The battle of Alma, and its incidents, by an officer

1854 - 88 sider

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Side 20 - THE PEEP OF DAY, or a series of the earliest religious Instruction, the Infant Mind is capable of receiving, with verses illustrative of the subjects, 1 vol. 18mo. with engravings, $0 50 LINE UPON LINE, by the author of "Peep of Day...
Side 33 - These works are excellent. Miss Tytler's writings are especially valuable for their religious spirit. She has taken a just position between the rationalism of the last generation and the puritanism of the present, while the perfect nature and true art with which she sketches from juvenile life, show powers which might be more ambitiously displayed, but cannot be better bestowed."—Quarterly Review.
Side 19 - The object of this Work is to afford consolation under the various trials of mind and body to which all are exposed, by a Selection of Texts and Passages from Holy Scripture, and Extracts from Old and Modern Authors, in Prose and Poetry, with a Selection of Prayers adapted to the same.
Side 15 - Discourses addressed to a village congregation. The chief aim of the preacher has been to enforce practical conclusions for the guidance of the humblest, from some of the most striking events or sentiments of Scripture. The style is plain and forcible."— Spectator . JEWSBURY, Miss MJ— Letters to the Young.
Side 30 - LORD'S DAY. By a LADY. 3d., or 2s. 6d. per dozen. HOW CAN I GO TO CHURCH ? Or, A Dialogue between a Lady and a Poor Woman. 3d. each. WHY SHOULD I NOT GO TO THE MEETINGHOUSE? 3d. each.
Side 29 - THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT EXPLAINED. By a Sunday School Teacher. 3d-, or 2s. 6d. a dozen. THE TEACHER'S ASSISTANT IN NEEDLEWORK. 6d. each, or 5s. per dozen. THE KNITTING TEACHER'S ASSISTANT. 6d., or 5s. per dozen. A MISFORTUNE CHANGED into a BLESSING. 12mo.
Side 16 - Light in the Dwelling ; or, a Harmony of the Four Gospels, with very Short and simple Remarks adapted to Reading at Family Prayers, and arranged in 365 sections, for every day of the year. By the Author of " The Peep of Day," " Line upon Line,
Side 9 - CHRIST as PROPHET, PRIEST, and KING; being a Vindication of the Church of England from Theological Novelties, in Eight Lectures, preached before the University of Oxford, at Canon Hampton's Lecture, 1842.
Side 8 - COMPANION to the BOOK of COMMON PRAYER, of the United Church of England and Ireland.
Side 15 - HOWARD, J.-MEMOIRS of JOHN HOWARD, the Christian Philanthropist : with a Detail of his extraordinary Labours; and an Account of the Prisons, Schools, Lazarettos, and Public Institutions he visited. By THOMAS TAYLOR, Esq., Author of "The Life of Cowper,

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