as a master or employing plumber, or as a journeyman plumber. Said board of examiners, if satisfied that the person so registering was actually engaged in or working at said business prior to said date, shall thereupon issue to him a certificate, setting forth that he was engaged in or working at the business of plumbing, either as a master or employing plumber, or as a journeyman plumber, as the case may be, prior to the passage of this act, and authorizing him to engage in or work at said business as a master or employing plumber, or as a journeyman plumber.

SEC. 3 (as amended by chapter 99, Acts of 1901). Any such city Board of exor town in this State which shall by vote adopt the provisions of aminers. this chapter, may by ordinance or by-law prescribe rules and regulations for the materials, construction, alteration, and inspection of all plumbing, house drainage, and sewer connections, creating a board for the examination of plumbers, fixing the length of term each member shall serve, and providing for an inspector of plumbing. Said board shall be appointed by the mayor or board of selectmen, and shall consist of the following three persons: A member of the local board of health, the city or town engineer, or, in the absence of such officer, a local physician in regular practice, and a journeyman plumber of not less than five years' active and continuous practical experience.

SEC. 4 (as amended by chapter 99, Acts of 1901). The examin- Duties of ing board when created as aforesaid shall examine and pass upon

board. all applicants, whether as masters or employing plumbers, or journeyman plumbers, in their respective cities or towns, and also all persons who may apply for the office of plumbing inspector. They shall issue a license to such persons only as shall successfully pass the required written and practical examination; and they shall register in a book kept for that purpose the names and places of business of all persons to whom a plumber's license has been granted. They shall not issue a license for more than one year, but the same shall be renewed from year to year upon proper application and upon the payment of a fee of fifty cents. Said examining board shall serve without compensation. Each applicant for examination for a plumber's license or certificate shall pay the sum of one dollar, and all moneys so collected shall be paid into the treasury of the city or town where such application is made. The license or certificate provided for by this act shall be nontransferable; and said application and examination shall not be required of the same person more than once in the same city or town. Said license or certificate shall be valid throughout the State.

SEC. 5. Any person violating any provision of this act, or any Penalty. ordinance, by-law, rule, or regulation made thereunder, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be subject to a fine not exceeding fifty dollars for each and every violation thereof, and his license may be revoked by the examining board provided for in this act.

Sec. 6. The provisions of this act shall apply to all persons who Application of are now or may be hereafter learning the business of plumbing, law. when they are sent out to do the work of a journeyman plumber.

CHAPTER 69.—Protection of employees on street railwaysInclosed


SECTION 1. All cars used by any street railway company in the Platforms to transportation of passengers shall have the platforms of such cars

be inclosed. inclosed in such manner as the railroad cominissioners direct, to protect the motormen, conductors, or other employees operating said cars from exposure to the inclemency of the weather during such months and upon such streets, highways, or routes as the railroad commissioners shall direct, after a hearing by said board, upon petition or of their own motion, and upon personal notice to the street railway company or companies interested, and such


further notice as said railroad commissioners may deem expedient and order. And said board shall have authority to modify, change, and revise any orders by it made under this act from time to time, after personal notice to the street railway company affected, giving it a chance to be heard, and such further notice as it may deem expedient.

SEC. 2. Any street railway company which fails or neglects to comply with such orders of the board of railroad commissioners shall be fined not more than fifty dollars ($50) for each day during which such failure or neglect continues.

SEC. 3. The term “company," as used in this act, shall include any corporation, partnership, or person owning or operating a street railway.

ACTS OF 1901.


CHAPTER 60.--Employment offices. License re- SECTION 1. Whoever, without a license therefor, establishes or quired.

keeps an intelligence office for the purpose of obtaining or giving information concerning places of employment for domestics, servants, or other laborers, or for the purpose of procuring or giving information concerning such person for or to employers, or for the purpose of procuring or giving information concerning employment in business, shall pay a fine of ten dollars for each day such office

is so kept. Who may is- SEC. 2. The mayor and aldermen of any city, or the selectmen of sue license.

any town, may, for the purposes mentioned in the preceding section, grant licenses to suitable persons, subject to the provisions

of sections 3 to 7, inclusive, and may revoke the same at pleasure. Records. Sec. 3. Licenses granted to keepers of intelligence offices shall

be signed by the clerk of the city or town in which they are granted, and every such license shall be recorded by the clerk of the city or town in a book kept for that purpose, before being delivered to the licensee. Such license shall set forth the name of the person licensed, the nature of the business, and the building or place in such city or town in which it is to be carried on, and shall continue in force until the first day of May next ensuing, unless sooner revoked.

Sec. 4. The board issuing such a license shall receive for the use of the city or town for each license such sum not less than two

dollars as the board shall deem reasonable. Time of issue. SEC. 5. Such license may be granted during the month of April,

to take effect on the first day of May then next ensuing. Restriction as Sec. 6. No license issued as aforesaid shall be valid to protect to place.

the holder thereof in a building or place other than that designated in the license, unless consent to removal is granted by the

mayor and aldermen or selectmen. Revocation. Sec. 7. When such license is revoked, such clerk shall note the

revocation upon the face of the record of the license, and shall give written notice to the holder of the license by delivering the same to him in person or leaving it at the place of business designated in the license.


ACTS OF 1903.

CHAPTER 95.Employment of females in barrooms, etc.

SECTION 17. It shall not be lawful

Females not 2. To permit any girl or woman, to be employed. liquor on the premises (where liquor is sold).

to sell or serve any



Boards of arbitration.

(Page 73.)

SECTION 22. Whenever any grievance or dispute of any nature Submission of growing out of the relation of employer and employee shall arise grievances. or exist between employer and employees, it shall be lawful to submit all matters respecting such grievance or dispute, in writing, to a board of arbitrators, to hear, adjudicate and determine the same; said board shall consist of five persons: when the em- Constitution ployees concerned in any such grievance or dispute as afore- of board. said are members in good standing of any labor organization, which is represented by one or more delegates in a central body, the said central body shall have power to designate two of said arbitrators; and the employer shall have the power to designate two others of said arbitrators, and the said four arbitrators shall designate a fifth person, as arbitrator, who shall be chairman of the board; in case the employees concerned in any such grievance or dispute as aforesaid are members in good standing of a labor organization which is not represented in a central body, then the organization of which they are members shall have the power to select and designate two arbitrators for said board, and said board shall be organized as hereinbefore provided ; and in case the eniployees concerned in any such grievance or dispute as aforesaid are not members of any labor organization, then a majority of said employees, at a meeting duly held for that purpose, shall designate two arbitrators for said board, and the said board shall be organized as hereinbefore provided.

Sec. 23. Any board as aforesaid selected may present a petition Board to be to the county judge of the county where such grievances or dis- approved. putes to be arbitrated may arise, signed by at least a majority of said board, setting forth in brief terms the nature of the grievance or dispute between the parties to said arbitration, and praying the license or order of such judge establishing and approving said board of arbitration ; upon the presentation of said petition it shall be the duty of the said judge to make an order establishing such board of arbitration and referring the matters in dispute to it for hearing, adjudication and determination; the said petition and order or a copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county in which the said judge resides.

Sec. 24. The arbitrators so selected shall sign a consent to act Organization, as such, and shall take and subscribe an oath before an officer powers, etc. authorized to administer oaths, to faithfully and impartially discharge his duties as such arbitrator, which consent and oath shall be immediately filed in the office of the clerk of the county wherein such arbitrators are to act; when the said board is ready for the transaction of business it shall select one of its members to act as secretary, and the parties to the dispute shall receive notice of a time and place of hearing; the chairman shall have power to administer oaths and to issue subponas for the production of books and papers, and for the attendance of witnesses, to the same extent that such power is possessed by the courts of record or the judges thereof in this State; the board may make and enforce the rules for its government and transaction of the business before it and fix its sessions and adjournments, and shall hear and examine such witnesses as may brought before the board, and such other proof as may be given relative to the matters in dispute.

SEC. 25. After the matter has been fully heard, the said board Decision. or a majority of its members shall within ten days render a de

cision thereon, in writing, signed by them, giving such details as will clearly show the nature of the decision and the matters adjudicated and determined; such adjudication and determination shall be a settlement of the matter referred to said arbitrators, unless an appeal is taken therefrom, as hereinafter provided; the adjudication and determination shall be in duplicate, one copy of which shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county, and the other transmitted to the secretary of the State board of arbitration bereinafter mentioned, together with the testimony taken

before said board. Power as to Sec. 26. When the said board shall have rendered its adjudicaother disputes. tion and determination its power shall cease, unless there may be

in existence at the time other similar grievances or disputes between the same classes of persons mentioned in section one (sec. 22), and in such case such persons may submit their differences to the said board, which shall have power to act and adjudicate and determine the same as fully as if said board was originally created

for the settlement of such other difference or differences. State board. SEC. 27. Within thirty days after the passage of this act the

governor shall appoint a State board of arbitration, to consist of three competent persons, each of whom shall hold his office for the term of five years; one of said persons shall be selected from a bona fide labor organization of this State; if any vacancy happens by resignation or otherwise the governor shall, in the same manner, appoint an arbitrator for the residue of the term; said board shall have a secretary who shall be appointed by and hold office during the pleasure of the board and whose duty it shall be to keep a full and faithful record of the proceedings of the board and also possession of all documents and testimony forwarded by the local boards of arbitration, and perform such other duties as the said board may prescribe; he shall have the power, under the direc tion of the board, to issue subpænas, to administer oaths in all cases before said board, to call for and examine books, papers and documents or any parties to the controversy, with the same authority to enforce their production as is possessed by the courts of record, or the judges thereof, in this State; said arbitrators of said State board and the clerk thereof shall take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office, and be sworn to the due and faithful performance of the duties of their respective offices before entering upon the discharge of the same; an office shall be set apart in the capitol by the person having charge thereof, for the proper and

convenient transaction of the business of said board. Appellate SEC. 28. An appeal may be taken from the decision of any local powers.

board of arbitration within ten days after the filing of its adjudication and determination of any case; it shall be the duty of the said State board of arbitration to hear and consider appeals from the decisions of local boards and promptly to proceed to the investigation of such cases, and the adjudication and determination of said board thereon shall be final and conclusive in the premises upor all parties to the arbitration; such adjudications and determina. tions shall be in writing, and a copy thereof shall be furnished to each party; and two of the State board of arbitrators shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and may hold meetings at any time or place within the State; examinations or investigations ordered by the State board may be held and taken by and before any one of their number if so directed ; but the proceedings and decision of any single arbitrator shall not be deemed conclusive until approved by the board or a majority thereof; each

arbitrator shall have power to adminster oaths. Original pow- SEC. 29. Whenever any grievance or dispute of any nature shall

arise between any employer and his employees, it shall be lawful for the parties to submit the same directly to said State board in the first instance, in case such parties elect to do so, and shall jointly notify said board or its clerk, in writing, of such election; whenever such notification to said board or its clerk is given, it shall be the duty of said board to proceed, with as little delay as possible, to the locality of such grievance or dispute, and inquire


Into the cause or causes of grievance or dispute; the parties to the grievances or dispute shall thereupon submit to said board, in writing, succinctly, clearly and in detail, their grievances and complaints, and the cause or causes thereof, and severally agree, in' writing, to submit to the decision of said board as to matters so submitted, and a promise or agreement to continue on in business or at work, without a lockout or strike until the decision of said board, provided it shall be rendered within ten days after the completion of the investigation; the board shall thereupon proceed to fully investigate and inquire into the matters in controversy, and to take testimony under oath in relation thereto, and shall have power by its chairman or clerk, to administer oaths, to issue subpænas for the attendance of witnesses, the production of books and papers, to the same extent as such power is possessed by courts of records or the judges thereof, in this State.

SEC. 30. After the matter has been fully heard, the said board, Decision. or a majority of its members, shall within ten days render a decision thereon in writing, signed by them or a majority of them, stating such details as will clearly show the nature of the decision and the points disposed of by them; the decision shall be in triplicate, one copy of which shall be filed by the clerk of the board in the clerk's office of the county where the controversy arose, and one copy shall be served on each of the parties to the controversy.

Sec. 31. Whenever a strike or lockout shall occur, or is seriously Mediation. threatened in any part of the State, and shall come to the knowledge of the board, it shall be its duty, and it is hereby directed to proceed, as soon as practicable, to the locality of such strike or lockout and put themselves in communication with the parties to the controversy, and endeavor by mediation to effect an amicable settlement of such controversy; and if in their judgment it is deemed best, to inquire into the cause or causes of the controversy, and to that end the board is hereby authorized to subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance, and send for persons and papers, in like manner and with the same powers as it is authorized to do by section eight of this act (sec. 29).

Sec. 32. T'he fees of witnesses of aforesaid State board shall be Fees, etc. fifty cents for each day's attendance and four cents per mile traveled by the nearest route in getting to or returning from the place where attendance is required by the board; all subpænas shall be signed by the secretary of the board and may be served by any person of full age authorized by the board to serve the same.

SEC. 33. Said board shall annually report to the legislature, and Report. shall include in their report such statements, facts and explanations as will disclose the actual working of the board, and such suggestions with regard to legislation as may seem to them conducive to harmonizing the relations of, and disputes between employers and employees and the improvement of the present system of production by labor.

SEC. 34. Each arbitrator of the State board and the secretary Compensathereof shall receive ten dollars for each and every day actually tion. employed in the performance of their duties herein and actual expenses incurred, including such rates of mileage as are now provided by law, payable by the State treasurer on duly approved vouchers.

SEC. 35. Whenever the term “ employer " or employers” is Definitions. used in this act it shall be held to include “ firm," " joint stock association," " company," "corporation," or " individual and individuals” as fully as if each of said terms was expressed in each place.

State board of arbitration.

(Page 76.) SECTION 36. Samuel S. Sherwood, William M. Doughty, James Board apMartin, Charles A. Houston, Joseph L. Moore, be and they are pointed. hereby constituted a board of arbitration, each to serve for the term of three years from the approval of this supplement (to

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