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SECTION 1. All subjects considered or acted upon a preliminary or test vote on the subject. It may cast by his Chamber will be national in character.

one such vote for each delegate to which it is entitled in

the annual meeting. No vote shall be valid unless re SECTION 2. All propositions, resolutions, or ques- ceived by the General Secretary within 45 days of the tions, except those which involve points of order or date of the mailing of the question. matters of personal privilege, shall be submitted for action in writing only by the organization members, or

In forwarding the question it shall be the duty of the he Council, or Board of Directors, provided that by General Secretary to advise each organization member

at of two-thirds of the delegates present at a meet- of the date on which the right to register votes expires. a subject not so presented may be considered.


(Immediate Action.) If before the SECTION 3. (First Consideration.) An organization expiration of 45 days from the date the question and member desiring to present a subject for the consider- brief were sent out votes representing more than twoation of this Chamber shall commit its proposal to

thirds of the voting strength of the organization metewriting and forward it to the General Secretary.

bership are registered in favor of the proposition, the

General Secretary shall immediately certify that fact It shall be the duty of the General Secretary to bring to the Board of Directors. Thereupon, the question this question before the Board of Directors by mall or shall be recorded as having been approved by the Chamtelegraph, or at its first meeting, whereupon the ber and it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors Directors shall order the question printed with such to take such steps as may be necessary to make effective arguments as may be presented by the proposing mem

the action taken. ber, unless it be the opinion of said Board that the question is not of national importance. If the Board

If at the expiration of 45 days one-third of the voting of Directors decide that a question submitted by an

strength of the Chamber has been recorded and two organization member is not of national character and

thirds of the vote thus cast representing at least twenty should not therefore be sent to the membership for (20) states is in favor of the proposal the General Secconsideration, the proposing member may appeal from

retary shall so certify to the Board of Directors. Therothe decision of the Board to the National Council at any

upon the question shall be recorded as having been passed meeting of that body, or by mail through the office of

and it shall be the duty of the Board to make the action the General Secretary. If the National Council decides

effective. by a majority vote that the question should be referred to the membership it shall be incumbent on the Board

SECTION 5. of Directors to order its submission.

(Further Consideration.) It the question has failed to receive the votes necessary as

set forth in the preceding section, but has received the In ordering the question printed the Directors shall approval of more than one-third of the votes cast it determine the length of the statement which may be shall be sent out for further consideration under the folsubmitted with it by the proposing member. The lowing conditions: printed question and brief shall be transmitted to each member of this Chamber as soon as practicable, and

(a) The opinions received from the various orsimultaneously the General Secretary shall mail a copy

ganization members shall be put in type and referred to the National Councillor representing each organiza

to the proposing member, said member shall have us tion member.

opportunity to consider them and to add a final

argument in support of its project, of such length The question shall be accompanied by a notice from as the Board of Directors shall prescribe. the General Secretary that each organization member is expected to express its opinion on the question in (b) All of these opinions shall be assembled writing and mail said opinion to reach the National in a printed pamphlet, a copy of which shall be Headquarters within 45 days. In returning said opinion each organization member shall also register

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Your organization, as a member of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is requested to register its vote upon the questions submitted herewith on this ballot, which is to be detached and sent by registered mail at the earliest date practicable to the General Secretary at the National Headquarters, Mills Building, Washington, D. C.

This referendum is taken for the instruction and guidance of the Board of Directors in its action upon the questions presented.

By order of the Board of Directors.

Glista for clean

General Secretary

This Ballot will be counted only if received at National Meadquarters, Mills Building, Washington, D.C., on or before May 14, 1920. (See By-Laws, Article X, on inside of cover.)


Mills Building, Washington, D. C.

(Name of Organization) is a member in good standing in the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and having a total membership of.....

.is entitled to... .votes. It desires these votes to be necorded as noted below:

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Shall a Department of Public Works be established by the national gov-
ernment ?

See page 3

In faror.


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Shall a Department of Public Works be established by a suitable modifica- See page 3
tion of the existing Department of the Interior excluding therefrom the
non-related bureaus and offices and by change of name from Department
of the Interior to Department of Public Works?

In favor.



See page 3

Shall a Department of Public Works be established by creation of an
entirely new department?

In favor.



Signature of President or Secretary.



MEMBERS The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States has adopted the following instructions for members, and directed they be printed in connection with the ballot.

1. Each organization member in good standing may cast one vote for each delegate to which it is entitled in the Annual Meeting.

2. The ballot shall be marked by entering a cross or the number of votes to which the organization member is entitled in the square at the left of the words "In favor” if the recommendation is favored, or at the left of the word “Opposed” if the recommendation is opposed.

3. If the organization member desires to have its vote recorded as divided it may do so by entering the vote to which it is entitled in the squares to the left of the words "In favor" and "Opposed" in such proportion as it sees fit. The total vote in the two squares must not exceed the total number of votes to which the organization member is entitled.

4. Fractional votes less than one-half shall not be entered. If so entered they shall on the canvass be carried to the nearest whole number.

5. The ballots which are so marked as to be clearly intelligible shall be counted. Where the sum of the aumbers entered in the squares exceeds the total number of votes to which an organization member is entitled, canvassers shall in no case attempt to divide the votes but shall enter them as “In favor" or "Opposed” in accordance with the majority vote shown on the ballot.

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