Count Batthyany's br. h. Etheholf, 5 yrs
Ld Glasgow's b. f. Miss Sarah, 4 yrs
Mr Greville's b. h. Frantic, 5 yrs
Mr Humphries's ch. c. Pyrois, 3 yrs
Mr Lowe's bl. f. Madame Landeau, 4 yrs
Mr G. Mather's b. h. Prime Minister, 6 yrs

- b. f. Eva, 3 yrs

Mr G. Munroos b. c. Sine Quà Nom, 3 yrs
Mr F. N. Osborne's b. f. Rosalba, 4 yrs
Mr Rogers's b. f. Miss Bolton, 3 yrs
Mr Saxon's br. m. Calot, 5 yrs
Mr T. Stevens's ch. e. Herenles, 3 yrs
Mr R. Wood's b. f. Conspiracy, 3 yrs

FRIDAY.The OAKS STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., for fillies, 8st. 71b. each; the second to

receive 100 sovs. out of the stakes; the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the police and

regulations of the Course, and 30 sovs. to the Judge; one mile and a half.-156 subs. Mr J. Adkins' bl. f. Tribute, by Touchstone, out of Jet

- b. f. Test, by Touchstone, out of Tarella

- b. f. Hilarity, by Harkaway, out of Benita's dam
Gen Anson's b. f. Lovebird, by Bay Middleton, out of Elopement

b. f. Haze, by Cotherstone, out of Gossamer
br. f. Moresca, by Don John, or Iago, out of Black Bess
- ch. f. Rally, by John o'Gaunt, out of Raillery

- b. f. Remorse, by Ion, out of Retrospect
Mr J. Arber's br. f. Bridesmaid, by Sweetmeat, out of Size, by Starch
Mr C. Baker's ch. f. Mississippi, by Old England, out of Miami
Mr G. Barton's bl, f. The Gem, by Touchstone, out of The Biddy

- br. f. Moss Rose, by Touchstone, out of Lady Sarah, by Velocipede

- br. f. Jetty Treffz, by Melbourne, out of Ellen Lorraine
Mr Batson's f. The Little Pet, by Phlegon, out of Wee Pet
Sir J. Boswell's ch. f. Harmony, by Pyrrhus the First, out of Sweetheart
Mr Bowes's ch. f. Mesia, by Epirus, out of Wiasma

b. f. Streatlam Fairy, by Epirus, out of The Flapper
Mr H. Bradshaw's ch. f. Bondmaid, by Ishmaelite, out of Barbarian's dam
Mr Breton's b. f. Rosaline, by Orlando, out of Switch
Mr W. H. Brook's b. f. by Orlando, out of Moonbeam

b. f. by Orlando, out of Idolatry
Mr J. Brown's b. f. Balmoral, by Lanercost, out of Burlesque
Ld Bruce's ch. f. Bribery, by The Libel, out of Splitvote
Mr Bryan's ch. f. by Birdcatcher, dam by Barkston, out of Anonymous
Mr L. Byrne's ch, f. Tidy, by Birdcatcher, out of Roller's dam
Mr E. R. Clark's b. or br. f. by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of Lady Liverpool

ch. f. (h. b.) by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of sis. to Gobbo
Mr J. Clark's ch. f. Naomi (h. b.), by Harkaway, out of Elcot's dam
Ld Clifden's b. f. Violet, by Melbourne, out of Snowdrop, by Dr. Syntax

b. f. Nightshade, by Touchstone, out of Prussie Aeid - b. f. Mulligrubs, by Melbourne, out of Blue Devils

b. f. Sofa, by Footstool, out of Flycatcher
b. f. Tambourine, by Bay Middleton, out of Concertina
- br. f. Bird's-nest, by Bay Middleton, out of Birdlime

- ch. f. Ossa, by John oʻGaunt, out of Ma Mie
Mr Combe's b. f. Apropos, by Alarm, out of sis. to The Nob
Mr W. D. Cook's f. Qui Vire, by The Hydra, out of Windlass
Mr Cookson's ch. f. Spicey, by Sweetmeat, out of Lady Fanny

br. f. Mincemeat, by Sweetmeat, out of Hybla, by The Provost Mr R. E. Cooper's b. f. The Novice, by John O'Gaunt, out of Nun Appleton

- ch. f. Poetry, by John o'Gaunt, out of Queen of the May
Mr Copeland's ch, f. Becky Sharpe (dead), by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Rosa, by Cain

-- ch. f. Antonia, by Epirus, out of The Ward of Cheap
Mr Copperthwaite's ch. f. The Maid of Moorfield, by Magpie, out of Gramachree
Mr Stirling Crawfurd's b. f. by Cotherstone, out of Pic-nic
Mr W. Cuthbert's br. f, by Hetman Platoff, out of Queen of Tyne
Mr Walter Day's b. f. Diana, by Venison, out of Cestus
Mr Delamere's br, f. by Cæsar, out of Guarracha
Capt Delme's b. f. Hubbub, by The Laird o'Cockpen, out of Frederica (Cobham's dam)
Ld Derby's b. f. Sortie, by Melbourne, out of Escalade

ch. f. The Ranee, by John o'Gaunt, out of Meanee
Mr S. A. Dickson's b. f. by The Emperor, out of Mogulistan :
Mr Disney's b. f. Juonita Perez, by Melbourne, out of Jeanette, by Birdcatcher
Mr C. Dorrien's b. f. Empress Catherine, by The Emperor, out of Ally Croker
Mr J. S. Douglas's ch. f. Kitty Clover, by Robert de Gorham, dam by Muley, out of Rosalia
Ld Downshire's b. f. Malmsey, by Harkaway, or The Libel, out of Malvoisie
Mr Drinkald's b. f. The Empire, by The Emperor, out of Violet, by Cotherstone
Ld Eglinton's b. f. The Jealous One (late Holiday), by Melbourne, out of Gala

b. f. Integrity, by Van Tromp, out of Rectitude
b. f. Glaucopis, by Melbourne, out of Bellona
ch. f. Erycina, by St. Martin, out of Venus, by Langar

Mr Morrist. Goldfinch, by st. by St. Bennett.

Ld Eglinton's b. f. Bianca, by Touchstone, out of Queen Bee

- na. br. f. by Bay Middleton, out of Lunacy, by Delirium Mr H. Elwes's ch. f. Joan of Arc, by The Hero, out of Witticism Ld Exeter's b. f. Miranda, by Lanercost, out of Celia

- b. f. Ava, by Lanercost, out of Mecca
- b. f. Granada, by Lanercost, out of Macremma
- b. f. by Scutari, out of Amaryllis

b. f. Delia, by Nutwith, out of Marmora
Mr Flintoff's b. f. Wire, by Heron, out of Countess of Lichfield
Mr Gregory's ch. f. Ladybird, by Birdcatcher, out of Lady, by Zinganee
Mr Greville's ch. f. Durindana, by Orlando, out of Despatch

- b. f. Little Gerry, by Alarm, out of Geraldine
Mr Robert Harrison's b. or br. f. Shirley, by Rochester, out of Jane Eyre
Mr Harrison's b. f. Lady Ponsonby, by Duncannon, out of Quidette, by Quid
Mr C. Harrison's b. f. Maid of Balmoral, by Cowl, out of Mark Parvin's dam
Mr Hebblethwaite's br. f. Inspiration, by Ithuriel, out of Miracle
Mr Howard's ch. f. Victorine, by Robert de Gorham, out of Pelerine
Mr Jaques's b. f. Crosslanes, by Slane, out of Diversion

b. f. Alas! by Melbourne, out of Ennui, by Bay Middleton _ ch. f. Warplot, by Pyrrhus the First, out of Maid of Hart Mr A. Johnstone's br. f. Circe, by Annandale, out of Calypso

b. f. Amanda, by Annandale, out of Extravaganza
Mr Jones's b. f. Réveillé, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Steppingstone's dam
Mr D. Lane's b. f. Mantilla, by Cotherstone, out of Cloak
Sir C. Monck's br, f. Vignette, by St. Bennett, out of Garland

b. f. Goldfinch, by $t. Bennett, out of Gaiety
Mr Morris's ch. f. Taper, by The Libel, out of Lantern
Mr Mountford na. ch. f. Daphne, by Epirus, out of The Lady of Penydaren
Mr Newland's ch. f. El Dorado, by Harkaway, out of Epaulette
Mr T. Newton's b. f. by Cowl, dam by Lanercost, out of The Nun
Mr A. Nichol's bl. f, Honeysuckle, by Touchstone, out of Beeswing
Mr Osbaldeston's b. f. Vera, by Touchstone, out of Shropshire Lass's dam
Mr Joseph Osborne's ch. f. Ariel, by Tearaway, out of Ennui, by Humphrey Clinker
Mr J. Osborne's b. f. The British Queen, by Touchstone, out of Queen of Beauty

b. f. Lady John, by Pantaloon, dam by Rasselas, out of Queen of the Gipsies' dam

- b. f. by Burgundy, out of Hopeful (Priam the Third's dam) La Palmerston's ch. f. Austrey, by Harkaway, out of Zeila, by Emilius Mr C. A. Parker's b. f. Lady Helen, by Red Deer, out of Louisa, by Hetman Platoff

b. f. sis. to The Countess of Burlington, by Touchstone, out of Lady Emily Mr Payne's br. f. Olitipa, by Van Tromp, out of Valentine

- b. f. Glengowrie, by Touchstone, out of Glencairn

- b. f. Strutaray, by Bay Middleton, out of Lady Strut Mr Pedley's br. f. Orange-blossom, by Gameboy, out of Bridle Sir R. Pigot's b. f. sis. to Filius, by Venison, out of Birthday

br. f. Folly of the Day, by Conyngham, out of Prioress
Mr T. Procter's ch. f. Lady Elizabeth, by John o'Gaunt, out of Lady Riddlesworth
Mr Quin's br. f. Wild Irish Girl, by Melbourne, out of Wheel
Mr R. Read's br. f. Beauty, by Robert de Gorham, out of Protection

b. f. Monitress, by Cotherstone, out of Gipsy Queen, by Dr Syntax
Mr Rogers's ch. f. by Minotaur, out of Lady Love
Mr Roper's b. f. Maid of Clifton, by Touchstone, out of Barba
Mr T. Sare's bl. f. Worthless, by Paragone, out of Satire, by Don John
Mr W. B. Savin's b. or br. f. Lady Constance, by The Knight of the Whistle, out of Slipshol
Mr J. Scott's b. f. Meteora, by Melbourne, out of Cyprian
Ld J. Scott's b. f. Terrona, by Touchstone, out of Alice Hawthorn

ch. f. Lady Audrey, by Pantaloon, out of Kirtle Mr R. D. Shafto's ch. f. Miss Worthington, by Cotherstone, out of the Wryneck Mr Peter Short's b. f. by Thistlewhipper, dam by Defence, g. d. by Cain, out of Ridotto Mr G. T. Smith's ch. f. Lady Flora, by Cotherstone, out of Bonny Bonnet Mr C. Spence's b. f. Trump Queen, by Poynton, out of Christobel, by Charles XII. Mr J. M. Stanley's b. f. Qrierulous (dead), by Slane, out of Temper

b. f. Mishap, by Alarm, out of Miss Slane, by Slane Mr W. Stebbing's b. f. Heedless, by Harkaway, out of Rigolette

ch. f. Curry, by Dulcimer, out of Chutnee

b. f. Violet, by John o'Gaunt, out of Cytherea, by Camel
La Stradbroke's b. f. Omoo, by Orlando, out of Boarding-school Miss
Capt Thellusson's b. f. Donna Sabina, by Don John, out of Sorella
Mr H. J. Thompson's b. f. Bridekirk, by British Yeoman, dam (1844) by Charley Boy
Mr Vickers's ch. f. Lady Jane, by The Hero, out of Fanny, by Whisker

b. f. Himalaya, by Bay Middleton, out of Moodkee

b. f. Bay Celia, by Orlando, out of Hersey Mr Waller's gr. f. Miniature, by Portrait, out of Orelio's dam Mr T. H. Walthew's br. f. by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of sis. to Sir Ralph

Mr T. H. Walthew's ch. f. by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Dart's dam
Ld Waterford's ch. f. by Corranna, out of Elf, by Harkaway

b. f. by Corranna, out of Repartee
Mr. Wauchope's ch. f. Bethia, by Ben-y-Ghlo, out of Erato

- ch. f. Calliope, by Oakley, out of Constance
Mr B. Way's b. f. Lady Lotty, by Bay Middleton, out of Chamois, by Venison
Mr Wentworth's b. f. Monimia, by Melbourne, out of Charlotte (Azeth's dam)
Ld Westminster's ch. f. Nelly Hill (late Annabel), by Springy Jack, out of Ann Page

— b. f. Device, by Springy Jack, out of Decoy
Mr T. A. Wilkinson's ch. f. Lady Napier, by Napier', out of Confusionée
Mr T. Wilkinson's f. The Bee, by Sweetmeat, out of Neasham's dam
Mr Williams's bl. f. Loquacious, by Robert de Gorham, out of Gabble
Mr J. Willington's b. f. Comfort, by Birdcatcher, out of All's Well, by Recovery
Mr F. Wilson's ch. f. Graziella, by Orlando, out of The Princess of Wales (h. b.)
Ld Wilton's br. f. sis. to Aphrodite, by Bay Middleton, out of Venus
Mr W. S. Wood's b. f. Omen, by Melbourne, out of The Stormy Petrel

Mr Worthington's br. f. Juliet, by Touchstone, out of Lancashire Witch
u " "

el bancome wen - b. f. Phoebe, by Touchstone, out of Collina Mr Wreford's br. f. by Mus, out of Wit's-end

- b. f. by Mus, out of Wedding Day

b. f. by Bay Middleton, out of Fraudulent Mr Wright's b. f. The Greek Slave, by Ratan, out of Prairie Bird

The GREAT SURREY FOAL STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 100 added, for three year olds, colts

8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 3lb.; the winner of the Derby to carry 121b., the second horse in that race, or the winner of the Oaks, or the 2,000 Guineas Stakes, 6lb. extra; to be run after the Oaks, and fillies having started in that race without being placed first or second allowed 3lb.;

last mile of the Derby Course.-22 subs. Count Batthyany's ch. c. The Star of Surrey | Mr Greville's ch. c. Quince - ch. c. Oxus

Mr Hornsby's b. or br. c. Brutus D of Bedford's bl. c. Sambo

Mr Osbaldeston's b. c. Champagne - ch. c. Hesse Cassel

- b. c. by Touchstone, out of Fuglech. c. Pelham

man's dam Mr Clark's ch. f. Naomi (h. b.)

Mr Payne's br. c. Boer Ld Clifden's br. c. Astolfo

b. f. Glengourie - b. c. Royalist

Baron Rothschild's br. c. Middlesex - b. c. Rodo Meli

- br. f. The Jewess Mr Dorrien's bl. c. Telegraph

Mr Snewing's b. c. Dan Cupid Mr Douglas's ch. f. Kitty Clover

Mr Villiers na. b. c. Brigliadoro Mr Greville's br. c. Bessus

EPSOM, 1855.

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WEDNESDAY.-The DERBY STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., colts 8st. 715., fillies 8st. 21b.; the second to receive

100 sovs. out of the stakes: the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the police and regulations ot the course, and

50 sovs. to the Judge; the last mile and a half on the New Course.-198 subs. Gen Anson's ch. c. by Orlando, out of Muffatee

| Ld Bruce's b. c. by The Libel, out of Splitvote - b. c. Cavalier, by Orlando, out of Ellipsis Sir R. W. Bulkeley's ch. c. Aneurin, by Mango, out of - b. c. Roderigo, by Iago, out of Treacle

The Hipped Mare ---- ch. c. by Iago, dam by Gladiator, out of Mar

- br. c. Talhaiaru, by Mango, dam by Picaroon, chesina

out of Bonny Bonnet _ bk. c. by Joe Lovell, out of Buzz

Mr W. Bulmer's b. c. by Flatcatcher, dam by Ratan, Mr J. Adkins's b, or br. c. Sardonyx, by Lanercost, out out of Lady Harriet, by Sir Hercules of Crown Jewel

Mr Buliner na. ch. c. Westminster (late Blight), by b. or br. c. Vandyke, by Van Tromp, out of Slane, out of Marten Cat Duchess of Lorraine

Mr M. Cane's b. c. Toby Fillpot, by Burgundy, out of Mr B. Austin's ch. c. The Bodicote Squire, by The Hy- Betty Swipes, by Launcelot dra, out of Judy Callaghan (h. b.)

Mr J. Cookson's' br. c. Titormus, by Epirus, out of Mr Armstrong's b. c. Wallis, by The Ugly Buck, out of Testatrix Teresa, by Langar

ch. c. Cinnamon, by Sweetmeat, out of Gadfly Mr N. Balfe's br. c. Kinsman, by Colwick or Oxonian,

bk. c. Sweet Balsam, by Sweetmeat, out of out of Zea

Recipe, by The Doctor Mr G. Barton's bk. c. Poor Dick, by Touchstone, out of Mr J. Catton's br. c. The Knight of the Village, by Ellen Lorraine

Rochester, dam by Falcon, out of White Cockade D of Bedford's ch. c. Paros, hy Paragone, out of Tan-Mr R. Chilton's br. c. Lorenzo, by Launcelot, out of Sarina

crifice, by Voltaire - br. g. Spinner, by Weatherbit, out of Teetotum Mr F. Clarke's b. e. Norwegian, by Van Tromp, out of

br. c. Pugnator, by Weatherbit, out of Fistiana Carlotta, by Charles XII. Sir J. Boswell's ch. c. Freddy, by Pyrrhus the First, Mr Carr's bk. c. Aspen Leaf, by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of out of Sweetheart, by The Doctor

Quiver Mr Bowes's b. c. Aurifer, by Melbourne, out of Mow-Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of erina

Alarin's dam gr. c. The Bonnie Morn, by Chanticleer, out of

ch. c. Brother to Mr. Sykes, by Sir Tatton Forget-me-not

Sykes, out of Sister to Gobbo (h. b.) - b. c. Græculus Esuriens, by Epirus, out of The

b. c. by Sir Tatton Sykes, ont of Damson Flapper

br. c. (h. b.) by Faugh-e-Ballagh, out of CauMr W. H. Brook's br. c. by Van Tromp, out of Moon- rouch's dam beam

La Clirden's b. g. Glengyle, by Surplice, out of Glenlui

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d Clifden's b. c. Orphrey, by Surplice, out of H.R.H. Mr R. Hawdon's b. c. Courtney, by Flatcatcher, out of

- ch. c. Favus, by Footstool, out of Beeswax Honeywood's dam
e. Socinian, by Surplice, out of Slander

Mr Jepson's b. c. Ned Poins, by Slane, out of Mahascah - br. c. Epigram, by Bay Middleton, out of Irony Mr A. Johnstone's br. c. Rotheram, by Touchstone, out Mr R. E. Cooper's b. c. Lymington, by Bay Middleton, of Rowena out of Queen of the May

b. c. Lord of the Isles, by Touchstone, out of -b.c. The Russian, by Bay Middleton, out of Fair Helen, by Pantaloon Empress, by Emilius

br. c. Conveyancer, by Annandale, out of Exe- br. c. Pantheon, by Lanercost-Pan's dam

cutrix br. f. by Lauercost, out of Nun Appleton Mr Jaques’s b. c. Deerstealer, by Pyrrhus the First, out Mr Copeland's ch. c. Cocytus, by Epirus, out of Rosa ot Gipsy - br. c. His Piper, by King Cole, out of The Lass Mr Knowles's b. c. Damascus (dead), by Lanercost, out of Underley

of Palmyra Mr W. S. Stirling Crawfurd's br. f. Crochet, by Mel - bic. The Rajah, by Ion, out of Hinda, by bourne, out of Stitch, by Hornsea

Sultan Mr T. Dawson's b. c. The Cropper, by Flatcatcher, out

ch. c. Cecrops, by Orlando, out of Io of Croppy

- br. c. The Sandboy, by Tadmor, dam by GlauMr Dawson's ch. c. by Malcolm, out of Itch's dam

2222 2ņēmēģřti\ ► br. c. by Malcolm, out of Kate Forest

= b. c. Charlatan (dead), by Flatcatcher, out of Mr Drinkald's gr. c. Monge, by Mathematician, dam Deminus (1843) by Bay Middleton, out of Grey Momus's dam Mr R. Langan's b. c. The Tatterer, by Tearaway, out

bic. Le Fripon, by Sleight of Hand, dam by of Osprey, by Birdcatcher Bay Middleton

Mr C. Liley's ch. c. The Huntsman (late Old Carter), - b. c. Katerfelto, by Sleight of Hand, dam (1839) by Harkaway, out of Forest Flower by Hampton, out of Amadis

c. The Morn, by Chanticleer, out of Egeria bic. Professor Airey, by Mathematician, out of Capt Lane's br. c. Velvet, by Paragone, dam (1839) by The Bee

Agreeable, grandam by Whisker-Sam-Morel - br. c. by Mathematician, dam (1847) by Sleight La Londesborough's b. t. The Mosquito, by Launcelot, of Hand, out of Grey Momus's dam

out of Martha Lynn Capt Delmé's b. c. Ontario, by St. Lawrence, out of

b. c. Phabus, by Pompey, out of Phæbe Anglia

Mr R. G. Lumley's b. c. by Hetman Platoff, out of InLd Dorchester's b. c. Cruiser, by Venison, out of The fidelity, by Voltaire Chase's dam

- b. c. Flatterer, by Hetman Platoff, out of ch. c. Prince of Wales, by Orlando, out of The Racketty Girl's dam Queen

Mr Magenis's b. c. Pommel, by Robert de Gorham, out Mr Dorrien's br. c. Lawyer Endless, by Lanercost, out of Side Saddle of Ally Croker

Mr Mare's br. c. Tynemouth, by Iago, out of Queen of Ld Downshire's br. c. The Bison, by Crozier, out of The Tyne Buffalo Gal

- b. c. by Bay Middleton, dam by Discount, La Derby's br. c. Paletot, by Touchstone, out of Canezou Mr Meiklam's br. c. Chisel, by Poynton, out of Conso

b. c. De Clare, by Touchstone, out of Miss Bowe lation's dam

- b. or br. c. The Professor, by Surplice, out of Mr J. Merry's ch. c. Cock of the North, by Chanticleer, Minerva, by Muley Moloch

out of Sunflower Mr J. E.'Denison's ch. c. by Loutherbourg, out of - b. c. Cockspur, by Chanticleer, out of Emeute Wheatsheaf

Mr Milner's b. c. Airlie. by Chanticleer, out of Azalea Mr Edwards’s b. c. Saraband, by Cotherstone, out of Mr Morris's ch. c. The Duke of Hereford, by John Sequidilla

o'Gaunt, out of Arethusa Ld Eglinton's b. c. Corcbus, by Slane, out of Gala

br. c. Donald, by Planet, out of Bonnie b. or br. c. Dirk Hatteraich, by Van Tromp, ont Sir C. Monck's br. c. Vandal, by Van Tromp, out of of Blue Bonnet

Garland - b. c. Neoptolemus, by Pyrrhus the First, out of Mr Montague's b. c. Marco Spada, by Flatcatcher, out Queen Bee

of Spanish Girl Mr H. Elwes's b. c. Commander in Chief, by The Hero,

br. c. Hickleton, by Pompey, out of Minx (Sister out of Witticism

to Melbourne) Ld Exeter's b. c. Nutjobber, by Nutwith, out of Camera Mr Nevill's b. c. by Paragone, ont of Sneer Obscura

Mr Newland's br. c. Triumvir, by Pompey, out of ch. c. Strood, by Chatham, out of Pocahontas Ratafia b. c. Hazel, by Nutwith, out of Elegance Ld Orford's ch. c. Affghan, hy Birdcatcher-Adelgund ch. c. Elm, by Beiram, out of Datura

Mr Osbaldeston's b. c. Rifleman, by Touchstone, out of Mr T. H. Farmer's b. c. by Venison, out of Red Rose | Campfollower Mr Griffiths's b. c. Wildman, by Orlando or The Cur

- b. c. Claret, by Touchstone, ont of Mountain rier, out of Bonehill's dam

Sylph Mr Gough's b. or br. c. by Melbourne, out of Fausta MrJ. Osborne's gr. c. Lord Alfred, by Chanticleer, out Mr W. Garrett's b. c. Little Brownie, by Flatcatcher, of Agnes out of Louisa, by Hetman Platoff

b.c. Spencer, by Cotherstone, out of Polka, by Mr Gorton's b. c. 'Volunteer, by Ithuriel, out of Abaft | Emilius Mr W. Gulliver's ch. c. Frederick, by Archy, out of - br. c. Chevaux de Freize, by Barrier-Oh! Don't Australia

La Palmerston's ch. c. Arnaut, by Epirus, out of Zeila Mr Greville's b. c. Gerald, by Alarm, out of Geraldine Mr Payne's b. c. Valentinian, by Bay Middleton, out of

- br. c. Brother to Exhibition, by Melbourne, out Valentine of Industry

- br. c. by Cotherstone, out of Polydora bk. c. Joshua, by Jericho, out of Bay Araby Mr Peck's br. c. The Baronet, by Roscius, dam by Dr Headlam's b. c. 'Ingomar, by Iago, out of Little Rocket or Cardinal Puff, out of Ringlet Bundle

Mr T. H. Pedley's b. c. Swaggerer, by Cowl, out of Lady Mr Hesseltine's b. c. The Knowing Bird, by Flatcatcher, 1 Strut out of Little Bird

ch. c. Dartmouth, by Chatham, out of Clemenbr. c. Rocket, by Ithuriel-Blue Light

tina, by Actæon Mr Hill's gr. c. Jackdaw, by Magpie, out of Dahlia, Sir R. Pigot's bk. c. Uncle Tom, by Conyngham, out br. c. Kingstown, by Tearaway, out of Foin of Runnymede's dam

Mr J. Painter's b. c. Tom Burke, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, Mr Halford's br. c. The Speaker (dead), by Melbourne, out of Julia, by Muley Moloch out of Harriet

Mr F. L. Popham's b. or br. c. Wild Dayrell, by Ion, Mr Harrison's b. c. Noddy, by Mango, out of Butterfly, out of Ellen Middleton, by Bay Middleton by Shakespeare

Mr J. Powney's b. c. William the Third, by The Hero, Sir'J. Hawley's b. c. by Venison, out of Vexation

out of Velleda br. f. Supplicant, by Cowl or Nutwith, out of Mr Ralph's bk, or br. c. Restoration, by The Black Mendicant

Prince, out of Mustee's dam. - b. f. hy Cowl, out of Cheshire Witch

D of Richmond's br. c. by Red Hart, out of RefracMr Howard's br. c. Oulston, by Melbourne, out of Alice tion Hawthorn

ch. c. by Chatham,out of Evasion



Mr T. W. Redhead's b, or br. e. Duke of Hamilton (late | Mr W. Stebbing's b. e. Prince Plausible, by Flatcatcher Hambledon), by Vau Tromp, out of Delaine

out of Princess Alice, by Bay Middletou Mr Rickaby's br. c. Brother to Ada Mary, by Bay Mid

br. c. The Nailer, by Flatcatcher, out of Lady dleton, dam hy Tramp

Harriet Mr J. Robinson's ch. c. IIeyday, by Conyngham, out of

b. c. Elvaston, by Ithuriel, out of Sophistry Well-a-Day, by Priam

Mr J. Stone's br, or bk. c. (h. b.), by The Label, out of Mr Rogers's b. c. Jehoshaphat, by Jericho, out of Pan- Sister to Dexterous (wrong nom.) cake's dam

Mr T. Stephenson's ch. c. by Collingwood, out of Sister b. c. Top-sawyer, by The Nob, out of The Gent's to Pillage dam

| Mr H. T Thompson's b. c. Baroda, by The British Baron Rothschild's b. c. Hampden, by Melbourne, out Yeoman, out of Pharmacopoeia of Emerald

br. c. Sir George, by The British Yeoman, dam Sir C. Rushout's br. c. Ethelbald, by St. Lawrence, out by Hindoo, out of Otis of Espoir

Mr H. S. Thompson's b. c. by Harkaway-Walfruna Mr W. Sadler's b. c. by Surplice, out of Ferina

b. c. by Poynton, dam Merry Lass, by Mulatto Mr W. Saunders's br. c. by Rochester, out of Black Mr W. W. Thomas's b. c. Van Winkle, by Van Tronp. Bess, by Sheet Anchor

dam by Bobadil, out of Zoe Ld J. Scott's br. f. Rambling Katie, by Melbourne, out Mr Thomas's br. c. Dalston, by Beverlac, out of Glance of Phryne

Mr C. Vickers's b. c. Namur, by The Hero, out of Mr J. Scott's br. c. Louvat, by Loup Garou, out of Moodkee Blight's damn

Mr Villiers na. c. by Surplice, out of Clernentina (Chedbr. c. The Corfiote, by St. Lawrence, out of dar's dam), by Venison Ionia, by Ion

Mr B. Way's b. c. Dr. Cooke, by Surplice, out of Madge b. c. The American, by St. Lawrence, out of Wildfire Ohio, by Montreal

Mr W. Wright na. ch. c. Beau Morris, by Sirikol, out - nia. b. c. Priesteraft, by Cowl, out of Protec of Lady Ann, by Langar tion

Ld Waterford's b. c. by Seahorse, out of Red Rose na, b. c. Sir Roger IIill, by Cotherstone, out of

b. c. by Seahorse, out of Puss Chamois

Mr Wigram's b. c. Thuisco, by John o'Gaunt, out of Mr W. M. Shepherd's ch. c. The Great Prophet, by Joan Flatcatcher or Velox, out of Mrs. Gill

Mr Whitworth's b. c. Rylstone, by Touchstone, out Mr W. Smith's 1). f. The Cave Adullum, by Bay Mid Lady Sarah dleton, out of Charlotte, by Liverpool

- br. c. Atherstone, by Touchstone, out of Lady ch. c. Hollander, by Orlando, out of Olla

Mary Mr H. Sinyth's ch. c. Astronomer, by Crozier, out fo Mr T. Wilkinson na. b. or br. c. by Flatcatcher, dan Fair Star

1 (1847) by Humphrey, grandam by The Saddler Mr C. Snewing's b. c. Brinhlou, by Venison, out of Mr C. Wintringham's b. c. Given-away, by Harkaway, Manacle

out of Vert Vert Mr J. S. Spence's gr. c. Yorkshire Grey, by Chanti- Mr Wreford's ch. c. by Epirus, out of Fraudulent cleer, out of Miss Lydin

c. by Epirus, out of Margellina Mr J. M. Stanley's b. c, Cortes, by Alarm, out of Ortez | Mr Williams's br. c. 'Westminster, by Touchstone, out Mr W. Stebbing's b. c. Exmouth, by Collingwood, out of Miss Beverley of May.

b. c. Newington, by Blarney, out of Goose, by b. c. Saucebo.r, by St. Lawrence, out of Priscilla Touchstone Tomboy

Mr F. L. Wilmot's bk. c. Black Pepper, by Prince b. c. Dazzle, by Flatcatcher, out of Miss Norton George (son of Voltaire), out of Bigwig's dam FRIDAY.The OAKS STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.,for fillies, st. 71b. each; the second to receive 100 sovs.

out of the stakes; the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the police and the regulations of the course, and 30 sovs.

to the Judge; the last mile and a half, to be run on the New Course.--164 subs. Mr Abbot na. b. f. by Bay Middleton, out of Gaiety Ld Chesterfield's b. f. by Orlando, out of Boarding Mr J. Arnold's b. f. Tocsin, by Alarm, out of Chadling- School Miss ton Maid

b. f. by Epirus, out of Ma Mie Capt Archdall's b. f. Buda, by Jeremy Diddler, out of Mr Clapperton's br. f. by Flatcatcher, out of Maid of Medea, by Whisker

all Work Gen Anson's b. f. Lambs' Wool, by Joe Lovell, out of Mr F. Clarke's ch. f. by Collingwood, out of Lucy Haggish

Banks - ch. f. by Surplice, out of Elopement

Mr E. R. Clark's br. f. by Sweetmeat, out of Avis - b. f. Lady Meibourne, by Melbourne, out of

b. f. by Sir Satton Sykes, out of The Black Raillery

Doctor's dam ch. f. by The Libel, out of Twilight

Ld Clitden's b. f. Aconite, by Surplice, out of Prussic Mr B. Austin's ch. f. Erangeline, by The Hydra, out of Acid Fanny Booth

b. f. Chalice, by Orlando, out of Crucifix Mr N. Balfe's br. f. Dewdrop, by Colwick, out of White

ch. f. Simony, by Surplice, out of Latitude Rose

- ch. f. Homily, by Surplice, out of Blue Devils Mr G. Barton's b. f. by Melbourne, out of Mystery

- f. Chasuble, by Surplice-Rose of Cashmere br. f. Culcary, by Melbourne, out of Lady Bar

- b. f. Causeuse, by Footstool, out of Gaze bara

ch. f. Daffodil, by Epirus, out of Snowdrop Mr Batson's bk. f. by Birdcatcher, out of Barbara

ch. f. Dodona, by Epirus, out of Plenary D. of Bedford's ch. f. Habena, by Birdcatcher, out of

br. f. Thessaly, by Epirus, dam by Erymus, Bridle

out of Ma Mie - br. f. Alcyone, by Robert de Gorham, out of Mr Copeland's ch. f. Phylace, by Epirus, out of Assay Misnomer

Mr Coates's ch. f. Igo, by Iago, out of Frea Mr Bowes's ch. f. by Pyrrhus the First, out of Wiasma Mr Dawson's b. f. by Malcolm, out of Mark Tapley's dam

b. f. The Northern Maid, by Flatcatcher, out of Mr Drinkald's b. f. Algebra, by Mathematician, out Maid of Lune

of Bay Momus's dam Mr W. H. Brook's br. f. by Van Tromp, out of Idolatry Ld Downshire's b. f. Incer, by Crozier, out of Colleen Mr C. Breton's ch. f. Aurora, by Meteor, out of Rosa Ogue line's dam

Ld Derby's b. f. by Melbourne, out of Meeanee Mr W. Baxter's br, f. Alice Laycock, by Pompey, out of Ld Exeter's b. f. Álmond, by Nutwith, out of Celia Hawise

ch. f. Besika, by Beiram, out of Merope Mr Bulmer na, br. f. Amy (late Forest Maid), by Ga

b. f. Nagara, by Beiram, out of Catherina laor, out of Camphine

na. ch. t. Zelica, by Nutwith, out of Minaret Mr R: Chilton's br. f. by Launcelot, out of Eulogy Mr W. Etwall's br. f. Thistle-fly, by Thistlewhipper, out

br. f. Whimsical, by Launcelot, out of Whim of Sister to Ægis

- ok. f. Cacique, by Launcelot, out of Yarico Mr C. Formby's br. f. by Lanercost, d. by Coronation, Mr R. E. Cooper's br. f. by Lanercost, out of Nun out of Dromedary's dam Appleton

Ld Glasgow's b. f. by Orlando, out of Physalis Mr J. Cookson's br. f. Cloce, by Sweetmeat, out of Hybla

b. f. by Pyrrhus the First, out of Miss Whip Mr W.S. Stirling Crawfurd's br. f. Crochet, by Mel Mr J. Glasgo's br. f. Charlotte, by Cotherstone, out of bourne, out of Stitch, by Hornsea

1 Sister to Ainderby

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