Reducing Industrial Mortality. sion, something to be cherished and proDuring the ten years since September

tected, not lost. Many things depend 1, 1911, approximately 6000 workers have upon it-professional standing, memberbeen killed in California. The Industri- ship in organizations, positions. Withal Accident Commission reports that the out it the doors are closed. average age of these workers was 37.8 M. D. is for the doctor, the D. D. S. for

The R. N. is for the nurse what the years. The dependents of these industrially killed numbered 7696 as a result arian. Why not use it? Why do we

the dentist, the D. V. S. for the veterinof 3555 deaths. The total dependents find it absent so often when officially it were 2502 widows, 3665 children and 374 belongs at the end of a name? Mary under the heading of "all others." The number of partial dependents was 1155. Smith is just Mary Smith a woman, The number killed leaving no or un

Mary Smith, R. N., is a registered nurse,

a graduate of an accredited school of known dependents was 2445. The average age of the widows was 38.2 years ination, who knows or should know her

nursing who has qualified by state examand the average age of the children 8.6 business as a nurse; she has standing years. The Commission states: "The and a definite status. death of 6000 workers in a decade is an indictment against a common citizen- of Registration of Nurses there are five

In a certain set of files in the Bureau ship.” The number of industrial deaths in California, however, show a reduction

thousand and seven (5,007) registered of almost one-third for the seven year There are in another set of files four

nurses alive and functioning as such. period from 1914 to 1920 inclusive. In thousand six hundred and twenty-eight 1914 there were 25.1 fatal industrial

(4,628) expired. Some of these are, no accidents per 100,000 population, while in 1920 this was reduced to 17.3 acci- doubt, not of this world, some have 'left dents per 100,000 population. The pro-profession; this is what remains after

the state, some have abandoned their tection of the public health and the prevention of disease have many points of the expired may later wish to be

the renewal of 1922. Undoubtedly some in common with the prevention of indus, revived, but as they are now in the files trial accidents. While every safeguard must be provided for the protection of their certificate is dead. This list will the public against industrial accidents soon be ready for the secretaries of the and against communicable disease, still

associations to check up on their memthe greatest single factor in both' lines bership: It is an interesting list because

it is alive and worth the work entailed of endeavor lies in education.

to get it. 變

Are you using your R. N.? Mayor Urges Vaccination.

The canker of disease gnaws at the very Mayor Berkeley of Santa Monica, root of our national strength. The sufferers although smallpox is not present in his are not few or insignificant. They are the city, is urging the people of Santa bread winners for at least a third part of our Monica to pay closer attention to vacci- population. That they have causes of disease

indolently left to blight them amid their toil nation against smallpox. Mayor Berke- is surely an intolerable wrong. ley places strong emphasis upon the to redress that wrong is perhaps among the need for the prevention of the disease institutions can afford.—Sir John Simon. and urges the people of his city to heed the recent increase in the number of cases throughout the state and to act

It has been said that the most remarkable now in prevention of the appearance of discovery of the present age, more remarkable

than the telephone, automobile or aerial navismallpox in Santa Monica.

gation is the discovery of a social conscience. 0

Perhaps it is this social conscience which has led us to appreciate that the test of our

civilization lies in our attitude toward our Why Use the “R. N.”?

As Secretary Hoover has so vividly

"Our responsibility for children is Nurses have fought and bled for their based not alone in human aspirations, but it "R. N.” on many a legislative battlefield. is also based upon the necessity to

physical mental and moral health and the It has come to be the symbol of a pro-economic and social progress of a nation. fession, the magic letters that open the Any child that is delinquent in body educadoor and lead further on, that place the tion or character is a charge upon the whole

community as a whole and a menace to the seal of qualification and proclaim the community itself. The children are the army holder as one who has met certain re- with which we must march to progress.' quirements. It is not easily won; it has cost three years of stiff training, a state

What is required next is popular educaexamination, sometimes two and threeon--education not in disease but in health.examinations. It is a precious posses | Sir William Osler.

And to be able


put it.




BY LAW. Influenza.


MEASLES Influenza has almost reached the BERI-BERI

MUMPS vanishing point. There were but 294 BOTULISM


CEREBROSPINAL MENIN. TORUM cases reported last week.

GITIS (Epidemic)

PARATYPHOID FEVER sharp decrease as there were nearly 4000 CHICKEN POX

PELLAGRA cases reported during the week ending CHOLERA, ASIATIC PLAGUE


PNEUMONIA March 18th.





ROCKY MOUNTAIN Smallpox remains about stationary. (Epidemic)

SPOTTED (or Tick) The disease is still more prevalent in ERYSI PELAS


SCARLET FEVER Santa Clara County and Kern County


SMALLPOX than other sections of the state. In San GERMAN MEASLES SYPHILIS Jose and in the rural districts of Santa GLANDERS


TRACHOMA Clara County 11 cases were reported GONOCOCCUS INFEC

TUBERCULOSIS last week. Kern County and Bakers-HOOKWORM

TYPHOID FEVER field reported 10 cases; 4 cases were in INFLUENZA


LEPROSY Los Angeles and 2 in Long Beach.


Typhoid Fever.
Typhoid fever doubled in prevalence required.

*Reported by office number. Name and address not last week. There were 16 cases reported, 4 of which are in Stockton, 3 in Orange

QUARANTINABLE DISEASES. County, 2 in Kern County and 2 in San CEREBROSPINAL MENIN- POLIOMYELITIS Francisco. Plumas County, Monterey

GITIS (Epidemic)


County, Tulare County, Los Angeles and DIPHTHERIA

TYPHOID FEVER Sacramento each reported 1 case.


Cerebrospinal Meningitis.

PLAGUE San Francisco and Los Angeles each

Section 16, Public Health Act. All physicians, reported a case of this disease last week. nurses, clergymen, attendants, owners, proprietors,

managers, employees, and persons living in or visiting Epidemic Encephalitis.

any sick person in any hotel, lodging house, house, Not a single case of this disease was building, office, structure, or other place where any reported last week.

person shall be ill of any infectious, contagious, or

communicable disease, shall promptly report such fact Poliomyelitis.

to the county, city and county, city, or other local No cases of poliomyelitis were report of the person, if known, and place where such person

health board or health officer, together with the name ed last week.

is confined, and nature of the disease, if known. COMMUNICABLE DISEASE REPORTS.

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A. J. SCOTT, JR., M. D.


Entered as second-class matter February 21, 1922, at the post office at Sacramen o, California, under the

Act of August 24, 1912.
Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of Oc ober 3. 1917.

Vol. I, No. 10
APRIL 22, 1922



Keep Your Cold at Home.

coyote afflicted with rabies can deThe Philadelphia Forum, an organi- stroy, in one day, $10,000 worth of zation working along the same lines property. In the State of California as the San Francisco Commonwealth as many as 40 beef cattle have been Club and the Los Angeles City Club, bitten in one night, each of which requests its members not to attend animals is valued at $110. The presclub meetings when they are suffering district means tremendous losses in

ence of rabies in any stock-raising from colds, fever sore throat. This request is printed on the reverse

live stock. The presence of rabies in side of admission cards, together with any community means that children an appeal to concede to the rights of are likely to be bitten by rabid dogs. others by observing this precaution A valuation can be placed upon an against the spread of disease. It is animal, but who can place a valuation said that complete observance has upon the life of a child? been secured with satisfactory results and that the measure meets with the A Few Vital Facts. approval of the members.

47,380 people died in California last

year. San Joaquin Falls in Line.

72,000 children we

were born in Cali

fornia during 1921.
San Joaquin County is forging
ahead in the organization of a full-fornia during the year 1921.

There were 46,972 marriages in Cali-
time health department. The county
board of supervisors and the officials California last year, 8,367 died of dis-

Of the 47,380 persons who died in of the incorporated towns of Lodi,

eases of the circulatory system. Manteca, Stockton and Tracy are

339 died of influenza. working together on the new plan.

5,427 died of tuberculosis. There is a strong probability that all

3,216 died of pneumonia. of the incorporated and unincorpo- 4,025 died of cancer. rated territory in the county will be

3,602 died of Bright's disease and organized into one large health unit. nephritis. The people of San Joaquin County

5,161 died of diseases of the nervand the officials who are working

ous system.
toward the establishment of a full-
time health department are to be con- died of diarrhea and enteritis.

1,003 children under 2 years of age gratulated for taking this progressive

323 persons over 2 years of age stand, which is certain to be product-died of diarrhea and enteritis. ive of better community health.

4,808 infants (under 1 year of age)

died in 1921. Rabid Coyotes Cause Damage.

469 mothers died of puerperal disIn the House of Representatives recently, Representative Raker of

982 persons committed suicide.

(From incomplete vital statistics returns for California made the assertion that onel 1921.)


upon huma

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT like the temperature, pulse and res

OF A COMMUNITY. piration of a patient and disclose the By Haven Emerson, M.D., New York City is the object of all this information?

state of community health. And what The health officer is the family phy- In the first place the health officer sician of the state, the county, the needs information because he is the city or the village.

health engineer and educator of the His patient is the entire population. people. It is as foolish to advise

This super-physician is engaged in people against pneumonia in July, or an endless campaign of study and malaria in January, as to tell a patient action for development of health, the how to treat himself for rheumatism prevention of sickness, and the post- when he comes complaining of an ponement of death. He must know earache. his population with precision, not only Education of the public is the health the number of individuals, but their officer's most important service, eduages, races, and the occupations of all cation in the laws of health and how whom he is responsible for. He must to observe them. When he learns know where they live and under what that the mothers of his county or city conditions they live. He is interested die because they have not known how in their earnings, because when wages to live in health while waiting for the are steady and income good most baby's arrival, he must spread broadpreventable diseases decrease. cast the promise of safety which

Habits of work and play, the cus- comes from medical care of the extoms and religions of his people, are of pectant mother. importance to him. As one person dif- When he learns that many school fers from another, villages, towns and children have crooked backs, weak cities have their characteristics as eyes, decayed teeth, thin bodies and definitely marked. All facts that bear diseased tonsils, he must become a

life and happiness must crusader in the homes of his combe collected and recorded by the munity where the children are waiting health officer by standard methods for for school age. When he finds from each succeeding generation.

2 to 5 per cent of working men and Thus is gathered the family history women sick all the time because they of this community patient.

and their employers have not learned What does this great family eat and the necessity of cleanliness, good air, drink? asks the health officer. Is the safe machinery, avoidance of fatigue water safe and good to taste? Are in shops, he must carry his message the foods clean, wholesome, nourish- and drive it home with regulations, ing? In particular, is the milk free if necessary. from pollution and kept cold, and Health can not be given the comclean, and covered?

inunity by laws, moving pictures, ofSo the inquiry of the health officer fering advice, or fining those who fail is similar to the questions the doctor to report disease. The patient, the asks when a patient in his office comes community can be as healthy as it complaining of fever, pain or weak- chooses, or as sick as it is willing to ness.

stand for. Only when the community Is there always fresh, sweet, clean fully understands the reasons for air for these many noses of the com- things will it take an active part in munity to breathe? Are houses, public health work. Public health is schools, shops, theaters, and trains purchasable just as private health is, always good places for mankind which by personal effort, willingness to folrequires such generous doses of fresh low advice and the payment of a very air, cool air, moving breezy air, to small insurance premium. keep in health? Do the people keep It costs less to keep a baby alive their own bodies clean and see that than to bury it. It costs less to prethe waste and sewage of houses and vent disease than to care for it. A factories are disposed of decently and sick community is a poor community without damage to others? Making his and a bad neighbor. inquiry still more precise, the health The health department of any state officer wants to know at once and at is the greatest insurance company and all times all cases of preventable the cheapest in existence, but it can sickness, especially the communicable not run without payment of premiums and occupational diseases, and the in- and when in addition to money, the fecti of mothers and little babies. patient gives his earnest and intelliand sickness will be reduced a quạr-

Section on
ter and the investment will be re-

turned a hundred fold in dividends.

Thursday, April 27, 9 a.m. to 12 m.
Dosing oneself with unknown drugs,

Chairman: Dr. Walter M. Dickie.
with patent medicines, guessing at the 1. Mental Hygiene and Its Relation to the
cause when the baby has convulsions, Health Problem.
are no more sensible than treating a Dr. V. H. Podstata, Assistant Professor
community without making a diag-

of Psychiatry, University of California.

Discussion led by Elizabeth B. Skeele, Sec-
nosis first and learning the true cause retary, Associated Charities, Oakland,
and extent of prevailing diseases, most


of which are preventable.

2. Public Health and Its Relation to the Social


Health is wealth; it is purchasable; Dr. Emory S. Bogardus, Professor of
within natural limitations any com-

Sociology, University of Southern Cali-
munity can determine its own death 3. The Control of Communicable Diseases and


Its Effect Upon the Social Problem,
Dr. William C. Hassler, Health Officer,

City of San Francisco.
Health Programs at San Diego.

Discussion led by Dr. Alex M. Lesem,

Health Officer for San Diego.
In addition to the meeting of the 4. The Health Center and Its Relation to the
Section on Public Health to be held


Dr. Alvin Powell, Director, Alameda
Thursday morning, April 27, at the County Health Center,
annual Conference of Social Workers 5. The Relation of the County Hospital to the

General Social Problem.
in San Diego, joint sessions with the

Rev. C. A. Ramm, President, State Board

sections on family and child welfare, of Charities and Corrections.

relief and education will be held on

6. Care of Hospital Convalescents.

Mr. Norman Martin, Superintendent of

Wednesday and Friday mornings, Charities and Hospital, Los Angeles

April 26 and 28. It is hoped that a County.

large number of public health work-

Joint Sections on

ers will be able to attend the con-

ference. The full programs for these



three meetings are published here-


Friday, April 28, 9 a.m. to 12 m.



Dr. Miriam Van Waters,

Dr. Walter M. Dickie,


Miss Katherine Felton.

Civic Auditorium, April 25-28, 1922. 1. Mental Hygiene in Solving Problems of
San Diego, California.

Ex-Service Families.


Dr. Walter M. Dickie

Frances McCalughry, Psychiatric Field

Secretary, State Board of Health.

Worker, Letterman Government Hos-

pital, San Francisco.

Joint Section on

2. Childhood, the Golden Period of Mental



Dr. Ernest B. Hoag.

Wednesday, April 26, 9 a.m. to 12 m.

3. Child Hygiene in the Home.

Dr. A. J. Scott, Jr., Member, State Board


of Health.

Mrs. 0. Shepard Barnum,

4. Dental Hygiene.

Dr. Walter M. Dickie.

Miss Charlotte Greenhood, Bureau of
Theme: "Education and Re-Education."

Dental Hygiene, State Board of Health.

Presiding :

5. Social Aspects of Sterilization.

Mrs. Elizabeth McManus,

Dr. John R. Haynes, State Board of
Director, Bureau of Social Hy.

Charities and Corrections.
giene, State Board of Health,

1. Constructive Factors in Health.

Dr. Herbert R. Stolz, State Supervisor of

Physical Education.

2. Rebabilitation by Education.

A Correction.

(a) Disabled Veterans.

It was announced in the April 15th
Major F. H. McKeon, Command-
ant, U. S. Public Health Hos-issue of this publication that blood for
pital, Camp Kearny.

the new diphtheria immunity test devised
(b) The Industrially Handicapped.

Mr. H. D. Hicker, Assistant State by Dr. W. H. Kellogg, could be sent to

Supervisor Rehabilitation. the laboratory in tinfoil sheets such as

3. Social Hygiene Education.

were used several years ago for sending

Dr. Edna F. Bailey, Director of Science, specimens for Widal tests. This infor-

4. Conservation of Health in the Los Angeles mation is in error. Specimens may be

Public School System.

sent in the Widal outfits now in use, the

Mrs. Susan B. Dorsey, Superintendent, blood to be collected in the small vial
Los Angeles City Schools.

and forwarded in regular container.

5. Child Health Education.

Mrs. John Collier, Child Health Organi- Regulation outfits for the new test will

zation of America.

be ready soon.

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