Geography and History,

C. Law; F. C. and J. Rivington; Scatcherd and Company; J. Walker; Darton, Harvey, and Darton; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; J. Mawman; B. Crosby and Company; and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, 1813 - 374 sider

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Side 260 - Only double the time of the sun's rising that day, and it gives the length of the night ; double the time of its setting and it gives the length of the day.
Side 26 - ... temporal , who sit, together with the king, in one house, and the commons, who sit by themselves in another. And the king and these three estates, together, form the great corporation or body politic of the kingdom, of which the king is said to be caput, principium, et finis.
Side 255 - IV. — To find the Sun's place in the Ecliptic at any time. The month and day being given, look for the same on the wooden horizon! and over against the day you will find the particular sign and degree in which the sun is at that time.
Side 8 - Eoro, the Tagus, and the Douro, in Spain ; the Po, in Italy ; the Thames, and the Severn, in England ; and the Shannon, in Ireland. 3. The principal mountains in Europe are the Daarne Fields, between Norway and Sweden ; Mount...
Side 315 - Harold, kmg of Denmark, dethroned by his subjects, for being a Christian. 828 Egbert, king of Wessex, unites the Heptarchy, by the name of England.
Side 261 - To find the Length of the longest and shortest Days and Nights in any Part of the World. Elevate the pole according to the latitude of the given place, and bring the first degree of Cancer to the brass meridian (if the given place be in north latitude,) and set the index to twelve ; then brin...
Side xiv - Chronology : or a Catalogue of Monarchs, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Conquest of William, Duke of Normandy : to which are added Chronological Tables of English History, from the Conquest to the present Reign...
Side 338 - Fontenoy. The rebellion breaks out in Scotland, and the Pretender's army defeated by the duke of Cumberland, at Culloden, April 16, 1746. 1746 British Linen Company erected. 1748 The peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, by which a restitution of all places, taken during the war, was to be made on all sides.
Side 259 - ... to the brass meridian, and set the index to 12; then turn the sun's place to the eastern edge of the wooden horizon, and the index will point...
Side 321 - Scotland, dies, and that kingdom is disputed by twelve candidates, who submit their claims to the arbitration of Edward, king of England ; which lays the foundation of a long and desolating war between both nations.

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