Reports Received from June 28, 1912, to July 11, 1913–Continued.

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Adeo. Chile:

Iquique. China,

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1 May 18-24, still present in Ampo,

Chaoyang, Fungshun, Kityang, Puning, Ta-pu, and other

points along the railway. 29

May 1-15,60 to 70 fatal cases in

the eastern part. Apr. 10-May 22, 300 fatal cases in the Sun

ninger district. 21 July 8: Cases, 17.

10 deaths daily. 2 î 1 Jan. 1-June 12: Cases, 463; deaths,

222. May 30-June 12: Cases, 54;

deaths, 12. 1 1


Kochow. EcCador:


Milazio.. Egyp........

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Alexandria, Port Said... Provinces

Faroum. Galioubeh.. Garbieh... Gizeh. Menouf..

7 1

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May 30-June 12.... May 21-June 10. May 27-June 12.... May 29-30. May 28-June 12.... May 30-June 11... Mav 18-31. Apr. 27-May 24.. May 18-31.

Jan.1-May 26: Cases, 12; deaths, 5. Jan. 1-May 26: Cases, 51; deaths,


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San Pedro

Philippine Islands:

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Manila. Siam:


May 11-24.....

Mar. 23-Apr, 19..


Apr, 1-30...



June 3-9...

May 27-June 9.

June 1-7...

June 15-21.

May 1-31..
Rio de Janeiro..

May 4-June 7...
British Columbia

June &-14.....

June 15-21.

Fort William June 10-30.

June 8-14.

June 16-28.

Grosse Isle Quar- June 20..


June 8-14.
St. Johns.

May 25-June 7..

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Reports Received from June 28 to July 11, 1913—Continued.

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Dutch East Indies:

Surabaya... Egypt:


Cairo.. Franre:


Paris. Germany. Great Britain;

Liverpool. Greece:




Rome. Luxemburg:

Esch. Mexico:

Acapulco... Aguascalientes. Hermosillo.. Mexico.. Monterey

Veracruz. Newfoundland:

St. Johns... Portugal:


St. Petersburg.



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Belgrade... Siam:

Bangkok.. Spain:


Valencia.. Straits Settlements:

Singapore. Switzerland:

Turkey in Asia:


Turkey in Europe:


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Milk--Production, Care, and Sale. (Reg. Bd. of H., July 2, 1912.)

Rưle l. No milk shall be sold, offered for sale, or distributed in the city of Manchester which was drawn from cows within 15 days before or 5 days after parturition.

Rule 2. No milk for sale or distribution shall be stored, cooled, strained, or mixed in any barn or room which is occupied by horses, cows, or other animals, unless the dairy room or storage room is separated from other parts of the building, and provision made for the exclusion of dust and flies, to the satisfaction of the board of health.

Rule 3. No person, firm, or corporation shall sell or offer, expose or keep for sale, in any vehicle, shop, store, or other place where goods and merchandise are sold, milk or cream, unless the same is sold or offered, exposed or kept for sale, in tightly closed or capped bottles or receptacles which have been approved by the board of health,

Wilk, cream, or skim milk kept for sale in any shop, store, bakery, restaurant, market, or establishment shall be stored and kept in a covered box, cooler, or refrigerator, and the temperature shall be at all times not more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nothing contained herein shall prevent the sale of milk or cream from cans, crocks, conlers, or other receptacles in restaurants or hotels when the milk or cream is to be consumed in the restaurant or hotel by guests or patrons ordering the same.

Rule 4. All wagons, sleighs, or other vehicles used in conveying milk, cream, or ekim milk for distribution or sale or collecting from raisers, shall be covered and kept in a cleanly condition, free from odors, and swill or any other refuse or decaying vegetable or animal matter shall not be carried on said wagon, sleigh, or other vehicle.

Rule 3. All bottles, cans, or vessels of any sort used in the distribution or sale or collection or preparation of skim milk or cream shall be cleansed and scalded or sterilized before they are used again for the same purpose. No bottles shall be filled except at the dairy or creamery. Rrle 6. Immediately on the occurrence of any case of scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid fever, or any other infectious disease, either in himself, his family, or among his employees or their immediate associates, every person engaged in the production, dieribution, or sale of milk, skim milk, or cream shall notify the Board of Health of Manchester, and at the same time shall suspend the sale of milk, skim milk, or cream until authorized to resume the same by the said Manchester Board of Health.

No bottles, cans, or vessels used shall be removed from a private house, tenement, or apartment, or place wherein a person has infectious disease, except with the consent o said Board of Health.

Rrle 7.-. No person by himself, or by his servant or agent, or as the servant or agent of any other person, firm, or corporation, shall in the city of Manchester sell, exchange, or deliver any milk, skim milk, or cream which contains more than 500,000 bacteria per cubic centimeter or which has a temperature higher than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The latter part of this rule in regard to temperature does not apply to raisers who deliver milk which is distributed warm within one hour from the time it is drawn from the cow.

RULE 8.--Any person, firm, or corporation who shall violate any of the provisions of the above rules shall be fined $10 for each offense.

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Department of Health Organization, Powers, and Duties. (Ord. Dec. 23, 1912.)

SECTION 1. The department of public health shall consist of the mayor, who shall be ex officio superintendent, the health commissioner, who shall be a physician duly admitted to practice in the State of Minnesota, and city clerk of said city of Mankato,

Sec. 2. The council shall, when necessary, appoint one or more health inspectors and such other persons as are necessary to carry out the proper and efficient working of the department. The health inspectors shall be commissioned and qualified as special policemen, and shall have the power to arrest, when necessary, any person violating any of the sanitary laws and regulations of said city. Said health inspectors shall be under the supervision of the health commissioner and shall obey all orders from him or from the department of public health through him.

SEC. 3. The department of health shall meet at such times as it may deem necessary. A majority of the members of the department shall constitute a quorum to do business.

Sec. 4. Special meetings may be called by the president of the department of public health at any time, and special meetings shall be called by him upon written notice being filed with the secretary of the board, signed by two members thereof.

Sec. 5. The city clerk shall be secretary of the department of public health.

Sec. 6. The department of public health shall exercise general supervision over the health of the city. It shall make such investigations and reports, and obey such directions concerning communicable diseases, as the State board of health of the State of Minnesota may require or give, and under the general supervision of the State board of health it shall cause all laws and regulations relating to the public health to be obeyed and enforced.

SEC. 7. The department of public health shall provide the books and files necessary for keeping a record of all the transactions of said department.

SEC. 8. Every person in the city of Mankato shall observe and obey each and every special regulation and every order of the department of public health that is or may be made for carrying into effect any of the provisions of this or any other ordinance of said city relative to the health thereof, or any law of this State or otherwise, whether issued directly by such board or promulgated by the health commissioner.

Sec. 9. Said department of public health shall audit and allow all bills of the department of public health or health commissioner before the same are presented to the council for allowance, and shall, subject to the provisions of the city charter, make such rules and regulations for the conduct of the business of the department of public health as to it may seem fit.

Sec. 10. The health commissioner shall be president of the department and shall have and exercise a general supervision over the sanitary condition of the city. He shall give the council and the department of public health all such professional advice and information as they may require for the purpose of preserving the public health. He shall investigate the existence of any communicable or pestilential disease and adopt all measures necessary to arrest the progress thereof.

Ile shall enforce all laws of the State, and ordinances of the city, in relation to health and sanitary conditions, and shall cause all nuisances as hereinafter defined to be abated or removed. He is hereby empowered and it is hereby made his duty

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and the duty of the health inspectors to enter any building in said city between sunrise and sunset for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this ordinance, and for the purpose of ascertaining if such building is in good sanitary condition.

Sec. 11. The health commissioner shall make a thorough sanitary inspection of the city in the month of May, and present written report of such inspection, together with his recommendations, to the council on or before the 1st day of June of the year in which the inspection is made. The health commissioner shall send a copy of this report to the Minnesota State Board of Health before July 1 of the same year.

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Privy Vaults and Cesspools-Removal of Contents, and Connection with Sewers.

(Ord. Dec. 23, 1912.) Sec. 12. No person, company, or corporation shall, within the city of Mankota, empty, clean, or remove the contents of any privy, vault, sink, or private drain, without first having obtained a permit from the health commissioner.

Sec. 13. Every dwelling house now erected or hereafter to be erected fronting on the streets, avenues, or alleys where sewers and water mains have been constructed and laid or adjacent to said streets, avenues, or alleys, and every water-closet, privy vault, and cesspool along the line of such sewers and water mains, shall be properly connected with the sewer and with the water main whenever in the opinion of the department of public health it shall be deemed to be in the interest of public health that such sewer and water connections should be made, which connection shall be in all parts adequate for the purpose so as to permit entirely and freely to pass whatever enters the same, and all such dwelling houses, water-closets, privy vaults, or cesspools shall be provided with proper traps, ventilating pipes, and tight pipes for connecting with house sewers, and such connection with said water mains shall be so as to provide sufficient water for flushing the same, and every owner, agent, lessee, and occupant shall take adequate measures to prevent improper substances from entering such water-closets, privy vaults, and cesspools or their connections, and to secure the prompt removal of any improper substance that may enter therein, so that no accumulation shall take place; and so as to prevent any exhalation therefrom, offensive, dangerous, or prejudicial to health, and so as to prevent the same from being or becoming obstructed

Sec. 14. Any privy that is foul or improperly constructed or kept so as to be accessible to flies, or any privy erected or maintained nearer than 20 feet to any street, avenue, public park, dwelling, shop, or well, or any privy erected or maintained within the limits of the city of Mankato, unless the same is furnished with a vault approved by the health commissioner, is hereby declared a nuisance.

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Nuisances Abatement of. (Ord. Dec. 23, 1912.)

. 15. If any person within the limits of the city of Mankato shall permit or sufier on his premises or on premises of which he may be the agent or occupant, any nuisance, source of filth, or cause of sickness, the health commissioner shall order the owner or occupant thereof to remove the same at his expense within a time not to exceed 10 days, the exact time to be specified in the notice. Said notice shall be Served by the chief of police or any police officer or health inspector of said city by delivering a copy thereof to the owner, occupant, or agent of such property. If the owner of the property is unknown or absent with no known representative or agent upon whom notice can be served, then the chief of police, police officer, or health inspector shall post a written or printed notice upon the property or premises setting forth that unless the nuisance, source of filth, or cause of sickness is abated or removed within 10 days, the chief of police, police officer, or inspector will abate or remove, of cause to be abated or removed, at the expense of the owner, the nuisance, source of filth or cause of sickness complained of and found to exist; provided that in carrying

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