, in. ,A11 executions exceeding five.pounds, except in the case of a court merchant, shall be itayed, until, the first Monday in March ; provided security be given for debts and costs. ..

48. AH the costs attending any action' in the superior couirt fhajl not exceed the sum of three pounds, and that no cause be allowed to depend in the superior court longer than two terms. 40. .Every osficer of the state .shall be liable to be called to account by the house of assembly. , , ,. , .., cp. Every county shall, keep the public records belopging to the fame; and authenticated copies of the several records, now in the posseffion of this state, sha'.lhe made out, and deposited in that county to"which they belong. '•,...:.. , .. , us

51. Estates shall not beentailed, and when a person dies intestate, his or her estate shall be divided, according to the act of distribution made in the reign of Charles the second; unless otherwise altered by any suture act of the legislature. .

52. A register of probates sh..11 be appointed by the legislature in every county, for proving wills, and granting letters of administration.

53. All civil officers in each county shall be annually elected on the day of the general election, except justices of the peace, and registers of probates, who shall be appointed by the house of assembly.

54. Schools shall be erected in each county, and supported at the general expenceof the state,as the legislature shall hereafter poin tour,

55. A court-house and gaol shall be erected at the public expence in each county, where the present convention, or the suture

^legislature,, she'll .point 6ut and direct.

56". Allpersnns whatever shall have the free exercise of their religion, provided it be not repugnant to, the peace and sasety of theitate; and shall not, unless by consent, support any teacher, er teachers, except those of their own prosession.

57. The great seal of the st.ite snail have the fotlowino. device; on one side a scroll, whereon shall be engraved, The Conjiitulion of the State of Georgia, and the motto, Pro hor.o fublico; on the other side an elegant house and other buildings, sieids of corn, and meadows covered with sheep and cattle; a river running through the same, with a ship under sull sail, and the motto, Dem nobh htte Otia fecit.

58. No person shall be allowed to plead in the courts ofc law, in this state, except those who are authorised so to do by: the house of assembly; and is any person so authorised shall be found guilty of before the house of assembly, they shall have. power to suspend them. This is not intended to exclude any person from that inherent privilege of every freeman, the liberty to plead his own cause. ,

59. Exceffive fines shall not be levied, nor excessive tail demanded.

. . 60. Tic '6oi The princiriles'.of the habeas corpus act shall be par* of J'thft constitution. "•

61. Freedom of the. press, and trial by jury, to remain inviolate Tor ever.:'

* 62.I Nodergymarni of any denomination, shall be allowed a -search the legislature.

- o^.vNo alteration shall be made in this constitution "without petitions from a majority of the counties, and the voters in each bounty within this state. At which time the assembly shall order .a convention to becalled for that purpose, specisying the alterations to be made, according"to the petitions preserred to the assembly by the majority of the counties as aforesaid.

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A N , D


T-R E A T Y V" AMlT* and Commerce.

LOUIS., by tb*~Graee of God, King of France and Navarre,

To all who shall see these presents^ Greeting:

rtT// is Congress of the thirteen united fates of North-America, •*. having by their plenipotentiaries residing at Paris, notified their desire to eflabli/h, ivitb its and our states, a good understanding and perfell correspondence, and having for that purpose proposed to conclude with us a Treaty of Amity artd CbmnVerce: JVe having thought it eur 'duty to give 'fa the said slates a sensible proof of our affi.ilion, determining us to accept of their proposals: For these causes, and other good considerations us thereunto> moving, we, repofir.g entire confidence in tbi abilities and experience, zeal and fidelity for our service,. .of ouf deaf and beloved Conrad Alexander Gerard,' royalsyndic,. of^tbe city if Strasbourg, and secretary of^'ovr \duncil'of slate, have nominated^ appointed, and commissioned, and by these preser.ts figHed with our hand, 'So nominate, .appoint and commission'him our plenipotentiary, giving1 him ptfwer and spectal command for us'and'iri'our name to dgree upon, cen.i elude and sign with the plenipotentiaries of the united slates,"equally furnijhcd in due form with full powers, such treaty, cenbeittidn, and articles of commerce and navigation as, he shall think proper, willing that tii ail wrth thr fame anthority^tis we might or could atf, if we were personally present, hand even as though he had more special command tbamvhat is herein contained ;.promising in good faith and in' the word of a king, ti agree to, copfirm^ and establish for ever,' and to accomplijh and execute punBual/y, all that our said dear and beloved" Conrad Alexander Gerard Jhallfliputale and sign, by virtue if "the present powery witheut ciniraven'rng it in any manner, or suffering '-' - . X it

it to be contravened for any causey or under any pretext whatsoever; and also to ratify the saint in dueffrfn, and cause our ratification to be delivered and exchanged in the time that shall be agreed on. For such ii our pleasure. In testimony -whereof we have hereunto set our seal. Done at Versailles, thts thirtieth day of January, in the year of our Lord me thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight, and the fourth year cfour reign,


'-* 7i;-st')' "- tout's.

(Underneath) By the King.


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/"f^HE Most Christian King, and the Thirteen United States JL of North-America, toyC{t, New-Hampshire, MassachusettsBay, Rhode-Istand, Connecticut, New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North-Carolina, South-Carolina, a;id Georgia, willing to fix in an equitable and permanent manner, the rules which ought to be followed relative to the correspondence and commerce which the two parties desire to establisti'between their respective countries, states and subjects; his most christian, majesty anljli^said united states have judged that the said end cousd not be better obtained than by taking for the basis of their agreement, the most perfect equality and reciprocity, and, by caresully avoiding all those burtaensume preferences ^vhich are usually sources of debate, embarrassment and discontent; \j leaving also each liberty to make respecting navigation and commerce those interior regulations which itshall sind most convenient to itself, and by. founding the advantage of commerce solely upon reciprocal utility, and the just rules of free intercourse; reserving withal to each party the liberty* of admitting, at its pleasure, other nations to a participation of the same advantages. It is in the spirit of this intention, and to sulfill these vkws, that his said majesty having named, and appointed for his plenipotentiary, Conrad Alexander Gerard, royal syndic of the city of Strasbourg, secretary of his majesty's council of #aje; and the united states on their part, having sully empowered Benjamin Franklin, deputy from the state of Pennsylvania to the general congress, and president to the convention of the said state; Silas Deane, late deputy from the state of Connecticut to the said congress; and Arthur Lee, counsjsllpr at law: The said respective plenipotentiaries, after exchanging their powers, and after mature deliberation, have concluded and agreed upon the following articles:

Article I, THERE shall be a sirm, inviolable and universal peace, and a true and sjocere friendship, between the most christian. king, his heirs and successors, and the united states 9s America, and the subjects of the most christian king and of the said states, and between the countries, islands, cities and towns situate under the jurisdiction of the most christian king, and of the said united states, and r.he people and inhabitants of every degree, without exception of persons or places, and the terms herein after mentioned shall be perpetual between the most christian king, his heirs and successors, and the said united states.

Art 2. The most christian king and the united states engage mutually not to grant any particular savour to other nations, in respect of commerce and navigation, which shall not immediately become common to the other party, who shall enjoy the same savour freely, if the conceffion was freely made, or on allowing the same compensation, if the concession was conditional.

Art. 3. The subjects of the most christian king stia'l pay in the norts, havens, roads, countries, islands, cities or towns of the united states, or any of them, no other or greater duties or imposts, pf what nature soever they may be, orLy what name soever called, than those which the nations most savoured are or shall be obliged to pay; and they shall enjoy all the rights, liberties, privileges, immunities and exemptions in trade, navigation and commerce, whether in paffing from one port in the said states to another, or in going to and from tbe same, from and to any part of the world, which the said nations do or shall enjoy.

Art. 4. The subjects, people and inhabitants of the laid united states, and each of them, shall not pay in the ports, havens, roads, island?, cities and places under the domination of bis most christian majesty in Europe, any other or greater duties.or imposts, of what nature soever they may be, or by what name soever called, than those which the most savoured nations are or shall be obliged to pay; and they shall enjoy all the rights, liberties, privileges, immunities, and exemptions in trade, navigation aud commerce, whether in paffing seo.'m,.. bnV port in the said dominions, in Europe to another, or in going to and from the same^.f/om and to any part of the world, which, the said nations do or stjaj^ enjoy.

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