God's Puppets

Macmillan, 1916 - 309 sider

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Side 264 - With hue like that when some great painter dips His pencil in the gloom of earthquake and eclipse.
Side 283 - For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground And tell sad stories of the death of kings...
Side 151 - ... line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.
Side 23 - Now is the time for all good men and true to come to the aid of the party.
Side 183 - ... for a day or a week or a month or a year; but from antiquity to posterity fcr many ages." the slaughter, "there were more young men in the country.
Side 293 - ... he had dammed, let the hand with the book drop to his knee as the talk woke in his heart a faint pulse from some underconsciousness that had not been stirred for years. The boys were lying on a lawn beneath the stone veranda railing whereon his old feet rested. From time to time the youngsters...
Side 294 - Canned 1" sighed the old party. "Canned boys I " he repeated. The boys looked up and, seeing the feet disappear from the railing, Thirteen rose quickly and said as he appeared: "Yes, sir. What was it, Father? Did you speak?
Side 298 - ... twenty glassies and a dozen potteries and a whole cigar box of commies — he put my black agate in his slingshot, whirled it round his head and killed a pigeon with it on a roof.
Side 248 - The man turned his face toward Mrs. Ladgett, a monumental person with three chins. " Hiram," she repeated, " get a hack — Joel is tired; tell it to come to the alley; I don't want them to see him.

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