Ricardo's High Price of Bullion Including, An Essay on Profits

Cosimo, Inc., 1. des. 2006 - 132 sider
Friend to, colleague of, and influence on the likes of James Mill, Jeremy Bentham, and Thomas Malthus, revolutionary British writer DAVID RICARDO (1772-1823) was one of the foundational thinkers of classical economics, developing theories of rent, wages, profits, value, and labor that continue to dramatically impact economic philosophy today.Here, in one volume, are two of his profoundly significant essays: In 1810's "The High Price of Bullion" Ricardo calls for the adoption of a metallic currency. And "An Essay on Profits," from 1815, contains Ricardo's arguments against protectionism in Britain's national policy, and was instrumental in the eventual defeat of the country's tariffs on agricultural products.____________________________________ALSO FROM COSIMO: Ricardo's Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

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