United States Congressional Serial Set, Utgave 10301

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1939
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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With this being an election year, I'm drawn more than usual to history and events that shaped our nation. Having read this, I'm interested to read other farewell addresses. Les hele vurderingen

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Relief of Brig Gen Harley B Ferguson
Filing of affidavits of prejudice in district court for Alaska
Amending employers liability act affecting railroad employees
Incorporating Navy Club of United States of America 1224 Development of farm units on Federal reclamation projects 1225 Farmers Market in D C ...
Adding lands to Siuslaw National Forest 1239 Amending law relative to lifeboatdisengaging devices 1240 Amending law relative to hand fire pun ps...
Incorporation of Group Hospitalization
Payment of salaries and expenses of Minnesota Chippewa delegates 1249 Consideration of H R 7096 to amend Philippine Islands independence act 1...
Variable payment of construction charges on reclamation projects 1253 Consideration of H R 6830 new buildings in D C for Navy Dept 1254 Amen...
Relief of Marie Heinen
Relief of Pokegama Sanatorium 1259 Amending act regulating realestate business in D C
Insanity proceedings in District of Columbia
Sale of beer to persons in automobiles on licensed premises in D C
Facilitate exchange of agricultural products for strategic materials 1265 Pensions to members of Regular Army Navy etc who become disabled 1266 ...
Relief of Benno von Mayrhauser and Oskar von Mayrhauser
Relief of Stina Anderson
Payment to William H Carter of travel allowances
Court of Claims to hear claim of Carl CG Allgrunn 1277 Naturalization of aliens whose childhood was spent in United States 1278 Relief of Albert L ...
Relief of Floyd Elton
Relief of Celia Press and Bernard Press
Relief of M L Parish
Relief of J George Bensel
Relief of Mamie Hoffman
Relief of George A Meffan
Relief of H H Rhyne
Relief of heirs of Emma J Hall 1287 Relief of Jack D Collins
Relief of William R Fuchs John L Summers and Guy F Allen 1289 Relief of Roscoe B Huston and Simeon F Felarca
Relief of John L Hicks
Relief of George E Miller 1292 Relief of Sam E Woods
Relief of Matilda Larned Bouck
Relief of Jesse Claud Branson
Relief of Ernest A Clinton and Frederick P Deragisch 1296 Relief of Joseph Lopez Ramos
Relief of William E Cowen
Relief of C L Herren
Relief of Barnet Warren
Research by Mines Bureau to find new uses for anthracite coal 1302 Acceptance of easement with respect to certain lands in New Mexico 1303 Conv...
Relief of Michael M Cohen
Amending act for relief of CarletonMace Engineering Corporation 1309 Presenting Distinguished Service Medal to Harry E Yarnell 1310 Relief of ...
Selection of site in D C for erection of statue of George Washington 1316 Relief of Ohio
Consideration of S 2697 agricultural surplus for foreign materials 1318 First omnibus war claims bill
Providing for national census of housing 1320 Amend bankruptcy act rel to adjustment of obligations of railroads 1321 Providing for appointment o...
Admitting barges Prari and Palpa to American registry
Perfecting consolidation of lighthouse service with Coast Guard
Compacts between Atlantic Coast States for regulation of fishing
Adjusting status of planners etc of field service of Navy Department 1328 Implementing provisions of shipowners liability convention 1936
Bridge across Ohio River at or near Mauckport Ind 1352 Bridge across Columbia River near The Dalles Oreg 1353 Bridge or ferry across Rio Grand...
Declaring Devils Den Springs Ga to be nonnavigable stream 1355 Bridge across Missouri River at Niobrara Nebr 1356 Bridge or bridges across Col...
Amending act for administration of Blue Ridge Parkway etc 1364 Amend law rel to removal from Farm Island S Dak of certain birds etc 1365 Sale ...
Acquisition of Red Hill estate of Patrick Henry
Amending act of Aug 26 1937 rel to oil and gas prospecting permits 1370 Prohibit use of mails for soliciting procurement of divorces abroad 1371 ...
Providing for administration of United States courts 1374 Amending civil service retirement
Amending act for relief of Playa de Flor Land Improvement Co 1376 Amendments to fair labor standards act of 1938
Consideration of S 591 to amend United States housing act of 1937
Acquisition of Puyallup Indian school property at Tacoma Wash 1384 Erection of monument to memory of Thomas J Stonewall Jackson 1385 Distri...
Relief of Olin C Risinger
Relief of Alfred Joseph Wright son of Rosetta L Tomkins 1390 Relief of estate of Costas Demellis 1391 Court of Claims to hear claim of Fiske Warre...
Relief of Albert R Rinke
Relief of Emmitt Courtney
Relief of estate of Frank M Smith 1397 Relief of Anton Saganey and others
Relief of estate of Lewis Marion Garrard Hale 1399 Relief of Paul W McCoy
Relief of M F Gubrud
Relief of Mrs Clinton Ward and Ester Ward
To pay salary to Ruth Dornsife 1404 Relief of estate of D E Sweinhart 1405 Relief of Clyde Equipment
Relief of Katheryn S Anderson
Relief of Mrs S F Sewell
Relief of Annie Bearden and others
Relief of Floyd H Roberts
Relief of Buford Lee Pratt
Relief of Addison B Hampel
Relief of persons in East Braintree Mass for damages by airplanes 1413 Consideration of H R 6971 to amend Federal home loan bank act etc 1414 A...
Consideration of S 224 to provide for national census of housing 1420 Mileage tables for Army and other Government agencies etc 1421 Selfliquid...
Amending act rel to liability of railroads to their employees 1423 Terms of court at Poughkeepsie N
Consideration of H R 7120 construction of selfliquidating projects 1425 Expenses of investigation of tax structure 1426 Expenses of investigation of ...
Disposition of records in Federal Trade Commission 1433 Disposition of records in Farm Credit Administration 1434 Amending packers and stockya...
Third deficiency appropriation bill 1939
Transportation and distribution of mails on motorvehicle routes
Extension of 2cent postal rate
Prevent discrimination in Govt appointments requiring legal training 1443 Amending annual and sick leave acts of Mar 14 1936
Water conservation and utilization projects in Great Plains etc 1447 Apportionment of cost of changes on bridges between U S and owners 1448 Am...
Relief of Okie May Fegley
Printing of hearings on proposed amendments to neutrality
Sale of surplus agricultural commodities to foreign countries 1456 Providing for expenses of study of national parks etc 1457 Compensation to speci...
Purchase of additional lands for Turtle Mountain Reservation 1461 Social security act amendments of 1939
Relief of Barnet Warren
Amending employers liability act relative to liability of railroads 1464 Providing for payment of attorneys fees from Osage tribal funds
Relief of Daumit Tannus Saleah Dave Thomas 1466 Relief of Mato Cibilic or Zibilich and others 1467 Relief of Emil Friedrich Dischleit
Relief of Konstantinos Didnysiou Antiohos Gus Pappas 1469 Relief of Mrs Pacios Pijnan Pijuan 1470 Third deficiency appropriation bill 1939

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Side 8 - Secretary or his delegate may distribute, apportion, or allocate gross income, deductions, credits, or allowances between or among such organizations, trades, or businesses. if he determines that such distribution, apportionment, or allocation is necessary in order to prevent evasion of taxes or clearly to reflect the income of any of such organizations, trades, or businesses.
Side 6 - If either party shall apply to the court for leave to adduce additional evidence, and shall show to the satisfaction of the court that such...
Side 10 - Income received by estates of deceased persons during the period of administration or settlement of the estate; and (4) Income which, in the discretion of the fiduciary, may be either distributed to the beneficiaries or accumulated.
Side 16 - Where before the expiration of the time prescribed in section 275 for the assessment of the tax, both the Commissioner and the taxpayer have consented in writing to its assessment after such time, the tax may be assessed at any time prior to the expiration of the period agreed upon. The period so agreed upon may be extended by subsequent agreements in writing made before the expiration of the period previously agreed upon.
Side 5 - The net income shall be computed upon the basis of the taxpayer's annual accounting period (fiscal year or calendar year, as the case may be) in accordance with the method of accounting regularly employed in keeping the books of such taxpayer; but if no such method of accounting has been so employed, or if the method employed does not clearly reflect the income...
Side 10 - ... in the case of income which, in the discretion of the fiduciary, may be either distributed to the beneficiary or accumulated, there shall be allowed as an additional deduction in computing the net income of the estate or trust the amount of the income of the estate or trust for its taxable year which is properly paid or credited during such year to any legatee, heir or beneficiary...
Side 25 - Convention, the Governing Body of the International Labour Office shall present to the General Conference a report on the working of this Convention and shall consider the desirability of placing on the Agenda of the Conference the question of its revision in whole or in part. Article 19 1.
Side 6 - I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America ; that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies whomsoever ; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the rules and articles of war.
Side 43 - ... the Director-General of the International Labour Office for registration. Such denunciation shall not take effect until one year after the date on which it is registered. 2. Each Member which has ratified this Convention and which does not. within the year following the expiration of the period of ten years mentioned in the preceding paragraph, exercise the right of denunciation provided for in this Article...
Side 6 - Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, by filing in such court, within sixty days after the entry of such order, a written petition praying that the order of the Commission be modified or set aside in whole or in part.

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