California Indians Jurisdictional Act: Hearings...on S. 1793...May 6, 13, and July 1, [25], 1935

1935 - 153 sider
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Side 46 - An Act authorizing the attorney general of the State of California to bring suit in the Court of Claims in behalf of the Indians of California", as amended by the Act of April 29, 1930 (46 Stat.
Side 37 - Official letters, papers, documents, and public records, or certified copies thereof, may be used in evidence, and the departments of the Government shall give...
Side 78 - From their very weakness and helplessness, so largely due to the course of dealing of the Federal government with them and the treaties in which it has been promised, there arises the duty of protection, and with it the power. This has always been recognized by the Executive and by Congress, and by this court, whenever the question has arisen.
Side 42 - June 7, 1852. read and referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs and ordered to be printed in confidence for use in the Senate.
Side 79 - That hereafter the Secretary of the Interior shall cause to be paid to each adult member of the Osage Tribe of Indians not having a certificate of competency his or her pro rata share, either as a member of the tribe or heir or devisee of a deceased member, of the interest on trust funds, the bonus received...
Side 59 - Indians residing on such reservation, as the case may be, at a special election authorized and called by the Secretary of the Interior under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe.
Side 109 - Resolved, That the chief clerk of the assembly be hereby directed to transmit copies of this resolution to the President and Vice President of the United States...
Side 117 - If in any case, civil or criminal, a state or federal court were arbitrarily to refuse to hear a party by counsel, employed by and appearing for him, it reasonably may not be doubted that such a refusal would be a denial of a hearing, and, therefore, of due process in the constitutional sense.
Side 59 - ... to appropriation by Congress for educational, health, industrial, and other purposes for the benefit of said Indians, including the purchase of lands and building of homes, and no part of said judgment shall be paid out in per capita payments to said Indians...
Side 79 - That the right to contract about one's affairs is a part of the liberty of the individual protected by this clause is settled by the decisions of this court and is no longer open to question.

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