trict of Alaska, and to define, modify, or change the boundaries thereof, and designate or change the location of any land office therein; and he is also authorized and empowered to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, a register for each land district he may Register and ro

reestablish and a receiver of public moneys therefor; and the register and receiver appointed for such district shall, during their respective terms of office, reside at the place designated for the land office. That the registers and receivers of public moneys in the land districts of Alaska shall each receive an annual salary of one thousand five Salaries. hundred dollars and the fees provided by law for like

officers in the State of Oregon, not to exceed, including · such salary and fees, a total annual compensation of three

thousand dollars for each of said officers.

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at Sitka.


SEC. 8. That the said District of Alaska is hereby created a land district, and a United States land office U.S. land office for said district is hereby located at Sitka. The commissioner provided for by this act, to reside at Sitka, shall be ex officio register of said land office, and the clerk provided for by this act shall be ex officio receiver of public

moneys, and the marshal provided for by this act shall be ex officio surveyor-general of said district, and the laws of the Mining law

made applicable. United States relating to mining claims, and the rights incident thereto, shall, from and after the passage of this act, be in full force and effect in said district, under the administration thereof herein provided for, subject to such regulations as may be made by the Secretary of the Interior, approved by the President: Provided, That the Land owned

by Indiano. Indians or other persons in said district shal not be disturbed in the possession of any lands actually in their use or occupation or now claimed by them, but the terms under which such persons may acquire title to such lands is reserved for future legislation by Congress: And provided further, That parties who have located mines or min-in Mines and mineral privileges therein under the laws of the United States applicable to the public domain, or who have occupied and improved or exercised acts of ownership over such claims, shall not be disturbed therein, but shall be allowed to perfect their title to such claims by payment as aforesaid: And provided also, That the land, not exceeding six hundred and forty acres, at any station now occupied as missionary stations among the Indian tribes in said sec- Missionary sta. tion, with the improvements thereon erected by or for such socioties, shall be continued in the occupancy of the several roligious societies to which said missionary sta



tions respectively belong until action by Congress. But lawoord. 6. not nothing contained in this act shall be construed to put in

force in said district the general land laws of the United States.

General land applicable.

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An Act Extending the homestead laws and providing for a right of way

for railroads in the district of Alaska, and for other purposes.




Citizens of

SEC. 13. That native-born citizens of the Dominion of Canada te mining Canada shall be accorded in said District of Alaska the etc.

same mining rights and privileges accorded to citizens of the United States in British Columbia and the Northwest Territory by the laws of the Dominion of Canada or the local laws, rules and regulations; but no greater rights shall be thus accorded than citizens of the United States or persons who have declared their intention to become such, may enjoy in said District of Alaska; and the Secretary of the Interior shall from time to time promulgate and enforce rules and regulations to carry this provision into

effect. Bonding privi. SEC. 14. That under rules and regulations to be prelege to Canada. scribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, the privilege of

entering goods, wares, and merchandise in bond or of placing them in bonded warehouses at any of the ports in the District of Alaska, and of withdrawing the same for exportation to any place in British Columbia or the Northwest Territory without payment of duty, is hereby granted to the government of the Dominion of Canada and its citizens or citizens of the United States and to persons who have declared their intention to become such whenever and so long as it shall appear to the satisfaction of the President of the United States, who shall ascertain and declare the fact by proclamation, that corresponding privileges have been and are being granted by the Government of the Dominion of Canada in respect of goods, wares and merchandise passing through the territory of the Dominion of Canada to any point in the District of Alaska from any point in said District.

Approved, May 14, 1898 (30 Stat., 415).

An Act Making further provisions for a civil government for Alaska,

and for other purposes.

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What rocorded. SEC. 15. The respective recorders shall, upon the pay

ment of the fees for the same prescribed by the AttorneyGeneral, record separately, in large and well-bound separate books, in fair hand:

First. Deeds, grants, transfers, contracts to sell or convey real estate and mortgages of real estate, releases of mortgages, powers of attorney, leases which have been acknowledged or proved, mortgages upon personal property;

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Ninth. Affidavits of annual work done on mining claims:

Tenth. Notices of mining location and declaratory statements;

Eleventh. Such other writings as are required or permitted by law to be recorded, including the liens of mechanics, laborers, and others: Provided, Notices of location of mining Claims shall be filed for record within Mining claims. ninety days from the date of the discovery of the claim described in the notice, and all instruments shall be recorded in the recording district in which the property or Where instrusubject matter affected by the instrument is situated, and ments recorded. where the property or subject-matter is not situated in any established recording district the instrument affecting the same shall be recorded in the office of the clerk of the division of the court having supervision over the recording division in which such property or subjectmatter is situated.

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tions for record.

Sec. 16. * * * Provided, Miners in any organized Miners' regulamining district may make rules and regulations governing ing, etc. --recorder. the recording of notices of location of mining claims, water rights, flumes and ditches, mill sites and affidavits of labor, not in conflict with this act or the general laws of the United States; and nothing in this act shall be construed so as to prevent the miners in any regularly organized mining district not within any recording district established by the court from electing their own mining recorder to act as such until a recorder therefor is appointed by the court: Provided further, All records here- Records at tofore regularly made by the United States commissioner Dea, eto., legalat Dyea, Skagway, and the recorder at Douglas City, not in conflict with any records regularly made with the United States commissioner at Juneau, are hereby legalized. And all records heretofore made in good faith in any regularly organized mining district are hereby made public records, and the same shall be delivered to the recorder for the recording district including such mining district within six months from the passage of this act.







Sec. 26. The laws of the United States relating to min- Mining laws oxing claims, mineral locations, and rights incident thereto tended to Alaska. are hereby extended to the district of Alaska: Provided, That subject only to such general limitations as may be Gold, etc. Exnecessary to exempt navigation from artificial obstruc- Blorations on

Sea. tions al land and shoal water between low and mean high tide on the shores, bays, and inlets of Bering Sea, within the jurisdiction of the United States, shall be subject to exploration and mining for gold and other precious metals by citizens of the United States, or persons who have


with laws.


mits to mine void, etc.

miners' regula- legally declared their intentions to become such, under

such reasonable rules and regulations as the miners in organized mining districts may have heretofore made or may hereafter make governing the temporary possession

thereof for exploration and mining purposes until other—not to conflict wise provided by law: Provided further, That the rules

and regulations established by the miners shall not be in conflict with the mining laws of the United States; and no exclusive permits shall be granted by the Secretary of War authorizing any person or persons, corporation, or

company to excavate or mine under any of said waters Exclusive per- below low tide, and if such exclusive permit has been

granted it is hereby revoked and declared null and void; but citizens of the United States or persons who have legally declared their intention to become such shall have the right to dredge and mine for gold or other precious metals in said waters, below low tide, subject to such general rules and regulations as the Secretary of War may prescribe for the preservation of order and the protection of the interests of commerce; such rules and regulations shall not, however, deprive miners on the beach of the right hereby given to dump tailings into or pump from the sea opposite their claims, except where such

dumping would actually obstruct navigation; and the etc., not to apply: reservation of a roadway sixty feet wide, under the tenth

section of the act of May fourteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, entitled "An act extending the homestead laws and providing for right of way for railroads in the district of Alaska, and for other purposes," shall not apply to mineral lands or town sites.

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A laska.


etc., required

Approved, June 6, 1900 (31 Stat., 327, 329).
An Act To amend the laws governing labor or improvements upon

mining claims in Alaska. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representaprovenents, tives of the United States of America in Congress assemet en recusands on Bled, That during each year and until petent has been mining claims.

issued therefor, at least one hundred dollars' worth of labor shall be performed or improvements made on, or for the benefit or development of, in accordance with

existing law, each mining claim in the district of Alaska Filing affi. heretofore or hereafter located. And the locator or

owner of such claim or some other person having knowledge of the facts may also make and file with the said recorder of the district in which the claims shall be situate an affidavit showing the performance of labor or. making of improvements to the amount of one hundred dollars as aforesaid and specifying the character and extent of such work. Such affidavit shall set forth the following: First, the name or number of the mining claims and where situated; second, the number of days' work done and the character and value of the improvements placed



evidence of



thereon; third, the date of the performance of such labor and of making improvements; fourth, at whose instance the work was done or the improvements made; fifth, the actual amount paid for work and improvement, and by whom paid when the same was not done by the owner. Such affidavit shall be prima facie evidence of the per- Prima facie formance of such work or making of such improvements, performance but if such affidavits be not filed within the time fixed by work, etc. this act the burden of proof shall be upon the claimant to establish the performance of such annual work and improvements. And upon failure of the locator or owner of any such claim to comply with the provisions of this act, as to performance of work and improvements, such claim shall become forfeited and open to location by others as if no location of the same had ever been made. The affidavits required hereby may be made before any Officer boloro officer authorized to administer oaths, and the provisions may be made. of sections fifty-three hundred and ninety-two and fiftythree hundred and ninety-three of the Revised Statutes are hereby extended to such affidavits. Said affidavits shall be filed not later than ninety days after the close of Time of filing. the

year in which such work is performed. SEC. 2. That the recorders for the several divisions or districts of Alaska shall collect the sum of one dollar and fifty cents as a fee for the filing, recording, and indexing said annual proofs of work and improvements for each claim so recorded.

Approved, March 2, 1907 (34 Stat., 1243).

whom affidavits


An Act Extending the time in which to file adverse claims and institute adverse suits against mineral entries in the district of Alaska. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives Time extended

for filing adverso of the United States of America in Congress assembled, mineral claims in That in the district of Alaska adverse claims authorized Alaska. and provided for in sections twenty-three hundred and twenty-five and twenty-three hundred and twenty-six, United States Revised Statutes, may be filed at any time during the sixty days period of publication or within eight months thereafter, and the adverse suits authorized and provided for in section twenty-three hundred and twenty-six, United States Revised Statutes, may be instituted at any time within sixty days after the filing of said claims in the local land office.

Approved, June 7, 1910 (36 Stat., 459).

An Act To modify and amend the mining laws in their application to

the Territory of Alaska, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, Association of the United States of America in Congress assembled claims prohibited. That no association placer-mining claim shall hereafter

required. be located in Alaska in excess of forty acres, and on every placer-mining claim hereafter located in Alaska and until a patent has been issued therefor, not less than


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