the secretary of the Territory, by leaving two copies, counterparts or facsimiles thereof, with the secretary of the Territory: Said secretary shall deliver to such corporation, association, or union so filing the

same a duly attested certificate of the record of the same, for which he Certificate.

shall receive a fee of three dollars; such certificate of record shall in all suits and prosecutions under this act be sufficient proof of the adoption of such label, trade-mark, or form of advertisement, and of the

right of said union, corporation, or association to adopt the same. Unauthorized

Sec. 317. Every person who shall use or display the genuine label, trade-mark, or form of advertisement of any such association, corporation, or union in any manner not authorized by such association,

corporation, or union shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and Penalty. shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not less than

three months nor more than one year, or by a fine of not less than

one hundred dollars nor more than two hundred dollars, or both. Unauthorized

Sec. 318. Any person or persons who shall in any way use the name use of name or seal.

or seal of any such association, corporation, or union, or officer thereof, Penalty. in and about the sale of goods, or otherwise, not being authorized to

use the same, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment in the county jail of not less than three months nor more than one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than two hundred dollars, or both.

Title 10.-- Negligence, etc., of employees on railroads. Negligence SECTION 330. Every conductor, engineer, brakeman, switchman, or causing death. other person having charge, wholly or in part, of any railroad car,

locomotive, or train, who willfully or negligently suffers or causes the same to collide with another car, locomotive, or train, or with any

other object or thing whereby the death of a human being is proPenalty.

duced, is punishable by imprisonment in the Territorial prison for not

less than one nor more than ten years. Intoxication of

Sec. 356. Every person who is intoxicated wbile in charge of a engineers, etc. locomotive engine, or while acting as conductor or driver upon any

railroad train or car, whether propelled by steam or drawn by horses, or while acting as train dispatcher, or as telegraph operator, receiving or transmitting dispatches in relation to the movement of trains, is

guilty of a misdemeanor. Negligence en-Sec. 358. Every engineer, conductor, brakeman, switch tender, or dangering life. other officer, agent, or servant of any railroad company, who is guilty

of any willful violation or omission of his duty as such officer, agent or servant, whereby human life or safety is endangered, the punishment of which is not otherwise prescribed, or any person or corporation knowingly employing any such person, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

TITLE 17.- Payment of wages. Monthly pay SECTION 615. All corporations or individuals employing men shall day. Lawful money

pay wages due their employees at least once a month, in lawful money to be used. of the United States of America, or bank check of even date.

Discharged Sec. 616. Whenever an employee quits the service or is discharged employees.

therefrom, such employee shall be paid, whatever wages are due him, in lawful money of the United States of America, or by check of even date, on a bank, and said wages shall be paid at once.

Sec. 617. Any person or persons violating any of the provisions of the two preceding sections are guilty of a misdemeanor.

ACTS OF 1903.

Act No. 8.-Hours of labor in mines. Eight hours a SECTION 1. The period of employment of workingmen in all underday's work.

ground mines or workings shall be eight hours per day, except in cases of emergency where life or property is in immient [imminent] danger.

Sec. 2. Any person, body corporate, agent, manager or employer

who shall violate any of the provisions of section 1 of this act shall be Penalty. guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be fined in


the sum of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than three
hundred dollars for each offense, the same to be collected as in other
cases where fines are imposed.
Act No. 34.- Hours of labor of railroad employees— Number of brakemen.
Section 1. No company operating a railroad in whole or in part

Nine hours' within the Territory of Arizona shall require any conductor, engineer, when.

required, fireman, brakeman, telegraph operator, or any employee who has worked in his respective capacity for sixteen consecutive hours, except in case of casualty, or actual necessity, to again go on duty, or perform any work until he has at least nine hours' rest.

Sec. 2. Any company which violates or permits to be violated any Penalty. of the provisions of the preceding section or any officer or agent of such company who violates or permits to be violated any of the provisions of the preceding section, shall be punished by a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $300 for each and every violation thereof. SEC. 3. It shall be unlawful for any such company referred to in Number of

brakemen. section 1 of this act to allow any trains to be run on mountain divisions where the ruling grade is over ninety-five feet to the mile, unless there is a brakeman assigned to ever [every) 600 tons in such train while being handled on such grade. For each violation of this section, penalty same as named in section 2. Penalty.

Act No. 58.- Payment of wages in scrip. SECTION 1. All persons, firms, corporations and companies using be redeemed:

Scrip, etc., to coupons, script [scrip), punchouts, store orders or other evidences of indebtedness to pay their or its laborers or employees for labor, or otherwise, shall, if demanded, redeem the same in the hands of such laborer, employee or bona fide holder, in lawful money of the United States: Provided, The same is presented and redemption demanded of such person, firm, company, or corporation using same as aforesaid, at a regular pay day of such person, firm, company or corporation to laborers or employees or if presented and redemption demanded as aforesaid by such laborers, employees or bona fide holders at any time not less than thirty days from the issuance or delivery of such coupon, script [scrip), punchout, store order or other evidences of indebtedness to such employees, laborers or bona fide holder.

Such redemption to be at the face value of the said script [scrip], punchout, coupon, store order or other evidences of indebtedness.

Prorided, further, Said face value shall be in cash, the same as its purchasing power in goods, wares and merchandise at the commissary company store, or other repository of such company store [sic], firm, person or corporation aforesaid. Sec. 2. Any employee, laborer or bona fide holder referred to in

Holder may Paragraph I of this act upon presentation and demand for redemption of such script [scrip), coupon, punchout, store order or other evidences of indebtedness aforesaid, and upon refusal of such person, firm, corporation or company to redeem the same in good and lawful money of the United States, may maintain in his, her, or their own name an action before any court of competent jurisdiction against such person, firm, corporation or company, using same as aforesaid, for the recovery of the value of such coupon, script [scrip), punchout, store order or other evidences of indebtedness, as defined in Paragraph I of this act.



DIGEST OF 1894. CAAPTER 1.— Wages preferredIn administration. SECTION 110. All demands against the estate of any deceased person Order of payshall be divided into the following classes: First, Funeral expenses.

mands. Srond. Expenses of the last sickness, wages of servants and deInands for medicines and medical attendance during the last sickness






CHAPTER 47.- Wages preferred-In insolvency of corporations. SECTION 1425. No preferences shall be allowed among the creditors of insolvent corporations, except for the wages and salaries of laborers and employees.

Sec. 1428. Any creditor or stockholder of any insolvent corporation may institute proceedings in the chancery court for the winding up of the affairs of such corporations, and upon such application the court shall take charge of all the assets of such corporation and distribute them equally among the creditors after paying the wages and salaries due laborers and employees.

Wages to be paid first.

CHAPTER 48.- Sunday labor. Labor forbid.

SECTION 1887. Every person who shall, on the Sabbath or Sunday, den.

be found laboring, or shall compel his apprentice or servant to labor or to perform other services than customary household duties, of daily necessity, comfort or charity, on conviction thereof, shall be fined one

dollar for each separate offense. Separate of SEC. 1888. Every apprentice or servant compelled to labor on Sunfenses.

day shall be deemed a separate offense of the master. Exceptions. SEC. 1889. The provisions of this act shall not apply to steamboats

and other vessels navigating the waters of the State, nor to such man

ufacturing establishments as require to be kept in continual operation. Observance of

Sec. 1890. No person who from religious belief keeps any other day other day.

than the first day of the week as the Sabbath shall be required to observe the first day of the week, usually called the Christian Sabbath,

and shall not be liable to the penalties enacted against Sabbath breakProvisos.

ing: Provided, No store or saloon shall be kept open or business carried on there on the Christian Sabbath: And, provided, further, No person so observing any other day shall disturb any religious congregation by his avocations or employments.

Sec. 1891. Every person who shall, on Sunday, keep open any store or retail any goods, wares and merchandise, or keep open any dram

shop or grocery, * shall, on conviction thereof, be fined in Penalty.

any sum not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred

dollarg. Justification, SEC. 1892. Charity or necessity on the part of the customer may be

shown in justification of the violation of the last preceding section.

Keeping open a barber shop on Sunday without performing any labor therein is not a violation of this law. 45 Ark. 347.


CHAPTER 57.-Protection of employees as voters. Coercion, etc., SECTION 2656.

No person shall coerce, intimidate or unby employers.

duly influence, any elector to vote for or against the nominee of any

political party, or for or against any particularquestion or candidate by Penalty. * of discharge from employment,

Any violation of this section shall be deemed a felony, and on conviction, shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not less than one year nor more than three years.



any threat *

CHAPTER 78.- Exemption of wages from garnishment, etc. Wages forsixty SECTION 3717. The time wages of all laborers and mechanics, not days exempt.

exceeding their wages for sixty days, shall hereafter be exempt from Proviso.

seizure by garnishment, or other legal process: Provided, The defendant in any case shall file with the court from which such process shall issue a sworn statement that said sixty days' wages, claimed to be exempt, is less than the amount exempt to him under the constitution of the State, and that he does not own sufficient other personal property, which, together with the said sixty days' wages would exceed in amount the limits of said constitutional exemption.

This section is constitutional. It does not apply to nonresidents. 52 Ark. 91.

married women.

CHAPTER 99.- Employment of labor-Contracts, etc. SECTION 4782. Contracts made with laborers or employers beyond Contracts made the limits of this state for labor or services to be performed in this outside of State. State shall be as binding as if entered into within the State.

Sec. 4783. Contracts for services for labor for a longer period than Contracts to be one year shall not entitle the parties to the benefits of this act, unless in writing, when. in writing signed by the parties, witnessed by two disinterested witnesses, or acknowledged before an officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments.

Sec. 4784. Such officer shall state in his certificate that he read the Acknowledg. contract aloud in the presence and hearing of the laborers. For tak- ment. ing such acknowledgment and making such certificate, he shall be entitled to twenty-five cents: Provided, Not more than three laborers sign one contract; if more than that number, then he shall receive ten cents for each additional laborer who shall sign and acknowledge the same, and five cents per circular mile for traveling to and from the place of acknowledgment. Contracts of married women, exe- Contracts of cuted as above and approved by their husbands, shall be binding.

Sec. 4785. The contract of a minor, when approved by the parent Of minors. having control of such minor, or, in case there be no parent, when approved by his guardian, or the contract of any minor over fifteen years of age having neither parent or guardian shall be binding: Prorided, A contract with such minor shall not be for a longer period than one year.

SEC. 1786. Specific liens are reserved upon so much of the produce Wages secured, raised, and articles constructed or manufactured, by laborers during how. their contract as will secure all moneys, and the value of all supplies furnished them by the employers, and all wages or shares due the laborer; and if either party shall, before settlement, dispose of or appropriate the same without the consent of the other, so as to defraud him of the amount due, such party shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, may be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars and confined in the county jail not less than one nor more than six months: Provided, Nothing in this section shall be construed as forbidding the laborer from mortgaging so much of his crop for necessary supplies as may be equal to his interest therein at the time, if the employer, having contracted to furnish such supplies, fails or refuses to do so. Sec. 4787. A copy of such contract, or the original, shall be filed in Contract to be

filed. the recorder's office of the proper county, and such filing shall be sufficient notice of the existence of such lien, and no third party shall be prejudiced by the existence of such lien, nor in any manner liable under the provisions of this act, unless a copy of the contract is filed in the recorder's office as above provided.

Sec. 4788. The recorder shall keep, in a suitable book, a convenient Fees. index of all such contracts filed in his office, showing the names of the parties, the date of filing, the date of contract and the time when the lien will expire, and he shall receive twenty-five cents for filing every such contract, and ten cents per name for indexing same, for every laborer signing same more than three.

Sec. 4789. If any employer shall, without good cause, dismiss a Discharge withlaborer prior to the expiration of his contract, unless by agreement, be shall be liable to such laborer for the full amount that would have been due him at the expiration thereof, and such laborer shall be entitled to the lien provided in section 4786 for the enforcement of such liability. Sec. 4790." If any laborer shall, without good cause, abandon his

Abandonment employer before the expiration of his contract, he shall be liable to such employer for the full amount of any account he may owe him, and shall forfeit to his employer all wages or share of crop due him, or which might become due him from his employer.

SEC. 4792. If any one shall willfully interfere with, entice away, Interfering knowingly employ or induce a laborer or renter who has contracted with or enticing

laborer, etc. as herein provided to leave his employer or the place rented before the expiration of his contract, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined in any sum not less than twenty Penalty.

out cause.

of contract.



nor more than two hundred dollars, and, in addition to such fine, lie shall be liable to the employerin double the amount of damages which

such employer or landlord may suffer by such abandonment. Employer's Sec. 4793. When no written contract is made under this act, the rights.

employer shall have a lien upon the portion of the crop going to the employee for any debt incident to making and gathering the crop owing to such employer by such employee, without any necessity for recording any contract of writing giving such lien, and in such case no mortgage or conveyance of any part of the crop made by the person cultivating the land of another shall have validity, unless made with the consent of the employer or owner of the land or crop, which consent must be indorsed upon such mortgage or conveyance: Provided, No such indorsement shall bind the party making it to pay the debt unless expressly so stipulated.

CHAPTER 105.- Earnings of married women. Earnings sepa- SECTION 4945. The property, both real and personal, which any rate property. married woman

has acquired by her trade, business, labor or services carried on or performed on her sole or separate account

and the rents, issues and proceeds of all such property shall, notwithstanding her marriage, be and remain her sole and separate property, and may be used, collected and invested by her, in her own name, and shall not be subject to the interference or control of her husband or liable for his debts, except such debts as may have been contracted for the support of herself or her children by her as his agent.

CHAPTER 109.— Mine regulations. SECTION 5045. The owner, agent or operator of each and every coal mine in this State, employing twenty or more men to be worked under

ground, shall make, or cause to be made, at the discretion of the inМар. .

spector of mines hereinafter provided for, an accurate map or plan of the workings of such mine, and every vein or deposit thereof showing the general inclination of the strata, together with any material deflections in the said workings, and the boundary lines of said mines, and deposit a true copy of said map or plan with the clerk of the county court of each county wherein may be located said mine, which said map or plan shall be so filed or deposited within three months after the time when this act shall take effect; and a copy of such map or plan shall also be kept for inspection at the office of the owner, agent or operator of said mine, and during the month of January of each and every year after this act shall have taken effect, the said owner, agent or operator shall furnish the inspector and clerk of the county court aforesaid with a sworn statement and a further map or plan of the progress of the workings of such mine, continued from last report to the end of the month of December next preceding, and the inspector shall correct his map or plan of said workings in accordance with the statement and map or plan thus furnished, and when any mine is worked out or abandoned, that fact shall be reported to the inspector, and the map or plan of such mine in the office of the clerk of the

county court shall be carefully corrected and verified. Inspector may Sec: 5046. Whenever the owner, agent or operator of any mine shall procure.

neglect, fail or refuse to furnish said inspector and clerk as aforesaid with a statement, map or plan or additions thereto, as provided in section 5045, at the time and in the manner therein provided, the said inspector is authorized to cause an accurate map or plan of the workinge of such mine to be made at the expense of said owner, agent or operator, and the cost thereof may be recovered by the inspector from

such owner, agent or operator. Escape shaft.

Sec. 5047. In all mines that are or have been in operation prior to the first day of January, 1893, and which are worked by or through a shaft, slope or drift, if there is not already an escapement shaft to each and every such mine, or communications between each and every mine and some other contiguous mine, then there shall be an escapement shaft or other communications such as shall be approved by the mine inspector, making at least two distinct means of ingress and egress, for all persons employed or permitted to work in such mines.

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