A Treatise on Land-surveying: Comprising the Theory Developed from Five Elementary Principles : and the Practice with the Chain Alone, the Compass, the Transit, the Theodolite, the Plane Table, &c

D. Appleton & Company, 1856 - 464 sider
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Side 153 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Side 365 - ... And in all cases where the exterior lines of the townships, thus to be subdivided into sections or half sections, shall exceed or shall not extend six miles, the excess or deficiency shall be specially noted, and added to or deducted from the western and northern ranges of sections or half sections in such township, according as the error may be in. running the lines from east to west, or from south to north.
Side 375 - ... of the lines which close thereon and those from which the surveys start in the opposite direction. The corners which are established on the standard parallel at the time of running it are to be known as
Side 375 - From quarter section and meander corners two bearing trees are to be marked, one within each of the adjoining sections. Stones at township corners (a small monument of stones being alongside thereof) must have six notches cut with a pick or chisel on each edge or side towards the cardinal points ; and where used as section corners on the range and township lines, or as section corners in the interior of a township, they will also be notched by a pick or chisel, to correspond with the directions given...
Side 367 - E., and proceed as with townships situated " north and west," except that the random or trial lines will be run and measured west, and the true lines, east, throwing the excess over or deficiency under four hundred and eighty chains on the west end of the line, as required by law ; wherefore...
Side 366 - ... boundaries of the township, (especially the western boundary,) so as to discover and correct the error ; in doing which, the true corners must be established and marked, and the false ones destroyed and obliterated to prevent confusion in future ; and all the facts must be distinctly
Side 44 - The content of a Trapezoid equals half the product of the sum of the parallel sides by the perpendicular distance between them.
Side 366 - The principal meridian, the base line, and the standard parallels having been first astronomically run, measured, and marked, according to instructions, on true meridians, and true parallels of latitude, the process of running, measuring, and marking the exterior lines of townships -will be as follows. Townships situated NORTH of the base line, and WEST of the principal meridian* Commence at No.
Side 155 - ... draw lines of direction along those streets, using two men as marks, or poles set in wooden pedestals, or perhaps some remarkable places in the houses at the farther ends, as windows, doors, corners...
Side 375 - Prior to piling up the earth to construct a mound, in a cavity formed at the corner boundary point is to be deposited a stone, or a portion of charcoal, or a charred stake is to be driven twelve inches down into such centre point, to be a witness for the future.

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