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thee : If thou hast not as much as others, yet thou hast that which is appointed for thee. In Heaven our Reward shall be, not-according to the good Things we have received here ; but according to the good Works, which we have done here: At the reckoning Day, he will be accounted the wisest Man, that has laid out his Time in good Duties, and his Treasure in good Works.

Q. What is related in History of the six Ages of the World 2 - A. The first Age, from the Creation to the Flood, endured, according to Eusebius and the Seventy-two Interpreters, 22.42 Years. St. Austin differs from them ; his Opinion was, that it endured 2272 Years. The second Age, from Noah's Flood to the Birth of Abraham, endured, according to the Seventy-two Interpreters, Eusebius, and the greatest Part of Writers, 942 Years. During this Age was built the Tower of Babel, the Empire of the Asyrians began, and the great City of Nineveh was built, which contained in Circuit three Days Journey. The third Age, from Abraham to David, endured 942 Years, During this Age, was the Peregrination of Abraham, the Beginning of the Amazons, Sodom and Gomorrah destroy'd, joseph sold to the Byptians. D

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