Mr Drinkald's b. c. Katerfelto

| Mr Morris's b. c. The Duke of Hereford Ld Exeter's ch. f. Zelica

Mr Osbaldeston's br. c. Claret Mr Griffith's b. c. Wildman

Mr Parr's br. c. Rocket Mr Hales's ch. c. Piccadilly

Mr Payne's b. f. Cornucopia Mr W. E. Hobson's br. c. Scipio

b. c. Valentinian Mr Howard's br. f. by Launcelot; out of Eu-Sir R. Pigot's br. f. Katie Stewart logy

Mr Powell's b. f. Plausible b. f. by Melbourne, out of Treach- Mr T. Powell's b. c. bro. to Flirt erous

Mr Powney's b. c. William the Third b. or br. f. Trireme

Mr Reeves's ch. f. Despatch Mr T. King's bl. c. Blueskin

Baron Rothschild's b. c. bro, to Twinkle Capt Lane's br. c. Velvet

- b. c. Blue Peter Mr C. Liley's b. f. Orfila

Mr Saxon's ch. f. Evangeline b. c. Roderigo

- ch. f. Mary Mr Lumley's b. f. Voracity

Mr J. Scott na. Sir Roger Hill Mr Mare's b. c. by Bay Middleton, dam by Mr J. M. Stanley's f. (dead) by Orlando, out of Discount

Darkness Major Martyn's b. f. Daisy

Mr T. Stevens's br. c. Decamp Mr Mather's b. f. Lily

Ld Strathmore's ch. f. by Collingwood, out of br. f. Rose

Lucy Banks Mr Merry's gr. c. Cock of the North

Mr Thomas's br. c. Dalston ch. f. Catastrophe

Mr Williams's b. c. Newington

The MANOR PLATE of 100 sovs. (handicap); the winner of any race after publication of the weights (matches excepted) to carry 5lb. extra; any number of horses the property of the

same owner may run for this plate; one mile.. Mr J. Armstrong's b. c. The Handsome Buck, | Mr Megson's b. f. Bridesmaid, 3 yrs 3 yrs

br. c. Roebuck, 3 yrs Mr Ayres's b. f. Carlotta Grisi, 3 yrs

Mr J. Merry's b. c. Dick Turpin, 4 yrs Mr Barber's b. c. Domino, 3 yrs

Mr Jas. Messer's b. c. Warbler, 4 yrs Mr Barling's ch. m. Marchioness, aged

Mr G. Munro's ch. g. Little Tom, 4 yrs Count Batthyany's ch. c. Oxus, 3 yrs

Mr L. Newman's br. f. Lady Louisa, 4 yrs br. g. Captain Flash, 5 yrs

Mr Night's b. m. Ianthe, 6 yrs D of Bedford's bl. c. Nathan, 4 yrs

Mr Osbaldeston's br. c. by Touchstone, out of Mr R. Cooper's br. g. Herbert, aged

Campfollower, 3 yrs Mr H. Cowper's ch. f. Adelaide, 3 yrs

Mr Payne's f. by Van Tromp, out of Queen Mr Death na. b. c. Cranbourne, 3 yrs

Mab, 3 yrs Mr Drinkald's b. c. Snarry, 5 yrs

Mr Percieval's ch. c. St. Stephen, 3 yrs - b. g. Inder, 4 yrs

Mr Reeves's b. c. Pollard, 3 yrs - ch. c. Jacob Petler, 3 yrs

Mr Rogers's b. f. Miss Bolton, 3 yrs LD Glasgow's b. f. Coalition, 4 yrs

Mr Sargent's b. m. Henrietta, 5 yrs Mr Greville's ch. f. by Red Deer, out of Miss

b. c. Cable, 3 yrs Hampton, 3 yrs

- b. c. The Queen's Oun, 3 yrs Mr C. Groome's ch. g. Congreve, 4 yrs

Mr Saxon's br. m. Calot, 5 yrs Mr Halford's b. f. Topsy, 3 yrs

br. c. Hazelnut, 4 yrs Mr l'Anson's b. m. Bracey, 5 yrs

Mr Shrimpton's b. f. Michaelmas Maid, 4 yrs Mr H. Lister's ch. c. Windsucker, 5 yrs

Mr J. M. Stanley's b. c. Orinoco, 4 yrs - ch. f. Red Rose, 3 yrs

b. f. Mishap, 3 yrs Mr Lowe's bl. f. Madame Landeau, 4 yrs Mr T. Stevens's b. f. Lady Flora, 4 yrs Mr Magenis's b. c. Foxhunter (h. b.), 3 yrs Mr J. Walker's b. f. by The Earl of Richmond, Mr G. Mather's b. h. Prime Minister, 6 yrs out of Strife, 3 yrs b. f. Eva, 3 yrs

- b. f. by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of PiMr Megson's br. c. Georgy, 4 yrs

mento, 3 yrs - br. c. Brown Brandy, 3 yrs

Mr Waller's b. m. Octavia, 5 yrs

The EPSOM SUMMER HANDICAP of 15 sovs. each, 10 ft., and 5 only if declared by a time to be named when the weights are published, with 100 sovs. added; the winner of any race (matches excepted) after publication of the weights to carry 5lb. extra; the owner of the

second horse to save his stake; one mile and a quarter.--29 subs. Mr Adkins's b. c. bro. to Little Swift, 3 yrs | Mr Magenis's br. c. Sertus, 4 yrs b. g. Contender, 3 yrs

Mr Mare's b. c. Nutpecker, 4 yrs Mr Allen's br. c. Axwell, 4 yrs

Mr G. Mather's b. h. Prime Minister', 6 yrs Mr Bland's b. h. Mountain Deer, 6 yrs

b. f. Eva, 3 yrs Ld Chesterfield's b. c. Communist, 3 yrs

Mr J. Merry's ch. f. Exact, 4 yrs Ld Eglinton's b. c. Vanderdecken, 4 yrs

b. c. Lambton, 4 yrs Ld Glasgow's b. g. by Assault, out of Miss | Mr Morris's ch. h. Indian Warrior, 5 yrs Norton, 4 yrs

br. c. Gamekeeper, 3 yrs Mr Greville's br. c. Invasion, 4 yrs

Mr Osbaldeston's b. f. Vera, 3 yrs Mr Humphries's ch. c. Pyrois, 3 yrs

Mr Owen's ch. g. Stamford, 6 yrs Mr l'Anson's b. m. Bracey, 5 yrs

Mr Payne's br, f. by Van Tromp, out of Queen M Lupin's b. f. Jouvence, 4 yrs

i Mab, 3 yrs

Mr Saxon's br. m. Calot, 5 yrs

1 Mr W. Smith's b. m. Now or Never, aged br. c. Hazelnut, 4 yrs

Mr T. Stevens's ch. c. Hercules, 3 yrs Ld J. Scott's ch. f. Calliope, 3 yrs

Mr R. Wood's b. f. Conspiracy, 3 yrs Mr W. Smith's b. c. Little David, 4 yrs

WEDNESDAY.Renewal of the DERBY STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.. for three year olds,

the owner of the second horse to receive 100 sovs. out of the stakes; the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the police and regulations of the course, and

50 sovs. to the Judge ; one mile and a half.-217 subs. Mr J. Adkins' b. c. Ruby, by Bay Middleton, out of Crown Jewel

br. c. Copenhagen, by Cotherstone, out of Sequidilla Gen Anson's ch. c. Apollonius, by Orlando, out of Ellipsis

-b.c. Prince Arthur, by Orlando, out of The Princess

b. c. Scythian, by Orlando, out of Scythia
br. c. The Druid, by Cotherstone, out of The Abbess
b. c. Applause, by Melbourne, out of Buzz

b. c. Communist, by Don John, Iago, or Joe Lovell, out of Crim Con's dam
- br. f. Moresca, by Don John, or Iago, out of Black Bess
Mr B. Austin's br. c. Boddicot, by Orlando, out of Judy Callaghan (h. b.)
Count Batthyany's ch. c. The Star of Surrey, by Harkaway, out of Pergularia

- ch. C. Oxus, by Sirikol, out of Lady Sarah, by Tramp

b. c. The Marquis of Sevigné, by Weatherbit, out of Sevigné, by Glaucus D of Bedford's bl. c. Sambo, by Robert de Gorham, out of Mary

ch. c. Hesse Cassel, by Robert de Gorham, out of The Landgravine

-ch. c. Pelham, by The Emperor, out of Bridle Mr F. Bell's b. C. Jonathan Martin, by Mr Martin, out of La Femme Sage, by Gains

Mr Bickham's b. c. by The Earl of Richmond, out of Hoity-toity
Mr Philip Booth's b. c. The Golden Branch, by Weatherbit, out of Moose Deer
Mr Bowes's br. c. Blight, by Slane, dam (1838) by Camel, out of Walfruna

br. c. Marley Hill, by Melbourne, out of Mowerina
Mr H. Bradshaw's ch. c. Humboldt, by Ishmaelite, out of Henriana
Mr Breton's b. c. The Wild Huntsman, by Harkaway, out of Honey Dew
Sir R. W. Bulkeley's br. c. Ilumguffin, by Epirus, out of the Hipped Mare
Sir T. Burke's br. c. Lightning, by Magpie, out of Flash
Mr L. Byrne's ch. c. Amusement, by Birdcatcher, out of Danceaway, by Harkaway

br. c. Banathlath, by Birdcatcher, out of Atalanta, by Recovery Mr Thomas Carter's br. c. Remunerateur, by The Baron, out of Margarita, by Royal Oak (bred

in France.)
Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of Starlight Bess

- ch. c. Affghan (h. b.), by Napier, out of Caurouch's dam
- b. c. by Slane, out of Alarm's dam

- ch. c. Punch Box, by Napier, out of Avis (Glenhawk's dam) Ld Clifden's b. c. Cardinal, by Touchstone, out of Crucifix

- br. c. Astolfo, by Orlando, out of Plenary

b. c. Rodo-meli, by Orlando, out of Beeswax
- br. c. Tabouret, by Footstool, out of Gaze
- br. c. Royalist, by Orlando, out of H.R.H.
- b.g. Glenstrae, by Touchstone, out of Glenlui

b. č. Brigliadoro, by Orlando, out of Clementina (Cheddar's dam)
- b, c. Alembic, by Touchstone, out of Latitude

br. c. Eccleston, by Touchstone, out of Rose of Cashmere Mr P. Colgan's bl. c. The Blacksmith, by Mickey Free, out of Recluse

bl. c. Roscommon, by Smallhopes, out of Clarinda, by Sir Hercules Mr John Conroy's ch. c. Merry Monk, by Merry Andrew, out of Sultana, by Plenipo

tentiary Mr W. D. Cook's f. Qui Vive, by The Hydra, out of Windlass Mr Cookson's b. c. The First Lord, by Melbourne, out of Testatrix

br. c. Tormentor, by Sweetmeat, out of Gaddly, by Mayfiy Mr R. F. Cooper's ch. c. Woodcote, by Cotherstone, out of The

b. f. The Novice, by John o'Gaunt, out of Nun Appleton
Mr E. Corner's ro. c. Lord Oswald, by Robin Gray, out of Queen of Carthage
Mr Copeland's b. c. Thessalian, by Epirus, out of Assay
Mr Copperthwaite's b. c. The Early Bird, by Birdcatcher, out of Magnet, b y Magpie
Mr Walter Day's br. c. Belgrave, by Touchstone, out of Miss Beverley

- b. c. Camden (dead), by The Libel, out of Frantic's dam
Mr John Day'g br. c. The General, by Alarm, dam by The Colonel, out of Mary Ann

b. c. The Monster (dead), by Alarm, out of Monstrosity

ch. c. Ashton (dead), by Harkaway, out of Venilia Mr Dawson's b. c. Tommy, by Malcolm, out of Rockalda

Mr Dawson na. b. or br. c. Amalgamation, by The Era, or Williazn le Gros,out of The Roper's Daughter

ch. c. Tom Rintoul, by Malcolm, out of Parisina
Mr T. Dawson's b. c. Diligent, by Melbourne, out of Stitch
Mr Delamere's b. c. Hermit, by Bay Middleton, out of Jenny Lind, by Touchstone

- b. c. Sine qua non, by Cæsar, out of Miss Betsy
- b. c. by Epirus, out of The Empress, by Defence

- b. c. Pollard, by Bay Middleton, out of Meal
Mr H. P. Delme's b. c. Sideboard, by St. Lawrence, out of Westmania, by Liverpool
Ld Derby's ch. c. Ortolano, by Orlando, out of Verbena

- b. c. Boiardo, by Orlando, out of Miss Bowe

b. c. Dervish, by Cowl, out of Trickstress's dam

- b. c. Acrobat, by Ithuriel, out of Tour de Force Mr S. A. Dickson's ch. c. Carmelite (dead), by Harkaway, out of Forest Fly Mr Disney's br. c. Gamekeeper, by Birdcatcher, out of Swallow

b. c. Knight of St. George, by Birdcatcher, dam by H. Platoff, out of Waterwitch Ld Dorchester's b. c. Bracken, by Venison, dam by Little Red Rover, out of Eclat Mr Drinkald's ch. c. Jacob Petler, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Hamptonia

ch. or gr, c, Sir Mark, by Sleight-of-hand, dam (1835) by Comus - gr. c. Jack Frost, by Sleight-of-hand, dam by Hampton

br. c. Box, by Sleight-of-hand, dam by Stumps, grandam by Young Phantom Ld Eglinton's ch. g. Lamprocles, by Pyrrhus the First, out of Xantippe

br. g. The Norseman, by Van Tromp, out of Carlotta

br. c. Julian, by Van Tromp, out of Blue Bonnet
Ld Exeter's b. c. Caliban, by Nutwith, out of Camera Obscura

- b. c. Macduff, by Nutwith, out of Glenara
- b. c. Dandelion, by Lanercost, out of Grace

b. c. Belgrade, by Lanercost, out of Scarf
ch. c. The Consul, by Beiram, out of Datara

b. c. Phaeton, by Phlegon, out of Catherina

- ch.g. Phoenix, by Phlegon, out of Elegance Ld Glasgow's ch. c. by Pantaloon, out of Physalis

ch. c. by Pyrrhus the First, out of Conspiracy Mr Gregory's ch. c. Papageno, by Birdcatcher, out of sis. to Wanota Mr Greville's ch. c. Parton, by Slane, out of Industry

- ch. c. Quince, by Slane, out of Preserve

br. c. Bessus, by Bay Middleton, out of Brown Bess
- br. c. Bobby, by Robert de Gorham, out of Miss Heathcote
- br. c. Kaffir, by Alarm, out of Jamaica

b. C. Mortimer, by Alarm, out of Adine's dam

- ch. c. Mandricardo, by Orlando, out of Duvernay
Mr R. Hall's b. c. The Pontiff, by Cowl, out of Young Marion
Mr W. F. Harland's br. c. Legatee, by Pompey, out of Legacy, by The Bard
Mr John Harrison's gr. c. The Metropolitan, by Robin Grey, out of Extract
Mr Hebblethwaite's bl. c. by Ithuriel, out of Mosti, by Confederate (wrong nom.)

--- ch. c. Julius Caesar, by Ithuriel, out of Clorinda
Mr. S. Herbert's b. c. Autocrat, by Bay Middleton, out of The Empress
Mr H. Hill's br. c. Borgia, by Crozier, out of Paste, by Dissolution

- ch. c. Dr. O'Toole, by Birdcatcher, out of Dahlia, by New Fashion

- ch. c. Hannöbal, by The Hero, out of Vesta, sis. to Vulcan Mr Hodgson na. b. c. New Warrior, by Pyrrhus the First, out of Colocynth Mr Howard's b. c. Andover, by Bay Middleton, out of sister to Ægis

br. g. Easy John, by Wintonian. out of Passion

-- br. c. Usquebaugh (dead), by Cotherstone, out of Drogheda
Mr G. Hudson, jun.'s ch. c. Pyrois, by Pyrrhus the First, out of L'Hirondelle
Mr Inman's ch. c. Horatio, by Orlando, dam by Bran, out of Mamsel Otz
Mr A. Johnstone's b. c. by Charles XII., out of Emotion, by Emilius

b. c. Rabgill, by Annandale, out of Madinella, by Malek Mr Joseph's ch. c. Tom (late The Mountain Hawk), by Birdcatcher, out of Maria, by Harkaway Mr L. Keegan's ch. g. Rinaldo, by Tearaway, out of Osprey

ch. g. Ringleader (h. b.), by Tearaway, out of Deception, by Eagle Mr John Large's br. c. Teddy Roe, by Rearguard, dam half-bred, 'ped. unknown Ld H. Lennox's b. c. Little Gerard, by The Emperor, out of Coral

b. c. Stonehenge, by Touchstone, out of Wilderness
Mr R. G. Lumley's ch. c. Hospodar, by Hetman Platoff, out of Infidelity

ch. c. by Hetman Platoff, dam by Jereed, out of Lyndhurst's dam
b. c. bro. to Flirt, by Hetman Platoff, out of Rackety Girl's dam

b. c. by Hetman Platoff, out of The Lamb, by Melbourne Mr Maher's br. c. by Elvas, out of Siren Mr C. Marson's b. or br. c. The President, by Plenipotentiary, dam by Hetman Platoff, out of

Celeste's dam
Mr W. Mercer's b. c. bro. to Singapore, by Ratan, dam by Melbourne, out of Lisbeth

ch. c. Lincoln's Inn, by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of Advice, by Physician

Sir C. Monck's b. c. Flashman, by St. Bennett, out of Castaway
Mr Edward Moore's ch. c. Kingsberry, by Clear-the-way, out of La Mode, by Stumps
Mr Morris's ch. c. Squirrel, by Ratcatcher, out of Ruthful, by Beiram
Mr Newland's br. c. Cranbourne Chase, by Venison, out of Corbeau
Mr T. Newton's b. c. by Cowl, out of Flemish Girl, by Hetman Platoff

b. c. by Cowl, out of Lucy Neale, by Velocipede
Mr Nicholson's b. c. Orson, by Orlando, out of Barbarina
Mr A. Nichol's bl. f. Honeysuckle, by Touchstone, out of Beeswing
Mr E. W. Nunn's br. c. by Van Tromp, out of The Prior of St. Margaret's dam
Ld Orford's ch. c. Incubus, by Slare, out of Exotic

- br. c. Firebrand, by Slane, out of Firefly
Mr Osbaldeston's b. c. Champagne, by Touchstone, out of Mountain Sylph

- b. c. by Touchstone, out of Camp-follower (Fugleman's dam) Mr John Osborne's b. c. Brown Brandy, by Sweetmeat, out of Tiffany

- ch. c. Lord John, by Don John, out of Lady Lurewell
b. c. Seducer, by Melbourne, out of Miss Castling

gr. c. Lord Oswald, by Robin Gray, out of Queen of Carthage
Mr Jos. Osborne's ch. f. Ariel, by Tearaway, out of Ennui, by Humphrey Clinker
Mr J. Parker's b. c. The Cheshire Marquis, by Touchstone, out of Columbine, by Plenipotentiary
Mr Payne's b. c. Boer, by Van Tromp, out of Farmer's Daughter

- b. c. Spinaway, by Orlando, out of Distaffina

- ch. c. by John o'Gaunt, out of Glacis
Mr Pedley's b. c. Mr. Commissioner, by Picaroon, out of Acanthus
Mr Percival's ch. c. St. Stephen, by Robert de Gorham, out of Miss Cobden
Mr Phillips's b. c. Foxhunter (h. b.), by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of My Lady
Sir R. Pigot's br. c. Charlemont, by Conyngham, dam by Bran, out of Active

b. c. Coup d'Etât, by John o'Gaunt, out of Belle Sauvage Mr J. Powney's ch. c. Changarnier, by Epirus, out of Grace Darling

. Marc Antony, by The Hero, out of Passionate. by Sir Hercules Mr W. Prenter's b. c. The Duke of Lancaster, by John o'Gaunt, out of The Queen of Cyprus Mr Quin's br. c. Attractive, by Melbourne, out of Attraction Ld Ribblesdale's b. c. Baalbec, by Ion, out of Palmyra

--ch, c. Marsyas, by Orlando, out of Malibran

b. c. Ludwig, by Orlando, out of Lola Montes
- bl. c. Marble Hill, by Robert de Gorham, out of Hester

- b. c. Caliph, by Ion, out of Hinda
D of Richmond's b. c. by Van Tromp, out of Reel

b. c. (dead) by Robert de Gorham, out of Refraction Mr Rickaby's br. c. Burlington, by Bay Middleton, out of Ada Mary's dam

b. c. Motley, by Touchstone, dam by Lanercost, out of sis. to Maria, by Whisker
Mr Jas. Robinson's br. c. The Trapper, by Ion, out of Prairie Bird
Mr Rogers na, b, c, Otranto, by Orlando, out of Redbreast, by Redshank

na. b. c. Oliver, by Orlando, out of Symmetry, by Cæsar
Baron Rothschild's br. c. Middlesex, by Melbourne, out of Evening Star
Mr W. Russell's bl. c. Ruminator, by Robert de Gorham, out of Reflection
Mr W. Sadler's b. c. Campstool, by Footstool, out of Ferina, by Venison
Mr C. St. George's gr. c. Grey Plover, by Birdcatcher, out of Whim
Mr John Sanderson's b. c. Corin, by Orlando, out of Maid of Avon

b. c. Sir Oliver Martext, by Orlando, out of Ridotto
Mr J. Scott's b. c. Melcombe, by Melbourne, out of Miss Harewood

b. f. Meteora, by Melbourne, out of Cyprian

b. c. Welham, by Cowl, dam (1841) by Hampton, out of sis. to Voluna
Mr S. Scott's b. c. Monie Moses, by Wintonian, out of Gold Dust's dam
Mr Peter Short's ch. c. Woodyeates, by Thistlewhipper, out of Louisa, by Teniers
Mr W. Smith's b. c. Old Noll, by The Nob, out of Olla
Mr Spencer's b. c. Sampson (h. b.), by Sir Hercules, out of sis. to Dexterous
Mr J. M. Stanley's b. c. Mirabeau, by Melbourne, out of Myrrha, by Malek

- na. b. c. by Orlando, out of Olive Oil Mr W. Stebbing's ch. c. Done on Purpose (dead), by Accident, out of Nydia the Blind Girl

ch. C. Bright Phoebus, by Harkaway, out of May
- b. c. Flageolet, by Hautboy, out of Middle

b. c. Harold, by Harkaway, dam by Reveller, out of Veil
- b. c. Nicholas, by The Emperor, dam by Wiseacre, out of Clansman's dam

by The Emperor, dam (1842) by Economist, out of Bangtail
Mr T. Stevens's br. c. Sir George, by Pantaloon, out of Venus, by Verulam
Mr T. Taylor's br. c. Ostrogoth, by Orlando, dam by Don John, out of Gamelass
Capt Thelluson's b. c. King Tom, by Harkaway, out of Pocahontas
Mr H. J. Thompson's br. c. Sir James Graham, by Galaor, dam by Hindoo, out of Laneroost's d.

br. c. Gholam Hyder (dead), by Galaor, out of Nursling

b. c. Bonnie Bairn, by British Yeoman, dam (1842) by Alfred, out of Gift
Mr T. Vevers' b. c. (h. b.) by Gabbler, dam by Defence, out of Pessima
Mr 8. Walker's b, c, Winkfield, by Alarm, out of sis. to Gasparoni
Mr Waller's b. c. Vandyke, by Portrait, out of Enterprise

Mr B. H. Walpole's br. c. The President, by Cotherstone, out of Conyngham's dam
Mr Wauchope's ch. c. by John o'Gaunt, out of Valentinia
Mr Wigram's ch, c. Punjaub, by Cotherstone, out of Teleta
Mr T. A. Wilkinson's ch. c, King Sterndale, by Napier, out of Puffin
Mr Williams's b. c. Grimalkin, by St. Lawrence, out of Kitten
Mr Wilmont's b. c. Blakeley, by Orlando, out of Big-wig's dam
Ld Wilton's ch. c. Impress, by The Hero, dam by Touchstone, out of Pet .
Col Wyndham's br. c. Muscovado, by Sweetmeat, out of Surprise
Mr C. Winteringham's b. c. Neville, by Napier, out of Smike's dam
Mr Wreford's br. c. by Mus, out of Wild Deer

b. c. by Mus, out of Margellina
Mr W. Wright's b. c. Handsome Buck, by The Ugly Buck, out of Guerdon, by Tramp
Mr Worthington's br. f. Juliet, by Touchstone, out of Lancashire Witch

b. c. Professor Buck, by Melbourne, dam (1843) by Pantaloon, out of Banter Mr Wyatt's b. c. General Breezo, by Robert de Gorham, out of Clementina, by Acteon

The Epsom Cup of 100 Sovs., added to a Sweepstakes of 10 Sqvs. each, h. ft., for three year olds

7 st.. four 8st. 71b., five and upwards 9st.; mares allowed 5lb., and geldings 3lb.; to run after the Derby, and any horse having run in that race without being placed allowed 3lb.; Derby

Course.-35 subs.
Mr Barber's ch. c. Cobnut, 4 yrs

| Mr W. M. E. Milner's b. c. Grapeshot, 4 yrs Mr Barrett's b. c. Haco, 4 yrs

Sir C. Monck's b. c. Vindex, 4 yrs Count Batthyany's b.c. The Star of Surrey, 3 yrs Mr Morris's b. h. Kingston, 5 yrs D of Bedford's ch. c. Sittingbourne, 4 yrs Mr W. H. Mundy's b. f. Conspiracy, 3 yrs Sir W. Booth's br. c. Phocion, 3 yrs

Mr G. Munro's ch. c. Little Tom, 4 yrs Sir J. Boswell's b. c. Tommy, 3 yrs

Mr T. Parr's ch. c. Rataplan, 4 yrs Mr E. R. Clark's ch. c. Punch Box, 3 yrs Mr W. Reeves ns. ch. c. The Mayor of Hull, Mr R. E. Cooper's ch. c. Woodcote, 3 yrs

4 yrs Mr Death ns. b. c. Cranbourne, 3 yrs

Baron Rothschild's ch. h. Leopold, 5 yrs Ld Derby's b. c. Acrobat, 3 yrs

ch. h. Hungerford, 6 yrs Mr G. W. Feuillade's b. f. Acute Angle, 3 yrs Mr Saxon's ch. c. Barrel, 3 yrs Mr Greville's b. m. Adine, 5 yrs

LD J. Scott's br. f. Catherine Hayes, 4 yrs Mr Gulliver's b. f. Village Lass, 3 yrs

Mr W. H. Scott's ch. c. Tom, 3 yrs Mr Howard's bl. h. Nabob, 5 yrs

Mr J. Shelley ns. b. c. The Reiver, 4 yrs Capt Lowther's b. g. Rackapelt, 4 yrs

Mr W. Smith's b. c. Little David, 4 yrs Mr Lupin's b. f. Jouvence, 4 yrs

b. c. Old Noll, 3 yrs Mr Magenis's br. c. Pantomime, 4 yrs

Mr Way's br. c. President, 3 yrs Mr Mare's ch. h. Ariosto 6 yrs

Ld Wilton's b. c. Orson, 3 yrs

THURSDAY.-The Epsom Four YEAR OLD STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., for colts 8st. 11lb.,

and fillies 8st. 6lb.; New Derby Course. Count Batthyany's b. c. Stone Plover

| Mr Dorrien's ch. c. The Cavalier D of Bedford's br. c. Petrel

Mr A. Heathcote's b. f. Tobolski bl. c. Dabchick

Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Warbler Mr Carew's b. c. Grapeshot

Mr Hornsby's br. c. Blondel b. c. by War Eagle, out of Rigolette

s held's b. f. by Epirus, ou

Mr Magenry's b. c. Cockspur

The Two YEAR OLD STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added; colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 41b, ;

any winner before starting to carry 5lb. extra; half a mile.-27 subs. Mr J. Adkins's b. c. Kettleby

Mr Howard's b. c. Oulston Count Batthyany's br. c. The Dutch Tar

Mr Y. King's b. f. Matilda D of Bedford's ch. f. Para

| Capt Lane's br. f. Paradigm Ld Bruce's b. c. by The Libel, out of Splitvote Mr Liley's b. c. Roderigo Ld Chesterfield's b. f. by Epirus, out of Pe- Mr Lumley's f. Voracity lion's dam

Mr Magenis's b. f. Qualm Mr. Drinkald's b. c. Le Fripon b. c. Katerfelto

Mr J. Newman's b. c. Tom Burke Mr Greville's b. f. Antoinette

Mr Osbaldeston's b, c. Rifieman Mr Gulliver's b. f. Bessie

Mr Payne's c. by Cotherstone, out of Polydora Mr Harris's ch. c. by Faugh a Ballagh, out of

b. c. by Orlando, out of Layla Fringe

D of Richmond's ch. c. by Chatham, out of Mr Hives's b. f. by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of Evasion Black Doctor's dam

Baron Rothschild's b. c. Pylades Mr J. H. Hopkins's b. f. by Flatcatcher or Mr Mr Saxon's ch. f. Evangeline Martin, out of Doubtful's dam

Mr William's br. c. Triumvir

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The GRAND STAND PLATE of 100 sovs., added to a handicap sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each, h. ft.;

the winner of any race after publication of the weights (matches excepted) to carry 5lb.

extra ; Derby Course.-15 subs. Mr Allen's br. c. 4.cwell, 4 yrs

| Mr Barber's b. c. Domino, 4 yrs

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