Kashf al-ẓunūn ʻan asāmī al-kutub wa-al-funūn

Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland, 1835

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Side 524 - Josiah Forshall, AM This Syriac Chronicle contains chronological tables of the principal dynasties of the world, brief memoirs of the Patriarchs of the Nestorian church, and notices of...
Side 521 - THE TRAVELS OF IBN BATUTA, Translated from the abridged Arabic Manuscript Copies preserved in the Public Library of Cambridge, with NOTES, illustrative of the History, Geography, Botany, Antiquities, &c.
Side 524 - MAFRS.&C. &c. This Bengali work Includes an account of the Rise of the Raja's family, of the events that led to the fatal catastrophe of the Black Hole at Calcutta, and of the triumphant establishment of the English under Lord Clive in Bengal.
Side 524 - The great Geographical Work of Idrisi ; translated by the Rev. GC Renouard, BD This Arabic work was written AD 1153, to illustrate a large silver globe made for Roger, King of Sicily, and is divided into the seven climates described by the Greek geographers.
Side 523 - A DESCRIPTION OF THE BURMESE EMPIRE; Compiled chiefly from Native Documents, by the Rev. FATHER SANGERMANO ; and Translated from his MS. by WILLIAM TANDY, DD Rome, Quarto; 16s.
Side 522 - THE LIFE OF SHEIKH MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN, Written by Himself ; edited from two Persian Manuscripts, and noted with their various Readings, by FC BELFOUR, MA Oxon, &c.
Side 522 - SONS OF PANDU, from the concluding Section of the Mahabharat. Translated from the Persian version, made by Nekkeib Khan, in the time of the Emperor Akbar. By Major David Price, of the Bombay Army, MK A S., of the Oriental Translation Committee, and of the Royal Society of Literature.
Side 523 - TUHFAT-UL-MUJAHIDIN ; a History of the first settlement of the Mohammedans in Malabar, and of their subsequent struggles with the Portuguese. Translated from the Arabic, by Lieut. M.
Side 524 - Is a most rare and valuable work, containing an account of the origin, progress, and decline of the Dynasties which governed the Northern Coast of Africa. Ibn Koteiba's History of the Arabians ; translated by Dr. JH Mœller.
Side 522 - THE SHAH NAMEH OF THE PERSIAN POET FIRDAUSI', Translated and Abridged in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, By JAMES ATKINSON, Esq., Of the Honourable East-India Company's Bengal Medical Service.

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