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ORGIVE me, dearest Lord, for thy dear Son,
The many Ills that I this Day have done,

That with the World, myself, and then with thee,
I, 'ere I sleep, at perfect Peace may be ;
Teach me to live, that I may ever dread
My Grave as little as I do my Bed ;
Keep me this Night, O keep me, King of Kings,
Secure under thine own Almighty Wings. Amen.

Let not the Sun go down upon my Wrath, nor

upon any other unrepented Sin. Let me every Day write at the foot of my Ac: count, Reconciled to my God, and in Charity with /

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Manners make a Man, saith the Courtier:

Money makes a Man, saith the Citizen:

Learning makes a Man, faith the Scholar:

Condućt makes a Man, saith the Soldier:

But Sincerity in Religion makes a Man, saith: the Divine.

Let us endeavour to walk in the Paths of Virtue and Religion, which will certainly entertain us with Pleasure all along the Way, and crown us with Happiness at the End.


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