TITLE 7.--Miners' hospital.

Location and SECTION 660. The State charitable institution located at Rock name.

Springs, Wyoming, originally known and designated as the W yo ming State Miners' Hospital, shall be known and designated as

“ The Wyoming General Hospital.” Object.

Sec. 661. The object of said hospital shall be to provide suste nance, care and medical and surgical attention for all miners who shall become disabled or incapacitated to labor while working in the mines of the State, and who shall be in need of such suste nance, care or medical or surgical attention, and to such other persons as may be admitted under the laws, rules and regulations

established for the government thereof. Board of vis

SEC. 662. A board of visitors for said hospital, to consist of three itors.

persons, shall be appointed by the governor of the State in January of each year. It shall be the duty of the board of visitors to make a personal examination into the state and condition of said hospital and all its affairs twice at least in each year, and to report the result to the governor, suggesting such improvements as they may deem proper, which report shall be submitted to the legislature at its next session. Such board of visitors shall receive

no compensation for their services. Charges for

SEC. 063. It shall be the duty of the board of charities and retreatment.

form to establish a schedule of charges for care and treatment of patients which all persons treated at said hospital shall be required to pay, except in cases where such person or persons shall be adjudged a subject of charity under such rules as said board may adopt, for the government of said institution : Prorided, however, Said board shall have power, and is hereby empowered to establish a schedule of charges so that members of any soeiety, or any class of individuals may, by the payment of an annual sum, be entitled to the benefits of care, and treatment at said institute [institution), and any person who shall comply with the requirements of this section, and the rules of the board, adopted in conformity to the provisions of this section, shall be entitled to the

benefits of said institution, Revenues. SEC. 664. All revenues derived from the said hospital and all

moneys received for the care of patients therein, shall be turned over to the State treasurer, and shall become a part of the fund known as the “ State Hospital Maintenance Fund," and all such sums shall be and the same are hereby appropriated and shall be used for the payment of the salaries and wages of officers and employees of the Wyoming General Hospital, and to pay other expenses incurred in the conduct, maintenance and support of the said hospital and for the care of patients therein.

TITLE 13.Hours of labor on public roads.

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Eight hours a SECTION 1943. day's labor.

any person liable to pay such poll or road tax, may work out the said tax under the direction of the supervisor of the district or other proper officer in an incorporated town or city, where such person resides, and he shall be allowed for such work the sum of two dollars for each day's work of eight hours.

TITLE 16.Employment of children, Acrobatic and

SECTION 2289. It shall be unlawful for any person having the mendicant OCcupations.

care, custody or control of any child under the age of fourteen years to exhibit, use or employ, or in any manner, or under any pretense, sell, apprentice, give away, let out or otherwise dispose of any such child to any person, in or for the vocation or occupation, service or purpose of singing, playing on musical instruments, dancing, rope or wire walking, begging or peddling, or as a gymnast, contortionist, rider or acrobat, in any place whatsoever; or as an actor or performer in any concert hall or room where intoxicating liquors are sold or given away, or in any variety theater,

or for any illegal, obscene, indecent or immoral purpose, exhibition or practice whatsoever; or for or in any business exhibition or vocation, injurious to the health or dangerous to the life or limb of such child, or cause, procure or encourage such child to engage therein. Nothing in this section contained shall apply to or affect the employment or use of any child as a singer or musician in any church, school or academy, or at any respectable entertainment, or the teaching or learning the science or practice of music. It shall be unlawful for any person to take, receive, hire, employ, use, exhibit or have in custody any child, under the age, and for the purposes prohibited in this section.

SEC. 2295. Any person who shall take, receive, hire or employ, Employment either in his or her own behalf, or as the agent, servant or em

of women and

children in ployee of any person, persons, association of persons, copartner- mines. ship, company, corporation, any boy or male child under the age of fourteen years, or any woman or girl of any age, or shall allow or permit the said persons to be in or about any coal, iron or other dangerous mine, or underground works or dangerous place whatsoever in this State, for the purpose of employment therein or thereabouts, shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars to which may be added imprisonment in the county jail not more than six months: Provided, Proviso. however, That the provisions of this section shall not affect or apply to the employment of a boy or female of suitable age in an office, or in the performance of clerical work at such mine, colliery or place.

TITLE 17.— Wages preferred-In assignments.

SECTION 2482. No assignment for the benefit of creditors shall Wages to be give any preference of one debt or class of debts over any other paid first. debt or class of debts, and any such provision in any assignment for the benefit of creditors shall be null and void; save and except that in all cases of assignment under this chapter, the wages of employees of the assignor for the period of three months prior to the date of assignment shall be and constitute preferred claims over all and singular other claims against such estate, and shall be first paid out of the assets of the estate of the assignor.

TITLE 17.-Eremption of wages-Unlawful assignment of claims.

SECTION 2516. It is hereby declared unlawful for any creditor Assignments or other holder of any evidence of debt, book account, or claim to evade ex. of any name or nature against any laborer, servant, clerk, or

emptions. other employee of any corporation, firm or individual in this State for the purpose below stated, to sell, assign, transfer, or by any means dispose of any such claim, book account, bill or debt of any name or nature whatever, to any person or persons, firm, corporation or institution, or to institute elsewhere than in this State, or prosecute any suit or action for any such claim or debt against any such laborer, servant, clerk or employee, by any process seeking to seize, attach or garnishee the wages of such person or persons earned within sixty days prior to the commencement of such proceedings for the purpose of avoiding the effect of the laws of the State of Wyoming concerning exemptions.

SEC. 2517. It is hereby declared unlawful for any person or Aiding. persons to aid, assist, abet, or counsel a violation of the foregoing section for any purpose whatever.

SEC. 2518. In any proceeding, civil or criminal, growing out of Evidence. a breach of the provisions of this chapter, proof of the institution of a suit or service of garnishment summons by any persons, firm or individual in any court of any State or Territory other than this State, to seize by process of garnishment or otherwise any of the wages of such persons as defined in sections two thousand five hundred and sixteen and two thousand five hundred and seventeen shall be deemed prima facie evidence of

an invasion of the laws of the State of Wyoming, and a breach of the provisions of this chapter on the part of the creditor or

resident in Wyoming causing the same to be done. Penalty. SEC. 2519. Any person, firm, company or corporation, or business

institution guilty of a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable to the party so injured for the amount of the debt sold, assigned, transferred, garnished, or sued upon, with all costs and expenses, and a reasonable attorney's fee to be recorered in any court of competent jurisdiction in this State, and shall further be liable by prosecution to punishment by a fine not exceeding the sum of one hundred dollars and costs of prosecution.

TITLE 17.-Contracts for labor-Alien labor. Terms limited.

SECTION 2520. No contract made for labor or services with any alien or foreigner previous to the time that such alien or foreigner may come into the State shall be enforced within this State for any

period after six months from the date of such contract. Recovery by SEC. 2521. Any alien or foreigner who shall hereafter perform allen.

labor or services for any person or persons, company or corporation within this State, shall be entitled to recover from such person or persons, company or corporation, a reasonable compensation for such labor or services, notwithstanding such person or persons, company or corporation may have paid any other party or parties for the same; and in actions for the price of such labor or services, no defense shall be admitted to the effect that the defendant or defendants had contracted with other parties who had, or pretended to have, power or authority to hire out the labor or services of such party or parties, or to receive the pay or price for such labor or services.

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TITLE 17.-Contracts of employees waiving right to damages. Contracts SECTION 2522. It shall be unlawful for any person, company or waiving right corporation to require of its servants or employees, as a condito damages.

tion of their employment or otherwise, any contract or agree.
ment whereby such person, company or corporation shall be re-
leased or discharged from liability or responsibility on account
of personal injuries received by such servants or employees
while in service of such person, company or corporation, by
reason of the negligence of such person, company or corporation,
or the agents or employees thereof, and such contracts shall be
absolutely null and void.
TITLE 17.-Protection of employees as candidates for political

office. Discharging SECTION 2523. Any company, corporation or individual, who employees for shall discharge or cause to leave his or her or their employ, tempocandidacy.

rarily or permanently, any person or persons because they have been nominated as a candidate for any position of honor, trust or emolument, to be voted for at any election held in pursuance of the laws of this State; or any person, or agent or officer of any company or corporation who shall cause or attempt to cause any person or persons nominated as candidates at any election to withdraw or refrain from accepting such nomination by threatening loss of employment, business or patronage, if they accept such candidacy, or shall make it a condition of employment, business or patronage that such candidacy shall not be accepted, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars.

TITLE 17.-Trade-marks of trade unions, etc. Adoption of SECTION 2526. Any person, association or union may adopt a trade-mark. label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement not previously

owned or adopted by any other person, association or union, and

may file the same for record in the office of the secretary of state, by leaving two copies, counterparts or facsimiles thereof, with said secretary; and shall file therewith a certificate specifying the name or names of the person, association or union so filing such label, trade-mark, stamp, or form of advertisement, his or its residence, location or place of business, the class of merchandise and the particular description of goods comprised in such class to which it has been or intended to be appropriated, and the length of time, if any, during which it has been in use. Such certificates shall be accompanied by a written declaration, verified under oath by the person or some officer of the association or union by whom it is filed, to the effect that the party so filing such label, trademark, stamp or form of advertisement, has a right to the use of the same, and that no other person, firm, association, union or corporation has the right to such use, either in the identical form or in any such near resemblance thereto as may be calculated to deceive and that the facsimiles, copies or counterparts filed therewith are true and correct. There shall be paid for such filing the fee of five dollars. Said secretary shall deliver to such person, association or union so filing the same, a duly attested certificate Certificate. of the record of the same, for which he shall receive the fee of five dollars. Such certificate of record shall, in all suits and prosecutions under this chapter, be sufficient proof of the adoption of such label, stamp, trade-mark or form of advertisement. No label, trade-mark, stampor form of advertisement shall be recorded that would reasonably be mistaken for a label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement already on record.

SEC. 2527. The secretary of state is authorized to make rules Rules. and regulations, and prescribe forms for the filing of labels, trademarks and forms of advertisement under the provisions of this chapter. SEC. 2528. The owner of any such label, trade-mark, stamp or


counterfeiting, form of advertisement recorded as provided in section two thou- etc. sand five hundred and twenty-six may proceed, by suit, to enjoin the manufacture, use or sale of any such counterfeits or imitations, and all courts having jurisdiction thereof shall grant injunctions to restrain such manufacture, use or sale, and shall award the complainant in such suit such damages resulting from such wrongful manufacture, use or sale as may by said court be deemed just and reasonable, and shall require the defendant to pay to such person, association or union the profits derived from such wrongful manufacture, use or sale; and such court may also order that all such counterfeits or imitations in the possession or under the control of any defendant in such case, be delivered to an officer of the court, or to the complainant, to be destroyed. In all cases where such association or union is not incorporated, suits under this chapter may be commenced and prosecuted by an officer of such association or union, on behalf of and for the use of such association or union, and every member of such association or union shall be liable for costs in any such proceedings.

SEC. 2529. Every person who, without authority from the owner Counterfeitof the label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement recorded ing, etc. as aforesaid, shall make or use any counterfeit or imitation of such label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement, knowing the same to be counterfeit or imitation, and every person who, without authority from such owner, shall affix, impress or use such label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement upon any goods shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both.

SEC. 2530. Every person who shall sell goods upon which such Using label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement recorded as afore- terfeit. said, or any counterfeits or imitations thereof, shall be unlawfully impressed, affixed or used, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment, unless such person shall show that at the time such goods came into his possession



he did not know that the impression, affixing or use of such label, trade-mark, stamp or form of advertisement was unlawful.

SEC. 2531. In any suit or prosecution under the provisions of this chapter the defendant may show that he or it was the owner of such label, trade-mark or form of advertisement, prior to its being filed under the provisions of this chapter, and that it has been filed wrongfully or without right by some person, association or union.

TITLE 18.-Mine regulations. Maps.

SECTION 2562. The owner, operator or superintendent of every coal mine shall make, or cause to be made, an accurate map or plan of such coal mine, on a scale not exceeding two hundred feet to the inch; which map or plan shall exhibit all the openings or excavations, the shafts, tunnels, slopes, planes, gangways, entries, cross headings, rooms, etc., and shall show the direction of the air currents therein, and shall accurately delineate the boundary line between said mine and adjoining mines, and show its relation and proximity thereto. The said map or plan, or a true copy thereof, shall be kept at such mine by the said owner, operator or superintendent, for the use of the State inspector of coal mines, and for the inspection of any miner working in said mine, whenever said miner shall have cause to fear that the place where he is working is becoming dangerous by reason of its proximity to other workings, which may be supposed to contain water or dangerous gases. The said owner, operator or superintendent shall as often as once in every six months, accurately place or cause to be placed on a map or plan of said coal mine, a plan of the excavations made of all the working places or other parts of such coal mine during the preceding six months, and whenever the workings or excavations of said coal mine, or any part of the same have been driven to within ten feet of the boundary line, or wben said coal mine, or any part of the same is abandoned, the owner, operator or superintendent thereof shall furnish the State inspector of coal mines, within three months thereafter, the proximity to the boundary line as aforesaid, or after the abandonment of the said mine, or any part of the same, with a correct copy on tracing muslin or blueprint of the map or plan of said mine, which shall accurately show all excavations and workings of such mines to date, exhibiting clearly the part or parts abandoned, and the part or parts in proximity to the boundary line aforesaid. The several coal maps or plans of mines in the State which are furnished to the State inspector of coal mines, as last aforesaid, shall be the property of the State, and shall remain in the care of the said State inspector of coal mines, to be transferred by him to his successor in office, and in no case shall any copy of the same be made without the consent of the owner, operator or his agent. If the said State inspector of coal mines shall find or have good reason to believe that any map or plan of any coal mine made or furnished in pursuance of the provisions of this chapter, is materially inaccurate or imperfect, he is hereby authorized to cause a correct plan or map of said coal mine to be made at the expense of the owner or operator thereof, the cost of which shall be recoverable from the said owner or operator, in the name of the State, as other debts are recoverable by law: Provided, however, That if the map or plan which is claimed to be inaccurate shall prove to have been correct, then the inspector shall be held liable for the expenses incurred in making such test

survey, and the same shall be paid by the said inspector. Escape shafts. SEC. 2563. It shall not be lawful for the owner, operator, con

tractor, lessee or agent of any coal mine, or for any firm, company, corporation or association, their clerks, servants, agents or employees to employ any person at work within any coal mine, or permit any person to be in any coal mine for the purpose of working therein, unless such mine is in communication with at least two openings, if the mine be worked by shaft or slope, which two

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