Doctor Jacob, by the author of 'John and I'.


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Side 288 - A character such as this is deserving of study, and his life ought to be written. Mrs. Oliphant has undertaken the work and has produced a biography of considerable merit The author fully understands her hero, and sets forth the incidents of his career with the skill of a practised hand. The book is a good book on a most interesting theme.
Side 290 - Athenaeum, POINTS OF CONTACT BETWEEN SCIENCE AND ART. By His Eminence CARDINAL WISEMAN. 8vo. 5s. "Cardinal Wiseman's interesting work contains suggestions of real value. It is divided into three heads, treating respectively of painting, sculpture, and architecture. The cardinal handles his subject in a most agreeable manner.
Side 291 - Life and Correspondence. Founded upon Letters and Papers furnished by his Friends and fellow Academicians. By WALTER THORNBURY. A New Edition, considerably \ Enlarged. With numerous Illustrations in Colours, facsimiled from Turner's original Drawings. Taine's History of English Literature. Translated by HENRY VAN LAUN. Four Vols. small 8vo, 30^.
Side 289 - FLEMING, Military Train. 1 vol. royal 8vo, •with Map and 50 Illustrations. " Mr. Fleming's narrative is a most charming one. He has an untrodden region to tell of, and he photographs it and its people and their ways. Life-like descriptions are interspersed with personal anecdotes, local legends, and stories of adventure, some of them revealing no common artistic power.
Side 288 - We thank Mrs. Oliphant for her beautiful and pathetic narrative. Hers is a book which few of any creed can read without some profit, and still fewer will close without regret It is saying much, in this case, to say that the biographer is worthy of the man.
Side 287 - The Duke of Manchester has done a welcome service to the lover of gossip and secret history by publishing these family papers. Persons who like to see greatness without the...
Side 287 - Germains, the wars of William of Orange, the campaigns of Marlborough, the intrigues of Duchess Sarah, and the town life of fine ladies and gentlemen during the days of Anne. With all this is...
Side 289 - Reader. ADVENTURES AND RESEARCHES among the ANDAMAN ISLANDERS. By DR. MOUAT, FRGS, &c. 1 vol., demy 8vo , with Illustrations. 16s. ** Dr. Mount 's book, whilst forming a most important and valuable contribution to ethnology, will be read with interest by the general reader.
Side 289 - Wall of China. By GEORGE FLEMING, Military Train, 1 voL royal 8vo, with Map and 50 Illustrations. " Mr. Fleming's narrative is a most charming one. He has an untrodden region to tell of, and he photographs...

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