Designing Character-based Console Games

Charles River Media, 2007 - 544 sider
In today's game market more games are developed for the Xbox®, PlayStation®, and Nintendo® systems than for the PC, so designers and developers need to hone their skills and learn console specific techniques in order to succeed in this very competitive field. Designing Character-Based Console Games delves into the intricacies and technical details of console design, while covering the broader aspects of design that apply to all types of games, including action-adventure, first person shooters, and role-playing games. It offers a starting point for any budding designer, a point of reference for anyone who wants to learn more about how games are made, and a few choice nuggets of information for the expert. By following the process of design from start to finish, the book teaches best-practice design methods to help designers avoid repeating common mistakes. It provides a thorough discussion of gameplay and how to design it effectively, and how to write the narrative and develop the characters. It explores the important aspects of a character-based game design, including game structure, character control, and combat. Specifics on viewpoint & cameras, artificial intelligence, physics, environments, audio, interface design, economies, and game balancing are also covered in detail.

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The Console Design Process

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