a scale of one hundred feet to the inch, which said map shall show all the openings or excavations, shafts, tunnels, slopes, planes, entries, cross headings, rooms, etc., and show the directions of the air current and also the water system therein, and shall accurately show the boundary lines between said mine and adjoining mines. Such map or plan, or true copy thereof, shall be furnished to the inspector, and one copy shall be kept at such mine for the inspection of the inspector or employees thereof. The owner, agent, manager or lessee, at least once in every sis months, shall place or cause to be placed on the map or plan, an accurate showing of all additional excavations which have been made in the mine during the said six months. The several mais or plans of mines in this State, which are furnished to the inspector, shall be the property of the State, and shall remain in the care of the said inspector, and shall be transferred by him to his successor in otlice; and in no case shall any copy of any of them be made without the consent of the owner, agent, manager or lessee. If the inspector shall find or have good reason to believe that any map or plan of any mine made or furnished him, in pursuance of the provisions of this act, is materially inaccurate or imperfect, he is authorized to cause a correct plan or map of said mine to be made, at the expense of the owner, agent, manager or lessee thereof: Prorided, That if the map or plan which was claimed to have been inaccurate shall be found to be practically correct, then the State shall have to pay the expense

of making the new map or plan of such mine. Escape shafts. SEC. 7. It shall be unlawful for the owner, operator or superin

tendent of any mine to employ any person or persons in such mine for the purpose of working therein, unless there are in connection with every seam or stratum of coal, worked in such mine, not less than two openings or outlets, separated by a stratum of not less than one hundred and fifty feet at surface and not less than thirty feet at any place, at which openings or outlets, safe and distinct means of ingress and egress shall at all times be available for the persons employed in the said mine. The escapements, shafts or slopes shall be fitted with safe and available appliances by which the employees of the mine may readily escape in case an accident occurs deranging the hoisting machinery at the outlets. In slopes used as haulage roads where the dip or ineline is ten degrees or more, there must be provided a separate traveling way, which shall be maintained in a safe

condition for travel, and kept free from dangerous gases. No Structures at inflammable structure, other than a frame to sustain pulleys or

sheaves, shall be erected over the entrance to any mine; and no inflammable structure for the purpose of storing coal shall he crected nearer than two hundred feet to any such opening. But this act shall not be construed to prohibit the erection of a fan and its approaches for the purpose of ventilation, nor of a trestle for the transportation of cars from any slope or other opening. All entrances to my place, not in actual course of working, where explosive gas is known to exist, shall be properly fenced across the whole widtlı, so as to prevent all persons from entering the

same. Cages.

Hand rails and sufficient safety catches shall be attached to. and a sufficient cover overhead shall be provided on every cage used for lowering or hoisting persons in any shaft. The ropes. safety catches, links and chains shall be carefully examined every day that they are used by a competent person employed for that purpose by the mine owner, agent, manager or lessee, and

any defect therein found shall be immediately remedied. Stretchers. SEC. 8. It shall be the duty or [of] every owner, agent, manager

or lessee to keep at the mouth of every mine, or at such other places is may be designated by the mine inspector, stretchers properly constructed for the purpose of carrying away any employee working in and around the mine, who may be injured in and about his employment.


Sec. 9. Every owner, agent, manager or lessee of coal or hydro- Ventilation. carbon mines shall provide and maintain a constant and adequate supply of pure air.

1. It shall be unlawful to use a furnace, for the purpose of ventilating any mine wherein explosive gases are generated.

2. The minimum quantity of air provided shall not be less than 100 cubic feet per minute for each and every person employed in every mine, and 300 cubic feet for each and every animal employed therein, and as much more as the circumstances may require.

3. The ventilating current shall be conducted and circulated to the face of each and every working place through the entire mine, in sufficient quantities to dilute, render harmless and sweep away smoke and noxious or dangerous gases to such an extent that all working places and traveling roads shall be in a safe condition for working and traveling therein.

4. All worked out or abandoned parts of any mine in operation, so far as practicable, shall be kept free from dangerous bodies of gases or water; and if found impracticable to keep the entire mine free from a dangerous accumulation of standing gases or water, the mine inspector shall be immediately notified.

5. Every mine wherein are employed more than 75 persons, must be divided into two or more districts. Each district shall be provided with a separate split of pure air, and the ventilation shall be so arranged that not more than 75 persons shall be employed at the same time in any one current or split of air.

6. All crosscuts connecting the main inlet and outlet air passages, when it becomes necessary to close them permanently, shall be substantially closed with brick or other suitable material laid in mortar or cement, whenever practicable, but in no case shall said crosscut stoppings be constructed of plank, except for temporary purposes.

7. All doors used in assisting or in any way affecting the ventilation shall be so hung and adjusted that they will close automatically. Main doors regulating the principal air currents of a mine shall be so placed in all cases where it is practicable, that when one door is open, another, which has the same effect upon , the same current of air, shall be and remain closed.

8. All permanent air bridges shall be built of such material and of such strength as the circumstances may require.

9. The quantities of air in circulation shall be ascertained with an anemometer, or other efficient instrument; such measurements shall be made by the inside foreman or other competent person at les once every week. A report of these air measurements shall be forwarded to the mine inspector, together with the statement of the number of persons employed in each district, on or before the twelfth day of each month for the preceding month.

10. For the purpose of properly ventilating rooms and entries, crosscuts in rooms shall not be more than 70 feet apart, and (rosscuts in main entries shall not, except in cases of urgent necessity, be less that 70 feet, nor more than 200 feet apart, 1.1 the said provisions as to air shall not apply to hydro-carbon mines.

SEC. 8 [10]. Every owner, agent, manager or lessee of mines Sprinkling. within the State of I'tah shall provide and maintain a water system for the purpose of conducting water to the face of each and every working place, and throughout the entire open part of the mine, in sufficient quantities for sprinkling purposes to wet down the dust that shall arise and accumulate in and around the mine: Provided, That in mines or parts of mines where by reason of the natural wet condition, or the moisture derived from the introduction of steam into the air currents, or both, such sprinkling may not be necessary. And it shall be the duty of the superintendent, mine foreman :und inspectors to see to it that this is done. Sec. 9 [11]. It shall be the duty of every owner, operator, super

Timbers. intendent, or mine foreman to furnish to the miners all props, ties, rails and timbers necessary for the safe mining of coal

and for the protection of the lives of workmen. Such props, ties, rails and timbers shall be suitably prepared and shall be delirered within 100 feet of the face of the room, or entry, free of charge.

SEC. 10 [12]. The following general rules shall be observed by every mine owner, operator, superintendent, mine foreman and

employee within the State of Utah : Rules.

1. Every owner or operator of every mine shall use every reasonable precaution to insure the safety of the work men, in all cases and shall place the underground workings thereof under

the charge and daily supervision of a person, who shall be known Mine foreman. as “ mine foreman," and who must hold a mine foreman's (er

tificate. Aba ndoned 2. All accessible parts of abandoned portions of nines in which portions.

explosive gases have been found or are known to exist, shall be carefully examined by the mine foreman or his assistants, at least once in each and every week, and all danger existing therein from such gases shall be removed as soon as possible. A report of each and every examination shall be recorded in a book kept for

that purpose, signed by the person making the examination. Daily inspec- 3. In all mines known to generate explosive gases, the mine tion.

foreman, or fire bosses, shall make a careful examination every morning of all working places and traveling ways, and all other places which might endanger the safety of the workingmen, within three hours prior to the time at which the workmen shall enter the mine. Such examination shall be made with the safety lamp. No person except those whose presence is necessary to prepare the mine for the entrance of the workmen, shall enter the mine or any part thereof, until the mine foreman or fire boss of his district shall report to him that his place is in a safe condition.

The mine foreman or fire boss making such examination shall record the result of his examination in a book kept for that purpose, which book shall be opened to the inspection of the mine in

spector and all employees. Safety lamps. 4. In any working place approaching any place where there is

likely to be an aceumulation of explosive gases, no light or fire other than locked safety lamps shall be allowed or used. Whenever safety lamps are required in any mine they shall be the prop erty of the owner or operator, and a competent person, who shall be appointed for that purpose, shall examine every safety lamp immediately before it is taken into the mine for use. He shall clean, lock and otherwise ascertain if it is safe for use: Prorided, That all fire bosses, or those who inspect the mine for the press ence of explosive gases, must also personally examine their own

lamps and be responsible for their safe condition. Timbering. 5. Any miners or other persons having charge of a working

place in any mine shall for his own protection keep the roof and sides thereof properly secured by timbering or otherwise, so as to prevent such roof and sides from falling and injuring him or bis fellow-workmen ; and he shall not do any work or permit ang work to be done under loose rock or dangerous material, except

for the purpose of securing the same. Number of

6. No more than ten persons shall be hoisted or lowered at als

who may be hoisted. one time in any shaft or slope. This, however, shall not prohibit

the hoisting or lowering of ten or more persons at any one time on

slopes where five or more loaded cars are regularly hoisted. Intoxicated 7. No person in a state of intoxication shall be allowed to 10 persons.

into or loiter about the mine. Notice of dan. 8. Any miner or other workman who shall discover anything

wrong with the ventilating current or with the condition of the roof, sides [.] timbers or roadway, or with any other part of the mine in general, such as would lead him to suspect danger to him. self or his fellow-workmen, or the property of his employer, stail as soon as possible report the same to the mine foreman or other

person being in charge of that portion of the mine. Damaging ap- 9. Any person or persons who shall knowingly or willfully damparatus.

age, or without proper authority remove or render useless any


fencing, means of signaling, apparatus, instrument or machine, or shall throw open or obstruct any air way, or open any ventilating door and not leave the same closed, or enter a place in or about a mine against caution, or carry fire, open lights or matches in places where safety lamps are used, or handle without proper authority, or disturb any machinery or cars, or do any other act or thing whereby the lives or health of persons or the security of property in or about the mine are endangered, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

10. Gunpowder or any other explosive shall not be stored in a Gunpowder. mine, and a workman shall not have at any time in any one place more than one can or box containing six and one-quarter pounds of powder: Provided, That under special conditions a larger amount may be allowed in a mine for immediate use, when approval of such action is made in writing by the State inspector.

11. Every person who has gunpowder or other explosives in a Box to be mine, shall keep it in a wooden or metallic box, securely locked,

locked. and such box shall be kept at least ten feet from the tracks in all cases where room at such a distance is available. 12. In charging holes for blasting in coal, slate or rock in any


blasts. coal or hydro-carbon mine, no iron or steel-pointed needles shall be used, and a tight cartridge shall not be rammed into a hole in the coal, slate or rock with an iron or steel tamping bar, unless the bar is tipped with copper or other soft metal,

13. The charge of powder or any other explosive in coal, slate Missed charges. or rock which has missed fire, shall not be withdrawn or the hole reopened, except where such holes are tamped with wet wood pulp.

14. Before commencing work and also after firing of every Duty of miner blast, the miner working a room or other place in the mine, shall as to blasts. enter such room or place to examine and ascertain its conditions, and his assistant shall not go to the face of such room or place until the miner has examined the same and found it to be safe.

15. No person shall be employed to blast coal or rock unless the Blasters to be mine foreman is satisfied that such person is qualified by experi- qualified. ence to perform the work with ordinary safety, or unless he is placed at work with an experienced miner.

16. Every passageway equipped with mechanical haulage used Safety holes by persons as a regular traveling way for travel, and also at the required, when. same time used for transportation of coal or other material, shall be of sufficient width to permit persons to pass moving cars with safety, but if found impracticable to make any passageway of sufficient width, then holes of ample dimensions, and not more than 150 feet apart shall be made on one side of said passageway., The said passageway and safety holes shall be kept free from obstructions and the roof and sides of the same shall be made secure. Safety holes when necessary shall also be made at the bottom of all slopes and plans and kept free from obstruction to enable the footman to escape readily in case of danger.

17. It shall be unlawful for any owner, operator, superintend-, Employees to ent or mine foreman, of any mine which generates explosive gases,

be competent. to employ any person who is not competent to understand the regulations of any mine evolving explosive gases.

18. No person or persons shall be permitted to enter any dry Use of lights. gilsonite or elaterite mine with any kind of light other than an electric or other safety lamp.

19. For the purpose of making known the provisions of this Rules act to all persons employed in and around the mines the owner posted. and operator of each and every mine within the State, to which this act applies shall post in a conspicuous place or places at or near the entrance of the mine, where they may be conveniently read by all persons employed therein, the foregoing rules, and keep the said rules posted at all times.

Sec. 11 (13]. The duties of the mine inspector, other than those heretofore enumerated, shall be as follows:

1. It shall be the duty of the mine inspector to make it careful Inspection, and thorough inspection of each coal and hydro-carbon mine oper. reports, etc.

to be

ated within the State at least once every three months, and oftener if the condition of the mines require his attention. He shall make an annual report to the governor, showing the condition of each and every coal and hydro-carbon mine in the State. He shall examine into the condition as regards the safety of the workmen of such mine working, machinery, ventilation, drainage and the method of lighting or using lights, and into all other matters connerted with the working safety of persons in such mine, and give directions pro viding for the better health and safety of persons employed in or about the same. The owner or operator is hereby required to freely permit such entry, inspection, examination, inquiry and exit, and to furnish a guide when necessary. The said inspector shall make a record of his visit, noting the time of the inspection and the material circumstances of the same, and shall also notify the owner or operator of the mine by a written report of the condition of

the mine at the time of such inspection. Notice of un- 2. If the inspector finds that a mine is not properly worked, or safe machin- is not furnished with proper machinery or appliances for the ery.

safety of the miners and all other employees, it shall be his duty to give written notice to the owner or manager of such niine that it is unsafe, and such notice shall specify in what particulars the mine is unsafe, and shall direct the owner or manager thereof to make such improvements as are necessary within a reasonable period. If the improvements are not made as required in the notice, it shall be unlawful for the owner or manager to operate

such mine until such improvements are completed. Speaking SEC. 12 [14]. In shaft or slope mines where persons are lowerel tubes.

or hoisted by machinery, a metal speaking tube or other suitable appliance shall be provided in all cases so that conversation or sig. naling may be carried on through the same from the top to the

bottom of the shaft or slope. Accidents. SEC. 13 [15]. Whenever by reason of an explosion or any other

accident in any coal or hydro-carbon mine or the machinery connected therewithi, loss of life or serious personal injury shall or cur, it shall be the duty of the person having charge of such mine or colliery to give notice thereof promptly to the said mine inspector, and if any person is killed thereby, to the coroner of the county, who shall give due notice of the inquest to be held. If the coroner shall determine to hold an inquest, the inspector shall be allowed to testify, and offer such testimony as he shall deem necessary to thoroughly inform the said inquest of the causes of death, and the said inspector shall have authority at any time to appear before such coroner and jury and question or cross-question any witness, and in choosing the jury for the purpose of holding such inquest, it shall be the duty of the coroner to impanel at least two men experienced in coal mines on such jury. It shall be the duty of such inspector, when possible, upon being notified as herein provided, to immediately repair to the scene of the accident and give such directions as may appear necessary to secure the future safety of the men, and he shall proceed to investigate and ascertain the causes of the explosion or accident, and make a record thereof, which he shall file; and to enable him to make the investigation, he shall have the power to compel the attendance of persons to testify and to administer oaths and affirmations: the cost of such investigation shall be paid by the county in which the accident occurred, in the same manner as the costs of curu

ner's inquests are paid by law. Examining SEC. 14 [16]. On the petition of the mining inspector, the district board.

court in any county in this State shall at the first term, after the approval of this act, appoint an examining board for such county. consisting of the State inspector of coal mines, and operator of a coal mine :und a coal miner, who shall be citizens of the Unitet States, and the latter two of which board shall have at least fire

years of experience in the mines of the State, whose duty it shall Examination be to examine any person applying thereto as to his competenes of mining and qualifications to discharge the duties of mining boss; said


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