustable (for air) hold your hand in the carburetor. The carburetor on my engine over the air passage so as to exclude the cold air is a Kingston, having five ball valves in top for and the engine will start much easier. If not an auxiliary air inlet. Beside the troubles exconvenient to use your hand, wrap a cloth around perienced by "I. R. B.” my car would miss fire the air passage until the engine starts. I had an when thrown on high, especially on a grade. unusual experience with an engine a few days This was what gave me an idea as to the trouble, ago. The engine was running nicely when it i. e., not sufficient velocity to the air to prevent suddenly stopped and refused to start. The spark gasoline pocketing somewhere, and in my case it was tested and found unusually good and the found its way into cylinder No. 1, keeping plug gasoline supply was found to be all right as the No. 1 foul and having too poor a mixture to vapor came through the exhaust but not burnt. ignite easily. The sparker was taken off and appeared at first One day I took the car out after placing a to be all right but on close examination I found small piece of leather under the cap and on top that one of the igniter points slipped back out of of the ball of the auxiliary air vent. I noticed position and was too short to make contact with an improvement in the working of two, three and the other. If I had been a new hand with an four. I kept closing until I had closed three and engine I would have had to send for an expert. only two remained open, when cylinder No. 1 The rods that the points are attached to some got to work and kept at the job. This was late times get gummed on the outside and stick to

last fall and I only drove the car about thirty gether so that the engine fails to fire. They

miles, but it worked so fine I am sure I located should be kept clean on the outside as well as the the trouble. Of course, I may lose power in points inside of the cylinder.

hill climbing on high engine speed, owing to a Salem, Ind.


light air supply, but I took five heavy hills on

the test trip and the engine power was good. I am sending you a picture of our 212-horse I am unable to account for the fact that when power gasoline engine and a concrete mixer of I cross wired from the commutator to the coil my own design. The mixer doesn't look very and from the coil to the plug, cylinder No. 1

would fire and No. 2 would miss, while changing the coil units made no difference.

Ignition seems to be the weak point in the Ford car, using a low tension current and a poor coil furnishing a spark that will work under ideal conditions, but not hot enough for cold weather and poor carburetion. Newfield, New York.



Enclosed please find one dollar for three years' subscription to GAS REVIEW. I am a subscriber to four gas magazines and like Gas REVIEW the best of all.

JOHN M. BALMORE. Hart's Island, New York City.


OAKEANDON, INDIANA. elegant, but it does the work all right. It is a small batch mixer and a labor saver. The engine gives no trouble and furnishes all the power that is needed. We grind feed with it, saw wood, cut fodder, shell corn, run a grindstone and a wood lathe. I think Gas Review is the best magazine that a man can get for the price. Oaklandon, Ind.


Enclosed please find fifty cents for which send me Gas REVIEW. I have taken your magazine for two years and would not like to be without it. I have found a good many pointers which have enabled me to overcome nearly all of my engine troubles. I have a 20-horse power single cylinder I. H. O. engine and a 27x42 Aultman-Taylor separator, shredder and grinder. I also pull five fourteen-inch plows with harrow attached. I have run this engine for three years and have had very little trouble.

Monroe City, Mo. ED. J. LEHENBAUER.

Tonight while looking over Gas Review, I chanced to note the question of "I. R. B.” in the January, 1913, issue. His trouble was so exactly like mine that I looked the second time at the heading to see if by some possibility it could be a letter I wrote some time ago. I spent some money on so-called experts in vain.

I put on a new commutator and inspected every part that in any way pertained to ignition, even taking the wiring out of the coil box, without locating the trouble, then I found the trouble

Enclosed please find my subscription renewal. I do not know what your premiums are, so send me a list so I can see what they are. I think Gas REVIEW is hard to beat for a paper of its kind. I look forward to every issue. Bondurant, Ia.



0. K. Friction Clutch Pulley

has many points of ADVANTAGE and is built to LAST. Are successful in operation
on all kinds of machinery as Gas, Gasoline and Oil Engines, Line Shafts, etc., etc.


Please mention Gas Review when writing.



Please mention Gas Review when writing.


Is the best by every test for running cream
separators, washing machines, fanning
mills or any light machinery.

More cream separators driven by Strite
Governor Pulleys than all others combined.

311 South Third St., MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Please mention Gas Review when writing.

Gasoline Engine, Automobile, Motor Cycle, Mechanical, Machinists, Blacksmith, Electrical, Engineering, Shop and Farm Kinks, Hints, Methods of

Doing Many Things, Data, Short Cuts,
Formulas that save you dollars, etc., every month. Booster and
Trouble Depta. Experience and ideas sent in by subscribers. 99%
of the subscribers renew. 25% of them paid 8 years in advance be-
cause they like it. SPECIAL OFFER: A copy of our Mechanical
Kink Book, that every mechanic ought to have, and 1 year for 50c,
or Gas Review and Digest both for 1 year 50c.

Please mention Gns Review when writing.

Pocket Battery Meters
for anyone who uses a gas engine. Tells strength of batteries
all the time. Every engine user should have one. Worth
ten times its cost the FIRST time there is engine trouble.

Beautifully Nickel-Plated.
Most Accurate Made.

Guaranteed for Two Years. Ammeters (for dry batteries) postpaid....

.$1.25 Voltmeters (for storage batteries) postpaid...

1.50 Voltammeters (for both dry and storage batteries) postpaid..... 1.75 Send Post Office Money Order.

Write for circular.
The Sterling Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio


Please mention Gas Review when writing.

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For Sale and Want Department In this column any person may advertise for sale or trade anything which he desires to sell, purchase or exchange.

The Rate is Three Cents a Word Per Insertion Remittances must accompany order. The words "For Sale," "Wanted," etc., as well as the name and address, are

a part of the ad and must be counted.

FOR SALE_Forty acres irrigated land in Pecos County,

Texas. Fertile soil, ideal climate, three miles from town. A bargain. For particulars write Ora 0. Smalley, Peebles, Ohio.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-One 25-H. P. Ohio stationary gasoline en

gine, almost new, arranged to burn either gasoline or kerosene. Price $400. Address James Mackin, Madison, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE Brand new Rider-Lewis four cylinder

472x4 inch 30-H. P. gasoline engine, complete with Schebler carburetor, Splitdorf magneto, friction clutch and oil pump; water cooled ; built extra heavy weight, 500 pounds. * Price $100. A. R. Piehn, Alta Vista, Iowa.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE_One 20-H. P. Flour City gas tractor and

complete thirty-two inch Belle City separator at a bargain. Both in A No. 1 condition. Will take good secondhand auto as part payment. Carl Messelt, Winger, Minn.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-20-H. P. Brown portable gasoline engine

with friction clutch, pulley, magneto, screen cooler system with circulating pump, steel trucks. Fine condition. Price $335.00. Badger Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.


SALESMEN WANTED, experienced, to sell the Heer line

of two cylinder opposed oil engines, 2- to 50-H. P., and the four wheel drive tractor, three sizes. Good territory open. Liberal commission. Splendid opportunity for good men. The Heer Engine Co., Portsmouth, Ohio.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.



WANTED-Position working in implement shop or run

ning stationary gasoline engines. Can give references on request. Address 0. E. H., 1033 West Main St., Jamestown, N. Dak.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. AGENTS WANTED—Local selling agents in every town.

Good, big money for your spare time; some make $5.00 a day. You can sell it in every home. Write for agent's proposition and circular today before someone else gets it. The Ewald Novelty Works, Oakfield, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.


FOR SALE CHEAP-Harley-Davidson; good condition. Don Francisco, 116 Schuyler St., Utica, N. Y.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-B-H. P. Foos gasoline engine in good running order. A bargain. S. B. Partridge, Fruitland, Ia.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE—Aultman & Taylor gas tractor in good running order ; cheap. Ben Neil, Pendleton, Ore.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-International 20-H. P. gas tractor. Five

bottom Case engine gang. Gasoline wagon tank. All for $800.00 if taken soon. Chas. Paulson, Adrian, N. D.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-M. M. motorcycle, 4-H. P, magneto. Over

hauled. Tires nearly new. $95 cash. J. S. Richards, 1125 Clay St., Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE_Big bargain-Three 24-H. P. U. M. A.

hopper cooled engines ; brand new. Price only $32.50. For quick sale. Jack Munday, Lansing, Mich.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-One four-bottom P. &0. Mogul engine gang,

new ; an attractive price. Hume Manufacturing Co., Hume, Ill.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE-One portable grain tank, 250 bushels; saw

mandrels; 3-H. P. gasoline engine. J. A. L., Box 39, Fairfax, Minn.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR SALE OR TRADE for a four-hole sheller-a 16

H. P. Waterloo portable gasoline engine. Chas. Davenport, Odebolt, Iowa.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. FOR QUICK SALE-75-H. P. Case steam tractor, fine

shape. Used less than fifty days. Price $600. M. S. Stimson, Roodhouse, III.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. ENGINE FOR SALE—30-H. P. Foos special electric

throttling oil engine with 32x8 clutch pulley, magneto, No. 1 air starting equipment; used about three months. Absolutely as good as new in every particular. Reason for selling, changed to electric drive Engine can be seen running. A splendid outfit at a bargain. Sumter Electrical Co., Sumter, s. c.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.

GET OUR big free bargain list of stationary port

able traction - marine automobile engines and supplies. Badger Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing, ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANTS of merit. For farms,

churches, factories, etc. Write for bulletin. Electrical Testing Co., Peoria, III.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. PATENTS SECURED. Legal protection our specialty.

Booklet on request. Harry Patton Company, Suite 395 McGill Bldg., Washington, D. C.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. PATENTS SECURED C. L. Parker, Patent Attorney,

970 G St., Washington, D. C. Inventors' handbook sent upon request.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. WANT TO TRADE-25-45 Rumely OilPull for a 15-30

OilPull or Fairbanks-Morse tractor. J. M. Chicome, Jefferson, S. D.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. CHEAP FOR CASH--30-H. P. two or four passenger

auto, 118 inch wheel base. Engine needs overhauling. Address Lock Box 116, Stephen, Minn.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. $2.00 brings circular containing all photos and full

specifications how to build 2- to 10-H. P. gas' tractor out of old mowers and binders at home. Something worth while. Address Joe E. Almquist, Essex, Iowa.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. WANT YOU to buy or sell our portable farm elevators

and other useful farm machinery and articles for the farm; also power washing machinery. Wenzelmann Mfg. Co., Galesburg, Ill.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. PATENTS-Ralph N. Flint, M. E., Attorney at Law in

Patent Causes ; late Assistant Examiner Internal Combustion Engine Division, U. S. Patent Office. Specialist in internal combustion engine cases. 15 William St., New York, N. Y.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. PATENTS Herbert Jenner, patent attorney and me

chanical expert, 606 F St., Washington, D. c., established 1883. "I make a free examination and report if a patent can be bad and exactly what it will cost. Send for circular.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.

USE AN AIR FRICTION with new 1914 Improvements.

Increase power and economy of motor one-half. Absolutely impossible to choke or load like other carboretors. Uses distillate, gasoline or half kerosene with finest results, Starts easy in coldest weather, We fit all motors, guaranteeing definite results or refund money. Exclusive county rights. Special price first order. Liberal exchange on other carburetors. The Air-Friction Carburetor Co., Dayton, Ohio.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.

to take the place of the one who was sick. This eliminated the delay of waiting for the relief conductor after the train had arrived at the station.

AUTOMOBILE BARGAIN LIST—Rambler one cylinder

touring, $50.00. Ford 1908 runabout, $125.00. Reo 1911 touring, $400.00. Ford 1912 touring, $375.00. Whiting four cylinder roadster, $250.00. Act now or the one you have in mind will be gone. Postal brings catalog. The Schoelkopf Garage, Madison, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing. OLD SILE'S BARGAIN COUNTER.-The following list

of articles are offered at a fractional portion of their real value for the purpose of scrapping them out before making our annual inventory. Every article is as represented. Select what you want and send your check or draft with order. It already sold, your money will be refunded. You cannot duplicate these articles at the prices offered and it will be unnecessary to write for any other prices or terms. These goods belong to Old Sile and are as represented in every case : One No. 6 secondband Remington typewriter, $20; regular price рея, $100. One secondhand No. 4 Smith Premier typewriter, used in this office; worth $100 new ; price $25. One secondhand No. 2 Smith Premier typewrster; used in this office; regular price, $100 new ; scrapping price, $25. One Manhattan rebuilt Remington typewriter; used considerably but in running order; $15 cash. One bundred Universal wrenches ; regular price, $2 each ; will scrap these out at seventy-five cents each. Twenty fire. less cookers, new ; regular price, $7 each ; scrapping price, $5 each. Fifty High Flyer aeroplanes for boys ; will sail six hundred feet high ; scrapping price, forty cents each. All these articles are F. 0. B. Madison and cash with order. Address Old Sile, care of Gas Review, Madison, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.

It is reported by the Bureau of Education that the boys in the Ishpeming, Michigan, high school repair the school building for pay, conduct a cooperative school farm for profit, and are about to erect a gymnasium for their own use from plans drawn by high school seniors. All this work is done under the direct supervision of the school authorities. Students from the manual training department of the high school are regularly employed in work on school buildings, repairing roofs, laying cement floors, building brick walls, and installing plumbing fixtures. During one summer three thousand dollars were thus paid for student labor.

WHO WANTS A FARM ?-old Sile bought an eighty

acre farm a while ago, located in Ashtabula County, Ohio. Old sile looked it over the other day. It has a small four-room house with good cellar, good sized barn, tool house, granary, sugar house with apparatus for making maple sugar, including about three hundred sugar buckets. Fences need repairing. Enough chestnut rails to reset about one-half the fences. Forty acres in cultivation, forty acres pasture land, without a waste acre on the tract. Between seven and eight bundred sugar maples, besides chestnut bearing trees. Orchard includes apple, peach and plum trees, all bearing fruit. Best of Fater. Ideal farm, especially for dairy purposes. Milk route right by the door, also rural free delivery. Eight miles from good town with railway facilities; two miles from country village. This farm needs fixing up, which is now being done. Splendid tenant on premises. The price of this farm is $8,000, with buildings, fences and all overhauled, or $7,000 as it stands, allowing $1,000 to purcbaser to do his own fixing up. One-third or more down, balance on as long time as desired at six per cent, interest payable semi-annually. A bargain for I worker. No place for a drone. If you are the right man and can scare up, the cash payment, talk, otherwise keep still. old Sile's Bargain Counter, care of Gas Reflew, Madison, Wis.

Please mention Gas Review when writing.

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A test of wireless telegraphy between moving trains and railroad stations was recently made on the Lackawanna Railroad on a regular express train running between New York City and Buffalo. Although this test was really a preliminary one it showed possibilities which, when developed further, may mean a revolution in the operation of trains comparable to that which followed the introduction of the ordinary wire telegraph.

With wireless telegraphy, trains will be in communication with stations regardless of line breaks from winter blizzards or from washouts, fog which obscures signals and other extraordinary conditions. The Lackawanna railroad has wireless telegraphy stations at Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Binghampton, New York, with a working radius of about three hundred miles.

The special usefulness of the system was indicated recently when the conductor of the train which is in communication with the stations, was taken ill thirty miles from the station.

A message was sent on ahead and when the train arrived at Scranton there was another conductor there


I have started more men as Auto

Repairmen and Gasoline Engine WORKING MODELS

experts than any firm in the

world. CHARTS.

MANIKINS, ETC. My system of working models, Sond For Thes0 32 Page charts, manikins, etc., is better FREE Books. They will than actual work in a shop. Show how we've started hundreds—how we can start LET


SHOW you-how you


YOU money even before you complete course. WRITE




Dyke's Correspondence School of Motoring
Box 6, Roc Bldg.,

St. Louis, Mo



make US








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