Priority to ap



proved, shall be kept constantly and conspicuously
posted at each station where toll is demanded or collected.
And any person, corporation, or company collecting or at-
tempting to collect toll without such written authority
from the Secretary of the Interior, or failing to keep the
same posted as herein required, shall be deemed guilty of
& misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be fined
for each offense not less than fifty dollars nor more than
five hundred dollars, and in default of payment of such
fine and costs of prosecution shall be imprisoned in jail
not exceeding ninety days, or until such fine and costs of
prosecution shall have been paid.
That any person, corporation, or company qualified to

plicants for right construct & wagon road or tramway under the provisions of way. of this act that may heretofore have constructed not less than one mile of road, at a cost of not less than five hundred dollars per mile, or one-half mile of tramway at a cost of not less than five hundred dollars, shall have the prior right to apply for such right of way and for lands at stations and terminals and to obtain the same pursuant to the provisions of this act over and along the line hitherto constructed or actually being improved by the applicant, including wharves connected therewith. That

noncompletion. if any party to whom license has been granted to construct such wagon road or tramway shall, for the period of one year, fail, neglect, or refuse to complete the same, the rights herein granted shall be forfeited as to any such uncompleted section of said wagon road or tramway, and thereupon shall revert to the United States without further action or declaration, the notation of such uncompleted section upon the records of the land office shall be canceled, and the reservations of such lands for the purposes of said right of way shall cease and become null and void without further action. And if such road or tramway shall not be kept in good condition for use, the Secretary of the Interior may prohibit the collection of No toll on road toll thereon pending the making of necessary repairs. That all mortgages executed by any company acquir

inortgages ing a right of way under this act, upon any portion of its road that may be constructed in said District of Alaska, shall be recorded with the Secretary of the Interior, and the record thereof shall be notice of their execution, and shall be a lien upon all the rights and property of said company as therein expressed, and such mortgage shall also be recorded in the office of the secretary of the District of Alaska and in the office of the secretary of the State or Territory wherein such company is organized: Provided, That all lawful claims of laborers, contractors, subcontractors, or material men, for labor performed or material furnished in the construction of the railroad, tramway, or wagon road shall be a first lien thereon and take precedence of any mortgage or other lien.

Sec. 7. That this act shall not apply to any lands within the limits of any military, park, Indian, or other



Mechanio ', lions.

Government reservations

Amendment. Transfer of right

of way.

Preference priority in vey.


reservation unless such right of way shall be provided for by act of Congress.

SEC. 8. That Congress hereby reserves the right at any time to alter, amend, or repeal this act or any part thereof; and the right of way herein and hereby authorized shall not be assigned or transferred in any form whatever prior to the construction and completion of at least one-fourth of the proposed mileage of such railroad, wagon road, or tramway, as indicated by the map of definite location, except by mortgages or other liens

that may be given or secured thereon to aid in the conto struction thereof: Provided, That where within ninety

days after the approval of this act, proof is made to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Interior that actual surveys, evidenced by designated monuments, were made, and the line of a railroad, wagon road, or tramway located thereby, or that actual construction was commenced on the line of any railroad, wagon road, or tramway prior to January twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, the rights to inure hereunder shall, if the terms of this act are complied with as to such railroad, wagon road, or tramway, relate back to the date when such survey or construction was commenced; and in all conflicts relative to the right of way or other privilege of this act the person, company, or corporation having been first in time in actual survey or construction, as the case may be, shall be deemed first in right.

Sec. 9. That the map and profile of definite location of such railroad, wagon road, or tramway, to be filed as

hereinbefore provided, shall, when the line passes over Surveyed lands. surveyed lands, indicate the location of the road by

reference to section or other established survey corners, and where such line passes over unsurveyed lands thé location thereon shall be indicated by courses and distances and by references to natural objects and permanent monuments in such manner that the location of the road may be readily determined by reference to descriptions given in connection with said profile map.

Indications of location on profile map.



Approved, May 14, 1898 (30 Stat., 409).




An Act To authorize the President of the United States to locate, con

struct, and operate railroads in the Territory of Alaska, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives thorized to operate railroads in of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

That the President of the United States is hereby empowered, authorized, and directed to adopt and use a name by which to designate the railroad or railroads and properties to be located, owned, acquired, or operated under the authority of this act; to employ such officers, agents, or agencies, in his discretion, as may be necessary to enable him to carry out the purpose of this act; to authorize and require such officers, agents, or agencies to perform any or all of the duties imposed upon him by


Location purpose.

the terms of this act; to detail and require any officer or officers in the Engineer Corps in the Army or Navy to perform service under this act; to fix the compensation of all officers, agents, or employees appointed or designated by him; to designate and cause to be located a route or routes for a line or lines of railroad in the Territory of Alaska not to exceed in the aggregate one thousand miles, to be so located as to connect one or more of the open Pacific Ocean harbors on the southern coast of Alaska with the navigable waters in the interior of Alaska, and with a coal field or fields so as best to aid in the development of the agricultural and mineral or other resources of Alaska, and the settlement of the public lands therein, and so as to provide transportation of coal for the Army and Navy, transportation of troops, arms, munitions of war, the mails, and for other governmental and public uses, and for the transportation of passengers and property; to construct and build a rail- Construction. road or raliroads along such route or routes as he may so designate and locate, with the necessary branch lines, feeders, sidings, switches, and spurs; to purchase or otherwise acquire all real and personal property necessary to carry out the purposes of this act; to exercise the power of eminent domain in acquiring property for such use, which use is hereby declared to be a public use, by condemnation in the courts of Alaska in accordance with the laws now or hereafter in force there; to acquire rights of te rights ont way,

of ,

, etc. way, terminal grounds, and all other rights; to purchase or otherwise acquire all necessary equipment for the construction and operation of such railroad or railroads; to build or otherwise acquire docks, wharves, terminal facilities, and all structures needed for the equipment and operation of such railroad or railroads; to fix, change, or modify rates for the transportation of passengers and

Transportation property, which rates shall be equal and uniform, but no free transportation or passes shall be permitted except that the provisions of the interstate commerce laws relating to the transportation of employees and their families shall be in force as to the lines constructed under this act; to receive compensation for the transportation of passengers and property, and to perform generally all the usual duties of a common carrier by railroad; to

rier, duties. make and establish rules and regulations for the control and operation of said railroad or railroads; in his discretion, to lease the said railroad or railroads, or any pletion. portion thereof, including telegraph and telephone lines, after completion under such terms as he may deem proper, but no lease shall be for a longer period than twenty years, or in the event of failure to lease, to operate the same until the further action of Congress: Provided, That if said railroad or railroads, including Subject to intelegraph and telephone lines, are leased under the authority herein given, then and in that event they shall leased. be operated under the jurisdiction and control of the isting lines.

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rates, etc.



61002° ---S. Doc. 547, 64-1-3

Lease after com


comlaws if

Purchase of ex

Canal machinery,



provisions of the interstate commerce laws; to purchase, condemn, or otherwise acquire upon such terms as he may deem proper any other line or lines of railroad in Alaska which may be necessary to complete the construction of the line or lines of railroad designated or located by him: Provided, That the price to be paid in case of purchase shall in no case exceed the actual physical value of the railroad; to make contracts or agreements

with any railroad or steamship company or vessel owner

agree- for joint transportation of pasengers or property over ments with other the road or roads herein provided for, and such railroad

or steamship line or by such vessel, and to make such other contracts as may be necessary to carry out any of

the purposes of this act; to utilize in carrying on the Use of Panama work herein provided for any and all machinery, equipetc., for construc- ment, instruments, material, and other property of any

sort whatsoever used or acquired in connection with the construction of the Panama Canal, so far and as rapidly as the same is no longer needed' at Panama, and the Isthmian Canal Commission is hereby authorized to deliver said property to such officers or persons as the President may designate, and to take credit therefor at such percentage of its original cost as the President may approve, but this amount shall not be charged against

the fund provided for in this act. Operation telegraph and tel

The authority herein granted shall include the power to construct, maintain, and operate telegraph and telephone lines so far as they may be necessary or convenient in the construction and operation of the railroad or railroads as herein authorized and they shall perform generally all the usual duties of telegraph and telephone lines for hire.

That it is the intent and purpose of Congress through this act to authorize and empower the President of the United States, and he is hereby fully authorized and empowered, through such officers, agents, or agencies as he may appoint or employ, to do all necessary acts and things in addition to those specially authorized in this act to enable him to accomplish the purposes and objects of this act.

The President is hereby authorized to withdraw, locate, thorized.

and dispose of, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, such area or areas of the public domain along the line or lines of such proposed railroad or railroads for town-site purposes as he may from time to time designate.

Terminal and station grounds and rights of way through subject to reservations for termi- the lands of the United

States in the Territory of Alaska are hereby granted for the construction of railroads, telegraph and telephone lines authorized by this act, and in all patents for lands hereafter taken up, entered or located in the Territory of Alaska there shall be expressed that there is reserved to the United States a right of way for the construction of railroads, telegraph and telephone lines to the extent of one hundred feet on either side of

ephone lines.


powers vested in President.

Town sites au

Public lands

Dals, rights of way, etc.



the center line of any such road and twenty-five feet on either side of the center line of any such telegraph or telephone lines, and the President may, in such manner as he deems advisable, make reservation of such lands as are or may be useful for furnishing materials for construction and for stations, terminals, docks, and for such other purposes in connection with the construction and opera- Construction tion of such railroad lines as he

may deem

necessary and desirable.

SEC. 2. That the cost of the work authorized by this act shall not exceed $35,000,000, and in executing the authority granted by this act the President shall not expend nor obligate the United States to expend more than the said sum; and there is hereby appropriated, out of Appropriation. any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $1,000,000 to be used for carrying out the provisions of this act, to continue available until expended. SEC. 3. That all moneys derived from the lease, sale, or Specified

ceipts to be paid disposal of any of the public lands, including town sites, into Treasury. in Alaska, or the coal or mineral therein contained, or the timber thereon, and the earnings of said railroad or railroads, together with the earnings of the telegraph and telephone lines constructed under this act, above maintenance charges and operating expenses, shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States as other miscellaneous receipts are paid, and a separate account thereof shall be kept and annually reported to Congress.

SEC. 4. That the officers, agents, or agencies placed in Reports to bo charge of the work by the President shall make to the made. President annually, and at such other periods as may be required by the President or by either House of Congress, full and complete reports of all their acts and doings and of all moneys received and expended in the construction of said work and in the operation of said work or works and in the performance of their duties in connection therewith. The annual reports herein provided for shall be by the President transmitted to Congr

Approved, March 12, 1914 (38 Stat., 305).


Extract from the agricultural appropriation act, approved March 4,

1915 (38 Stat., 1100).


That hereafter the Secretary of Agriculture, under regulations to be prescribed by him, is hereby authorized , Use of carth,

stone, and timber to permit the Navy Department to take from the na- by Navy for railtional forests such earth, stone, and timber for the use of the Navy as may be compatible with the administration of the national forests for the purpose for which they are established, and also in the same manner to permit the taking of earth, stone, and timber from the national forests for the construction of Government railways and other Government works in Alaska: Provided, That the Government Secretary of Agriculture shall submit with his annual estimates a report of the quantity and market value of Report.

. earth, stone, and timber furnished as herein provided.


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