Compilations of labor laws enacted in the United States have been published from time to time in the form of special reports and in the bimonthly bulletins of this Bureau. In the present report is presented a compilation of the labor laws enacted by Congress and by the legislatures of the various States and Territories in force at the close of the year 1903.

In order to facilitate the use of this compilation marginal references have been placed on all the pages where labor laws have been reproduced and a comprehensive index has been appended.

In addition to the laws, annotations of decisions have been placed in smaller type immediately below the statutes affected by such decisions. These annotations consist of brief digests of the decisions, followed by the abbreviated titles of the reports in which the decisions are published. With few exceptions only annotations of decisions of the Federal courts and of the highest State courts are given.

All labor laws that have been declared unconstitutional by the Federal courts and the highest State courts have been excluded from this compilation. In some instances, also, laws apparently superseded by later enactments have been omitted, even though they were retained in the published compilations consulted in preparing this volume. In addition to the labor laws, which are reproduced in full, the present report contains digests of laws which can not be classed as labor laws, yet which are of considerable interest to the laboring people.

The present volume contains two chapters. Chapter I consists of (1) a digest of apprentice laws, (2) a digest of convict-labor laws, (3) a digest of mechanic's-lien laws, and (4) a table showing the legal holidays. Chapter II contains the compilation of labor laws.

The following table shows, for each State and Territory, the date of the code, revision, or compilation of laws used, the latest session


laws examined, and the frequency of the sessions, whether annual or biennial:



a Supplement, 1889.
o Chapter 429, Acts of Congress, 1898–99, and chapter 786, Acts of 1899–1900.
C Amended, 1902.
d Supplement, 1902.
e Supplement, 1903.
f Laws not codified.

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