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Side 4 - The Moor and the Loch. Containing Minute Instructions in all Highland Sports, with Wanderings over Crag and Corrie, Flood and Fell. By JOHN COLQUHOUN.
Side 4 - STEPHENS. The Book of the Farm ; detailing the Labours of the Farmer, Farm-Steward, Ploughman, Shepherd, Hedger, Farm-Labourer, FieldWorker, and Cattleman.
Side 46 - SOTS., to carry 31b. extra that year ; horses having started in 1853 and not won allowed 31b. that year ; the owner of the second horse to receive a sum equal to 10 per cent, on the whole stake, and the third a sum equal to 5 per cent, on the whole stake ; two miles, over the Old Course.
Side 250 - In running of heats, if it cannot be decided which Horse is first, the heat goes for nothing, and they may all start again, except it be between two Horses that had each won a heat.
Side 30 - , 1 1 >. . fillies 8st. 41b. ; the owner of the second horse to receive a sum equal to 10 per cent...
Side 11 - Sst. 4Ib. ; those by stallions or out of mares which never produced a winner allowed 3lb.
Side 250 - ... must be mentioned, if known, unless the dam has a name which is to be found in the Stud Book or Racing Calendar ; in which case the name of the sire and dam will be sufficient.
Side 20 - SO sovs. each, h. ft. ; three year old fillies 8st. 71b. each ; the second to receive 100 sovs. out of the stakes ; the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the police and regulation of the course; mile and a half ; 172 subs.
Side 77 - Oaks in 1 854 to carry 716 extra ; the second, 2ft extra. Neither the allowances of weight for not winning, nor the penalties of extra weight for winning and for running second, are to be accumulative. The second horse to receive 1001.

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